Dr. Michael Haykin Appointed Professor at Southern

This is great news!  Dr. Haykin is a fantastic scholar (and a blogger I might add).  From The Towers online today:

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary this week added prominent church historian Michael A.G. Haykin to its faculty, appointing him as professor of biblical spirituality and church history.

A prolific author and noted scholar in areas of early church history, Baptist history and Christian spirituality, Haykin will pioneer Southern’s innovative new Ph.D. and D.Min. programs in biblical spirituality, will teach and supervise doctoral students in patristic history, and will head the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies at Southern, which will host events and publish materials related to Baptist history.

In August this year, Southern will be hosting “Andrew Fuller: The Reader” – a conference dedicated to one of the greatest theologians of the 18th century.  Keynote speakers include Drs. Haykin, Moore, and Nettles along with Carl Trueman.  For more information about Andrew Fuller, check out The Elephant of Kettering, a blog dedicated to Andrew Fuller. 

For a list of books written or contributed by Haykin, go here
For a large list of downloadable lectures by Haykin, go here

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5 Comments on “Dr. Michael Haykin Appointed Professor at Southern”

  1. Caleb Says:

    Tim, long time reader, first time commenter. I took a J-term class called Classic Christian Devotions under Dr. Haykin this past January at SBTS and it was incredible. I came into the class knowing very little about church history but after 5 long days of lecturing came away with a solid introductory foundation. Now I can’t get enough church history. Dr. Haykin is a wonderful scholar and teacher and will be a tremendous asset to SBTS. I’m looking forward to his future classes.

  2. Caleb,

    Thanks for commenting man. Yeah, when I saw that Dr. Haykin was teaching that J-term, although I could not take it, I did manage to get all the books in the tunnel that he recommended. I have recently been sinking my teeth into A Heart for Missions: The Classic Memoir of Samuel Pearce by Andrew Fuller with the foreward by Dr. Haykin.

    Although I am nearing my exit from SBTS, I hope to benefit from Dr. Haykin being on campus next year full-time.

  3. Paul Martin Says:

    Timmy –

    It has been a long time since you drove Challies and I to the airport after T4G!

    Yes, Michael is off to SBTS for real. A great day for SBTS… but a sad one for us. I am serve as a part-time faculty member at TBS, and the Lord has done some wonderful things under Dr. Haykin in during his tenure. Pray for our little school up here! Not all our men can make it to SBTS, and they need training!

    Your blog is looking stellar, by the way!


  4. Tall Paul,

    Great to hear from you man. I read your post, and indeed our gain is your loss. Canada needs a conservative center for theological education, and perhaps God is providentially sending folks your way. Keep up the good work you are doing up there, and maybe I will see you again at T4G ’08!


    Timmy B.

  5. Tony Kummer Says:

    This gives you another reason to stay and get your Ph.D
    Dr. Haykin can be your supervisor!

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