Join the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge!

Update 1: Some have brought up the fact that I forgot to actually list the books for each month in this post (although they are in the prior post). I have included them so that everyone can know what books scheduled to read. However, if you would like to develop your own PP reading schedule, then you are free to do so.

Update 2: Many of you have already purchased the entire set for $65, so many that we are experiencing a shortage on some of the Puritan Paperbacks. This is a great thing! Would that all the PP’s become best-sellers in 2008. 🙂 However, if there is a problem with obtaining the books by the time of the scheduled read, we will rearrange the reading to make that possible.

Update 3: Some have asked about how to insert the HTML code for the blog button. I cannot simply copy and paste the code because WordPress will convert it to the image. So you need to insert this url where the code says “INSERT JPEG HERE.”

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Then copy and paste the entire code into your template sidebar or text widget (if you are using WordPress). Please let me know if you have any more questions!

Update 4: A word from Tim Keller from Justin Taylor’s post:

For what it’s worth, I read all but one of the books on this list during seminary and my early ministry, and they had an enormous, life-changing, ministry-shaping impact on me. A couple of them almost literally saved my life. I couldn’t recommend them more highly. I’d only add: a) Read Owen on Temptation as well as Mortification. It’s short and well worth the read. b) Consider adding Baxter’s Saints Everlasting Rest. Other than those, I’d agree that these are the best short, accessible Puritan works. A great list.

Tim Keller

Update 5: After three days, over 100 people have signed on!  I am super-excited.  Also I have tallied 55 blogs plugging or blogging the challenge.  Thanks to everyone who has helped get the word out!  Perhaps we can see 200?! 


Towards the close of 2007, I began thinking of a way I could challenge myself to grow spiritually through a reading regiment and schedule. While riding home from work one morning, I came up with the idea of reading one Puritan Paperback a month, along with incorporating the Valley of Vision in my devotional meditations and prayers. I shared my personal challenge publicly, not thinking much about it.

To my surprise, this Puritan reading challenge has resonated with more people than I could have ever imagined. Due to the high level of interest and encouragement from many people wanting to take on this reading challenge together, I have worked to make this Puritan reading project the best it could be. Allow me to briefly share with you some of the developments, but before I do, let me ask a personal favor:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have decided to join the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge, please take a moment and comment on this post, providing your first and last name. If you are going to blog through the books or promote the challenge on your blog, please express your intentions as well. This way I will have a general idea of who’s in and how to communicate with everyone throughout the year.

1. Reformation Heritage Books Partnership and Specials

I am excited to share with you that Reformation Heritage Books, has agreed to partner with us in the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge. Several of you have contacted me via the blog, Facebook, and email about getting them all at one time at a discounted price, and RHB has delivered on that request. Although RHB already has the lowest prices on Puritan Paperbacks (usually around 30% off), they have created a 2008 Puritan Reading Special where you can buy all 12 Puritan Paperbacks together in one bundle, saving you 36% off the retail price. The 12 books retail for $101.00, and RHB is selling them for only $65.00. Here is the line-up of books we are reading this year:

January: The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes (128 pp)
February: The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel (221 pp)
March: The Godly Man’s Picture by Thomas Watson (252 pp)
April: Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices by Thomas Brooks (253 pp)
May: Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ by John Bunyan (225 pp)
June: The Mortification of Sin by John Owen (130 pp)
July: A Lifting Up for the Downcast by William Bridge (287 pp)
August: The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by Jeremiah Burroughs (228 pp)
September: The True Bounds of Christian Freedom by Samuel Bolton (224 pp)
October: The Christian’s Great Interest by William Guthrie (207 pp)
November: The Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter (256 pp)
December: A Sure Guide to Heaven by Joseph Alleine (148 pp)

Secondly, RHB is offering a special discounted price for an excellent Puritan resource, Meet the Puritans by Joel Beeke and Randall Pederson. The book retails for $35.00, and on their website it sells for $25.00. But RHB is now offering a special price of only $20.00. To get this great deal, you must order either via phone or email, letting them know that you heard about the 2008 Puritan Reading Special for Meet the Puritans for only $20.00. The number to call and place your order is (616) 977-0599, or you can email them at These specials are a fantastic way for you to get you copies of Puritan literature at the most affordable price anywhere, and I am grateful to the good people at RHB for joining in this exciting project.

