Steve Weaver’s Recent Offerings

One of the great joys I had through putting together The Band of Bloggers Fellowship last April was meeting bloggers from across the country. Some of these newfound friendships have continued to be a blessing in my life almost a year later. Steve Weaver is pastor West Broadway Baptist Church in Lenoir City, Tennessee and has recently written some excellent posts in two separate series. When Steve is in Louisville, I have the joy of perusing shelves in used bookstores and having dinner at the Backyard Burger. Steve is a budding Baptist historian and gifted preacher and encourage you to take a look his recent offerings in the blogosphere.

The first series is an explanation how he prepares and delivers expository messages. I am glad to see Steve do this as he has come to be known in the blogosphere for his excellent exposition. If you or your minister does not preach expository messages, let me encourage you to read this series by Steve.

The second series comes from The Elephant of Kettering–a blog dedicated to the life and legacy of Andrew Fuller. Steve’s series highlights the spirituality of Andrew Fuller drawn from Michael Haykin’s edited collection of Fuller’s correspondence entitled The Armies of the Lamb: The Spirituality of Andrew Fuller.

How I Prepare an Expository Sermon

The Spirituality of Andrew Fuller

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2 Comments on “Steve Weaver’s Recent Offerings”

  1. Steve Weaver Says:

    Thanks for the links and your friendship!

  2. […] Brister at Provocations & Pantings. Timmy is another friend that I’ve come to appreciate over the past year. He is an excellent […]

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