Roman Catholic Inclusivism Presented by Father Michael Manning

Side Note 1: As you already know, Christmas shopping is full force, which means Christmas shipping is also kicking in stride. Working at the UPS hub, therefore, means double shifting (10 hours a day) every day this week and very little down time. That said, I am not sure how regular my posting will be.

Side Note 2: As you can see, the theme for P&P lately has been inclusivism, given that I have spent considerable time thinking through and responding to these issues. In this video clip, you hear a classic response from a Roman Catholic theologian (Father Michael Manning) on Larry King. This is typical Vatican II doctrine regarding Christ and other religions. Many theologians consider Vatican II to be a “watershed moment” regarding Christianity and other religions, and Clark Pinnock as well as other evangelical inclusivists look admirably to Vatican II as a forerunner or precursor to what they are hoping to accomplish in evangelical circles. What Father Manning is saying is not far off from from some evangelicals today (however, I would argue that the title “evangelical inclusivists” is highly suspect and somewhat contradictory).

Side Note 3: My next post will deal with a sermon Nelson Price preached at FBC Woodstock a couple of weeks ago dealing with the fate of the unevangelized. He comes up with the concept of “god-consciousness” which I would like to discuss. So if you are interested in listening to it ahead of time, go here and view/listen for yourself. I would be interested in your thoughts on his presentation.

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5 Comments on “Roman Catholic Inclusivism Presented by Father Michael Manning”

  1. terri Says:

    There you go pickin’ on my pastor again, Timmy. I’m sad I’m going to miss out on seeing you when I’m there next week! But, I’m glad I’ll get to hog your wife for an evening:) I’m praying for you and Dusti as you have long work hours during this season. Hope to talk to you soon! Sorry, I think it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to listen to a sermon while I’m here at work…but I really want to hear Price. I will comment in a more substantial way if and when I get to listen to it.

    BTW, you would LOVE Wednesday nights at Cap Bap (that’s what we affectionately call it here); there is inductive Bible Study (exegetical) for everyone there and we all have open discussion with Mark or whoever teaches. It’s great!

  2. deines Says:

    I am looking forward to this discussion. My main contention as a former Catholic myself (with a dad who was actually in the seminary to become a priest for a while), is how Catholics can reconcile the Council of Trent with Vatican II. Trent excludes me from salvation while Vatican II seemingly lets me back in.

  3. ajlin Says:

    re: Manning quotes

    “What about a rabbi who really follows the Lord as best he can? As a Catholic, I’m very comfortable that he attains salvation by doing best.”
    I remember hearing a quote from R.C Sproul in which he said he had once told his teacher, John Gerstner, that he had done his best on a particular assignment and Gerstner responded, ‘Young man, you have never done your best.’ The point being that through selfish laziness or lust, or even circumstantial distractions, we are always prevented from doing our absolute best at any activity we attempt in this fallen world.
    -“For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;” (Rm.3:23)-
    -“The soul who sins shall die.” (Ez.18)-

    “I’m very touched by five-times-a-day praying. I’m very touched by the Ramadan, by the fasting …”
    I wonder how touched he is by jihad and the slaughter of the infidels that can be demonstrated to have occurred from the outset of Islamic history?

  4. rose Says:

    “I’m very touched by five-times-a-day praying. I’m very touched by the Ramadan, by the fasting …” Give me a break how!!!!!!!!

  5. nikki Says:

    “I’m very touched by five-times-a-day praying. I’m very touched by the Ramadan, by the fasting …” Give me a break how!!!!!!!!

    Why is there so much hate amongst you who call yourselves Christians?

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