2. Beneath and Behind the Pages

To make this project more beneficial to you, I have considered ways to provide more context both historically and biographically to each book we are reading. At the beginning of each month, I will post a brief biographical sketch of the author, providing general information about his life, ministry, and other available works. Second, I am going to hunt down online resources related to the author and make them available in one place. Third, if the author’s works are available, I hope to “mine the works” and provide additional topical or thematic reading material that might be of interest to you. Fourth, I hope to provide some quotes from other individuals who have had something to say either about the author or the book we are reading. Last, I am looking to highlight either the thesis or key doctrinal themes in the work we are reading for interaction and discussion. I would love for you to join in sharing your thoughts!

3. Prospective Interviews

It is always good to hear from pastors and theologians who have studied and benefited from the Puritans. With each month, I am hoping to provide an interview of respected leaders who have expressed their appreciated of and indebtedness to the Puritans. I am really excited about this opportunity!

4. Monthly Giveaways

At the close of each month, I am going to post an open thread to conclude each book. The Puritans were intensely practical in their works, often spending the majority of their sermons and literature focusing on the “uses” or application for any given doctrine or biblical truth. They did not want mere head knowledge but a deep, experiential (experimental) knowledge of God. In light of that, the open thread will be an opportunity to answer the question, “How has this book impacted your life? What use will it have in your ministry or service in the kingdom?” In 500 words or less, I would love to hear your testimony regarding your experience that month while reading the Puritan Paperback and internalizing the truths into your heart and life. For January’s giveaway, we are going to randomly select from among those in the comments of this post who sign on to the Puritan Reading Challenge, so be sure sign on!

5. Blog Button Promotional

Over 30 bloggers have been kind enough to mention the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge, encouraging their readers to check it out. Realizing the potential for this challenge to spread exponentially through the blogosphere, I have created a small button you can use on your sidebar to direct people to this post where they can sign up, order books, or ask any questions they might have. The dimensions of the button are 185×98 at a resolution of 72 dpi and can be downloaded by clicking here.

A Word of Encouragement

I know many of you have never heard of the Puritans. Some of you may have never read literature older than a decade, much less three centuries. Let me sincerely encourage you to consider this challenge. You may not have time or be able to read all twelve books. That’s totally fine. If you read just one, I promise you will have not wasted your time! Inevitably, some of you will read about this challenge sometime during the year. It’s never too late to join in! The goal behind this challenge is to introduce you to some of the godliest men who have ever lived through their writings. While their books may never make the front shelves of your local bookstore, for 2008, they will be on the front of the virtual bookshelf for all who are interested. I pray you are among them!

REMEMBER, if you have decided to join the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge, please take a moment to leave your first and last name in the comments, expressing your intentions to take the challenge. To the bloggers who want to use the blog button to help promote the project, if you have any questions or problems, please let me know.

I am looking forward to this year sitting at the feet of great teachers like Richard Sibbes, Thomas Watson, John Owen, Richard Baxter, and others along with you. May we pursue the heart of God with greater affections, and may we renew our minds with higher thoughts of the greatness and glory of God.

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408 Comments on “Join the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge!”

  1. Hi Timmy,
    I know I commented in the original post about this, but just to confirm that I’m in for the challenge. I’ve already started to post about it, and am going to make it a major area of study for my own blog this year.
    Thanks once again for this stimulus to get into the Puritans in a deeper way. My only regret is that I live in the UK and can’t get that great offer from RHB.
    God bless,

  2. Zach Says:

    I’m in. I’ll order them today. Hey and email me, just really quick so that I have your current address. Talk to you soon.

    Under His Mercy,


  3. I am in. I have also talked with the owner of the Book Nook and he is going to be stocking the books (I gave him a list) for the challenge on his shelf as soon as he gets them in.

