2007 SBTS Gheens Lectures :: Ken Myers

The audio from the 2007 SBTS Gheens Lectures is now available online.  Ken Myers was the guest speaker.  He is the executive producer at MARS HILL AUDIO, a nonprofit organization devoted to helping Christians think wisely about modern culture through a variety of audio resources. He was formerly the editor of This World (the forerunner of the monthly journal First Things). Prior to his tenure at This World, he was executive editor of Eternity, the evangelical monthly magazine.

Here are the MP3s of the lectures for download:

“American Protestants and the Problem of Tradition”

“The Problem of Contextualization in a Decadent Culture”

“New Wine in Blue Suede Shoes?  Christianity and Pop Culture.” (Panel Discussion)

“Recovering the Word in an Image-Based Culture”

“Electronic Media and Restless Souls”

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2 Comments on “2007 SBTS Gheens Lectures :: Ken Myers”

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