Make Your Predictions

Alright.  We are less than one month away from Nolan’s entrance into our world.  So I thought I’d pose the idea for ya’ll to make your predictions regarding Nolan’s birth.  The picture above is Nolan at 18 weeks and 8 ounces.  Currently, he  is 37 weeks (original due date is Dec. 13) and guestimated at 6 1/2 pounds.  Here’s the deal.  Make your predictions on due date, weight, and length.


The one who gets the correct or closest predictions gets a free trip to Disney World.  Well, okay, may not, but Nolan said he will send you an autographed picture of his “0” birthday.

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29 Comments on “Make Your Predictions”

  1. Brandon Says:

    8 lbs. 1 oz.

    Dec. 11

    20 in.

  2. Steve Weaver Says:

    8 lbs. 2 oz.

    Dec. 20

    19.5 in.

  3. James Risner Says:

    I feel like I finally made it on “The Price Is Right!”

    8 lbs.

    Dec. 9

    20.1 in.

  4. Craig Shuff Says:


    December 10
    6 lbs. 8 oz.
    18 in

    (same wight and size of Abigail, born on November 10. Dusti was four weeks behind Danielle, right. So there ya go. Did I mention, she is the cutest kid in the world!)

  5. Owen Says:

    8 lbs, 4 oz.

    Dec. 15th

    20.0 in.

    Send me the consulting bill whenever you’re ready.

  6. Ben Dockery Says:

    8lbs 2oz.

    19 in.

    Dec. 12th

    I really think Owen is right!

  7. Ben,

    So are you trying to sneak in another prediction?


    Dec. 20? Of course, you have had plenty of experiences with these due dates!


    Of course. This is the P&P Showcase Showdown. 😉


    I package the bill in Nolan’s first dirty diaper. Just kidding!


    Please tell Danielle and Abigail we said hello!

  8. dean Says:

    nov. 28
    7 lbs. 9 oz.
    19.5 in.

  9. Matt Privett Says:

    December 4; 7 lbs., 11 oz.; 22 in.

  10. The wife says:

    Dec. 5, 7.5 pounds, 20 inches.

    I say:

    Dec 11, 9 pounds and change, 22 inches.

  11. So we have (so far) from Nov. 28 to Dec. 20 in dates, 6.8 to 9 lbs., and 18-22 inches. That’s pretty good disparity!

    Keep ’em coming . . .

  12. Sean G Says:

    Dec. 11
    7lbs 10oz
    22 inches

    Disney World….here I come!!!
    Thanks Nolan!

  13. Tom B Says:

    Dec. 7
    7lbs 12 oz
    21 inches
    Come to Grandpa

  14. Brad Hughes Says:

    This is really hard because your head is so big. Heads must weight a lot……

    December 14
    7 lbs. 15 oz
    20.5 inches long

  15. Ouch. That’s it Brad. Next time you come around, I will be carrying a rubber snake in my backpack.

  16. Kerrie Wales Says:

    Nov. 22 (Thanksgiving Day)
    8 lbs. 10oz
    21 inches long

  17. Forest Aalderink Says:

    Dec 5th
    7lbs 13oz
    21 in

  18. ChrisB Says:

    Dec 5th
    9lbs 2oz (my sympathy to your wife if I’m right)

  19. Dec. 20

    Is this like Price is Right, where it’s closest without going over?

  20. Tony Kummer Says:

    Dec 13
    22.5 inches

  21. Adam Brown Says:

    Dec. 15
    7.5 lbs.
    21 inches

  22. Shannon Says:

    Since I also have a son named Nolan….I should get this right!

    Dec 22
    20-1/2 inches long

  23. Wow! Nolan? That’s great. He is being named after my grandfather who had a big influence on my life (I also bear his name). You might be right on the date. My wife was born two weeks late and I was on time.

    BTW, Shannon, your Thanksgiving checklist looks mighty tasty!

  24. Dec. 18
    8pds 2oz
    20 inches

  25. . . . and a hearty congrats to you Jennifer on the birth of your son!

  26. Donna Ascol Says:

    Hey Sunshine! Here is the prediction from sunny Florida –

    Dec 21
    8 lbs 3 ounces
    20 inches

    Give Dusti our love and give her a backrub too! Let us know when labor commences and we will be praying!

  27. Mrs. Ascol,

    I am heartened to know that the week long scientific research and prolonged examination of tea leaves has provided such an insightful prediction. 😉

    I will be sure to give Dusti your love. Thank you for praying for us!

  28. Brian Brister Says:

    Dec 2
    7 lbs 10 oz
    20 inches

  29. […] Flickr or on the blog.  Or, maybe it is I am geared up for baby Nolan who is due in six days (or whenever you guys predicted earlier!).   The pictures above are of some friends from back in Alabama who asked me to shoot […]

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