  4. Jerry Says:

    I thought this was a wonderful idea from the get-go. I have also enlisted my son in Arizona, Jonathan, and we will communicate weekly via phone to discuss our reading.

    I am posting my thoughts on my blog:

    In addition to the works on this list, let me highly recommend Samuel Rutherford’s “The Loveliness of Christ”. A timy little volume packed with rich jewels.

  5. John Kang Says:

    I’m in!


  6. Frankie Yew Says:

    This is really a great idea to kick start my reading plan for the year.


  7. Steve Burlew of Banner of Truth has also offered discounts for the books on the list.

    Check out his site:

  8. Anja and Jennifer Lijcklama aNijeholt Says:

    My sister and I are in too!

    I didn’t think that there might be a discount, so we already bought the books and started reading them. It’s good, since I for the longest time only read about good books, and did not actually read the books myself. Great idea!


  9. Laura Bresson Says:

    Sounds like a challenge worth taking up.

  10. Mark Says:

    This is a very exciting adventure that God has directed you to lead. I’d encourage you at the get-go to consider a method to compile this ream of data you will be generating beyond just the archive on your blog. You could make an excellent study/devotional guide that at any point in time that people could use as a companion in starting to read the puritans.
    I unfortunately at this time can’t commit to the challenge but I hope to take it up as a project in the future and Lord willing a fellow “blue-collar student” I’ve engaged in studying will join me.

    May God Bless this endeavor,

  11. Juanita Says:

    I’ve been thinking for a while that it would be a good idea to read more of the Puritans. Now this is the perfect opportunity – thanks for the push!

  12. Tim,
    First of all, thank you for investing so much time towards this. I am very excited about the challenge. Although my first 3 books from Monergism have NOT arrived yet—-I expect the delay being in Japan—-just hate to be behind already. I plan on ordering through RHB too b/c of the discount. Thanks for working that deal for us. I’ll be adding the button to my Blog. I plan on posting my thoughts on there as we work through the year. I like what John Piper says in regards to reading hard books, “Raking is easy, but all you get is leaves; digging is hard, but you might find diamonds.” I look forward to reading and learning with everyone!
    Grace to you,
    Jennifer Partin .

  13. Jason Dalton Says:

    Sign me up. I just got all 38 Puritan Paperbacks for Christmas, and this is just the kind of thing that will get me motivated to jump in. Thanks for the challenge.

    Jason Dalton

  14. The Littlefields Says:

    Hey there, Dirk and I will definitely be joining this challenge! We both want to read more of the puritans and I can’t resist a reading challenge. We will be adding the button and advertise the challenge shortly. Thanks!! –Kathy

  15. Mike Leake Says:

    I might switch a couple of the books, but count me in. I too will be posting reflections and reviews at my blog. Great idea, may the Lord give us grace in this endeavor.

  16. Advertised the challenge for today’s post on my Blog but cannot add the button on my page and still direct the button to your site. (A little over my head!—any advice?) Other than that, I’m good.

  17. Andrew Wilson Says:

    I’m in! I’ve been looking to growing in godly reading this year and this is a great way to start. Thanks!

  18. John Bothof Says:

    My desire to read more of the Puritan mind has been stimulated by J.I. Packers book A Quest for Godliness…I hope this next year growing in grace through the pens of the puritans will produce much fruit…Amen

  19. Though I wont’ be participating myself (I have a different program for reading in 2008), I have read many of the Puritans over the years and I am promoting this on my blog.

  20. I, of course, am in. I have a list of the books and a link to your original post in my sidebar. I will also be doing a short bio first of the month and doing a somewhat substantive book review where I review the book, give personal reflections, consider ministry application, and a brief devotional of sorts for readers from the content.

    Thanks for the button, now I can add that to the sidebar!

  21. Brad Davis Says:

    I’m in. I think it’s gonna be an awesome challenge.

  22. Steve Miller Says:

    I found out about your challenge via Between Two Worlds. I’m greatly tempted to join, but have already set out my reading plans for 2008. I’ll have to ponder this for a day or two. If I were to do this, I’d have to do it on top of my already demanding work schedule as an editor and my reading plans for 2008.

