The Discipline of Personal Worship

As I reflect back on 2006, one of the weakest areas in spiritual disciplines was in personal worship through song.  While this is certainly no excuse, I had become jaded by CCM and recycled praise songs by musicians who for the most part have given up on creative songwriting.  As a result, I have pretty much stopped listening to Christian music.  Instead, I have turned to audio books and more sermons on MP3.  Over a period of time, I realized how detrimental it was to neglect the discipline of personal worship. 

Realizing my need to cultivate this area of my life, I was really encouraged this weekend when I was given a CD of hymns by Red Mountain Music.  The CD, entitled “Depth of Mercy,” has been refreshing and very helpful in adoring and exulting in Jesus.  Some of the songs on this CD you might be familiar with, such as “Wedding Dress,” “There Is a Fountain,” and “My Jesus, I Love Thee.”  If you are like me and you are looking for God-centered worship songs to aid in personal worship, I encourage you to check out Red Mountain Music.

On another note, do you mind me asking you about the discipline of personal worship?  How do you maintain this discipline in your life?  Do you have any music/musicians that you would recommend to others? 

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10 Comments on “The Discipline of Personal Worship”

  1. ann_in_grace Says:

    I like classical music, always have. But as to the genre You point to, I got swept away by the music of Steve Camp, and am still addicted to it.

  2. Have you listened to Shane & Shane ( They’re pretty much my favorite music to listen to.

  3. Craig Says:

    I am quickly turned off by a worship music with poor lyrics (i.e. “seek your face/in this place”) or poor music. But I can be more sympathetic to the music when there are solid lyrics. I believe, however, that Sovereign Grace music has some of the best worship songs being written today. I have really been encouraged by their Vally of Vision cd. Also, their Worship God Live has several really strong songs (“Jesus Thank You,” “Grace Unmeasured,” and “Receive the Glory”). My wife and I have begun using several of their songs in our “family worship” together and we have been refreshed and edified through their deep biblical reflection.

  4. Ann,

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m not against classical music; it’s just that I haven’t been exposed to it for most of my life. I am a big fan of instrumental music in general though.


    Shane and Shane has been staple for my wife and me. BTW, are they going to release a new album? It has been quite some time, hasn’t it?

    Craig (the Jenga king),

    Great to hear from you man. I saw the recent promotions of the Valley of Vision CD, and I need to pick that one up. BTW, when are you going to let me bang around on my djembes with you?

  5. Oh, I just thought about the title. Is that misleading or what?! Should it be “private worship?”

    Just for the record, no, I am not worshipping myself. If that was the case, I would change my theology to ____________ (I will let you fill in the blank). 🙂

  6. Rod Carroll Says:

    Hey Timmy,

    I have just recently experienced what you have. I too became so involved with listening to sermons that my spirit began to miss and long for those times of private worship through music. Unfortunately my day is so consumed with work and family that to discipline myself to have those times I have to stay up late after everyone has gone to bed. My mornings are mostly spent reading The Word and other books. It works out well for me because at night when I am physically, emotionally and mentally tired it doesn’t take much effort to sit back and allow Christ to minister to me through gifted musicians and songwriters. It’s just a personal opinion, but I still believe Matt Redman is the best for Personal times of worship. It’s typically his songs that will never make it to radio.

  7. Rod,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. One of my problems is that I am high-strung and work off of pressure I put upon myself. It is a real challenge to sit back, rest, and worship the Lord when I feel like there is so much He wants me to do. Yet, there as Scripture and the psalmist tells us, there is one thing that we should ask and seek after, that is to dwell in the presence of God and behold his beauty and bask in the pleasures from his right hand. As Piper shares, worship is the fuel for missions and the goal of missions. Private worship fuels us with such a God-entranced vision that we live in light of that glorious reality. This is where I want to be more this year – coram deo.

  8. theologiaviatorum Says:

    Give Lynard Skynard a try! 🙂

  9. I have also enjoyed red mountain church music. Some other music I would recommend is Sovereign Grace music, Indelible Grace, Matthew Smith’s solo album, West Coast Revival is connected to Sovereign Grace music and I only have a couple of there songs but they are solid. I am always trying to find good christian music especially from reformed artist, and would be interested in recommendations from others.

  10. […] Great God Continuing to develop the discipline of private worship, I have been  greatly blessed by the music of Sovereign Grace, […]

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