Darrin Patrick on the ECM (Audio)

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned Darrin Patrick spoke on the Emerging Church Movement at the Fall 2007 Francis A. Schaeffer Lectures at Covenant Theological Seminary.  He has recently posted three different audio pieces online, although they are not that accessible (the download button has funky code/url).  So I am putting them here in case any of you care to download them (right click and “save as”).

Session 1 – The History and Streams of the Emerging Church

Session 2 – Popular Terms of the Emerging Church

Session 2  – Q&A with Anthony Bradley

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One Comment on “Darrin Patrick on the ECM (Audio)”

  1. I appreciate the irenic way Darrin deals with this topic, and the immense research and thought he’s given to it. He stands in a unique position of being in the SBC, part of Acts 29 (knowing Mark Driscoll well as a friend and colleague), being a church planter and pastor of a thriving and growing urban church, and a student (DMin) at a PCA seminary (Covenant). Six degrees of connectedness in every direction, yet unpretentious and full of God and not himself. Think it was a couple years ago I first came across his audio and articles, and have been blessed with each resource.

    I listened to the audio while driving last week. In these talks on the Emerging Church, Darrin wasn’t simply relaying facts, nor did he succumb to temptation to lambast “those” people, but rather was thoughtful and articulate and strong on points that needed to be emphasized. Appreciate the resolve while being personable to show he really cares about people, even those he vastly disagrees with.

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