  23. timmy,

    count me in! I’ve never read a puritan book before but have read much about them (eg. worldly saints). this is a great idea and look forward to the challenge! hopefully I can keep up 🙂

  24. David Says:

    David Wallace, and I am in as well.

  25. Kathleen Says:

    I’m adding this to my already very full reading challenge schedule this year. I already have some of the books, and just ordered the rest. I’ll also post a link on my blog. Thank you so much for putting this together!

  26. josh cantrell Says:

    Thanks to Justin Taylor for the blogtip on this deal. I’m definitely going to join in on this puritan action.

    Thanks for this.

  27. jgelatt Says:

    Josh Gelatt is in.

  28. Hi Timmy,

    I am from South Africa, and I am in. I have written about the challenge at my blog at

  29. Katie Redfern Says:

    Can’t join (although I may adapt my reading plan to include some puritans), but I am promoting it to friends on my blog. Thanks for doing this! I’ll be very interested in doing something like this next year!

  30. Yogi Taylor Says:

    Tim, count me in.

    I am going to pray through this commitment and see it through! I have a flexible enough schedule that I can add these reads to my list… things might get crazy at first as KK and I are expecting our little Hannah any day now, but if January does not work out, then I will be in full force in February. It shouldn’t keep me from the readings that much…

    I will order the books, and again you can count me in. Do I need to do anything else other than a verbal conformation?

    Loving the Logos,
    Yogi Taylor

  31. […] are being offered for those participating in the challenge. Again, go sign up for the challenge on this post over at Timmy’s blog and take advantage of the discounts to get your Puritan Paperbacks, if […]

  32. Ken Askew Says:

    I plan to tackle the 2008 Puritan Challenge.

    Thanks for ordering it and arranging the discount!

    Puritan Fan

  33. Ashley Rahm Says:

    I am so in. Thanks for setting the challenge and arranging the great discounts at RHB.

    Looking forward to the journey!

    avid reader abandoned to God

  34. […] Brister has posted a great challenge on his blog.  Click here to read the details. Explore posts in the same categories: Books, Theology/Bible, What Sean is […]

  35. I know you can get some of the books from sites like Monergism and such. That is how I am reading Sibbes’ The Bruised Reed for this month. I printed it out and it only took 56 pages. Just thought I would throw out an alternative source for the books online. God bless in the reading.

  36. jesus bayona Says:

    Im interested in growing in knowledge of the puritans and am excited to see how they will excel my relationship with the Lord.

  37. Count me in and I hope others will follow the link on my site to join in as well.

    Grace & Peace
    Tony Konvalin

  38. […] reading, and reading (and of course, writing & blogging). I am very tempted to join the 2008 Purtian Paperback reading challenge, but with my course load and reading through the Bible in the year, I am not sure how well I can […]

  39. Trillia Says:


    This is a great idea! I can’t do it because of other reading obligations but I will definitely post something on my site. I have two a personal one and fitness site. Enjoy your day!

  40. Tony Kummer Says:

    You might try pasting the code into a simple txt file for windows notepad. You can upload this to the post and the puritans can download it.

  41. We’ve loved these books and can’t wait to go through them fully! Thanks for arranging the discount on the set. I’ve put the widget on my blog.

  42. Hi Timmy,

    Some things are odd! Not with your idea. I tried twice last night to comment on this post, yet my comments are not here. So, here goes a third time.

    I am from South Africa, and I am in on this challenge.

    I have written a comment on this challenge there and also challenged ‘both’ of my readers to join in this challenge 🙂

    You can find my post at

  43. Dan Green Says:

    Great idea – I’m looking forward to the challenge.
    Will post a word doc. each month with favourite quotes and ones that I’ve found helpful.

  44. William,

    I don’t know why, but sometimes legit comments get tossed into the spam folder, and currently, I have over 3,000 spam comments, so it would be looking for a needle in a haystack to find your comments! I am sorry about that, but I had nothing to do with it. One thing I do know is that comments with multiple links are often considered spam as they are an indicator that someone is trying to sell or direct you to something.

