New in 08: Book Reviews by Jason Meyer

Last year, I decided to make a greater investment in highlighting upcoming book releases with the purpose of directing interested readers to resources they could benefit from reading. The book alerts (previews) are not critical reviews but rather overviews and summaries intended to provide people with additional information about a book that deserves greater exposure and accessibility. I have for some time wanted to start posting critical book reviews; however, due to my already busy schedule, I have not been able to work them into the P&P programming. That is until this year.

Last week I discussed with a dear brother and personal mentor about joining me here at P&P. His name is Jason Meyer, a recent Ph.D. graduate of Southern Seminary and assistant professor of religion at Louisiana College. I personally know him best as a man of prayer with incredible devotion to the Scripture, a godly husband intensely committed to his wife and two girls, and formerly a third-shift co-laborer in the harvest field called UPS (I have written elsewhere about Jason here and here). God has uniquely gifted Jason with one of the sharpest minds and hottest hearts I have ever encountered, and he is a pastor-theologian whom I want to commend to you (two messages you can download or listen online are “What Is the Church?” and “Dealing with Grief and Pain” (sermon begins at 22:00 mark). Academically speaking, Jason is a graduate of Oklahoma Wesleyan (B.S.) and Southern Seminary (M.Div. and Ph.D) as well as one among the first class of students at The Bethlehem Institute, the education and training wing of Bethlehem Baptist Church. He is also a contributing author to a forthcoming NT Intro/Survey to be published by Broadman & Holman.

I am delighted to have Jason posting book reviews (and perhaps more) here at P&P and hope they will be profitable to you. His first review is slated to go up later this week, so be looking for it!

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9 Comments on “New in 08: Book Reviews by Jason Meyer”

  1. JHG Says:


    That sounds great. Tell Jason I said hello. He and I met briefly while he was at TBI. Jason will be a great addition to your blog.


  2. Man, it’s a small world! I’m amazed at how many people already know Jason. I will surely tell him hello. You’re gonna have to help me encourage Jason to regularly post. His writing is way more substantive and interesting than mine. 🙂

  3. Blake White Says:

    Timmy, this sounds great. I read a good chunk of his dissertation last fall. Do you know if he is going to get it published? He should!

  4. Blake,

    Yes. But I think that is all I can say for now. It is going to be a great book (IMO).

  5. Jason Meyer Says:


    Thanks for the question concerning my dissertation. It will be published by Broadman and Holman Academic in the new series NAC studies in Bible and Theology. I am not sure when it will come out because I do not know how extensive the editing process will be. You must be a zealous student of the Scriptures if you waded hrough a chunk of the dissertation!

    Jason Meyer

  6. Jason Meyer Says:


    Thank you for the very kind, yet undeserved words of encouragement. I am very blessed to have a brother like you as a partner in the gospel. I can’t say enough about how you have encouraged me in the time that I have known you.


    Good to hear from you. I still remember our talk concerning the nature of redemptive-historical preaching. I hope to catch up sometime; it looks like the Lord is using you in a mighty way.

    Jason Meyer

  7. Blake White Says:

    I will keep an eye out for your book. The chunks I read were phenomenal! I lean towards a New Covenant approach and the whole issue of continuity/discontinuity fascinates me. My views of the covenants is why I am such a committed Baptist! I especially appreciated your short critique of Hafemann’s work. Press on bro,

    blake white

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