    It is great to have you in on the challenge. As far as I know, there are folks from Japan and the UK as well. It’s amazing how this challenge can be so global and unify us under one little, yet significant idea. I look forward to reading your blog and interacting in the future.

  45. Everyone,

    Thank you for taking part in the challenge! One of the greatest things about something like this is the opportunity to meet and get to know many of you for the first time. I look forward to the journey the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge will bring!

    After the first day, there have been close to 4,500 folks to check out the challenge here, and as of this moment, 24 blogs are plugging the challenge. While it is still really early to determine everyone who has signed on thus far, I have determined at least 50 to date which is great! I am hopeful that we can see over 100 people reading the Puritans together, something which they (the Puritans) would have never imagined!

    As you can see in the update, I added the list of books to the post so that everyone can know what we are reading for each month. I think it would be helpful to explain a little why I chose these particular Puritan Paperbacks and in the order I placed them.

    1. While there are other more popular Puritan Paperbacks (especially from Owen, Brooks, and Watson), I decided to have only one book per author, allowing readers to have wider exposure to various authors. While we will be reading their books, I do hope to share a little about the author as well during each month.

    2. I front-loaded the reading with the more readable works, being sensitive to the fact that some if not most will be reading 17th century Puritan writing for the first time. I certainly didn’t want to begin with Owen! Sibbes, Flavel, and Watson have a writing style much easier to follow than others and serve as a preparatory grounds for other more challenging reads.

    3. I tried to balance the content/topics as well. For instance, after reading Owen’s Mortification of Sin, I figured we all could use a little encouragement(!), so I chose A Lifting Up of the Downcast by William Bridge. I also tried to be sensitive to various months which are shorter (February) and busier (December) than others, putting lighter or shorter works while putting the more challenging reads on months that are more likely to offer more reading margin.

    I guess that’s it. Honestly, you cannot go wrong with any of the Puritan Paperbacks and realize that some of you will develop a schedule of your own. That’s totally fine, and I do hope you share your thoughts either here (at the end of each month) or on your blog. In any case, I believe the time and energy spent in reading the Puritans in 2008 will reap rich rewards in our doctrinal and experiential knowledge of God.

  46. One more thing:

    In case you missed the update (#4) on the post, Tim Keller, of whom I have deep respect and appreciation for, shared his unsolicited thoughts on this Puritan Reading Challenge on JT’s blog. Here is what he wrote:

    For what it’s worth, I read all but one of the books on this list during seminary and my early ministry, and they had an enormous, life-changing, ministry-shaping impact on me. A couple of them almost literally saved my life. I couldn’t recommend them more highly. I’d only add: a) Read Owen on Temptation as well as Mortification. It’s short and well worth the read. b) Consider adding Baxter’s Saints Everlasting Rest. Other than those, I’d agree that these are the best short, accessible Puritan works. A great list.

    Tim Keller

    If some of these books saved Keller’s life, imagine the significance this challenge could have in yours! Thank you Dr. Keller for your personal recommendation and encouraging words!

  47. Rees Mwasambili Says:


    I have just learnt about this through the ‘Pure Church’ blog. I am from Zambia and am in.

  48. Sonja Schoonraad Says:

    I have some Puritan Paperbacks on my shelf – given by a friend – and now is the opportunity to read them. Thank you. It will be a new adventure sharing “heaven on earth.” I will share the reading opportunity with my friend as well.

  49. Rees,

    It is great to have you on board! BTW, you wouldn’t happen to know Conrad Mbewe would you? Just curious. I also recently had one of my old college roommates serve two years in Kasama.

  50. Dustin Benge Says:

    Count me in! I have decided to join the challenge with the hope of learning more about our dear Heavenly Father through these faithful men of God. I am thankful for you for coming up with the idea. Not only am I going to participate in the challenge but will also promote it from my blog, Pastor and People. Thanks again – Let the journey begin!

  51. Count us in! Iron sharpening iron — what a great idea for 2008!

  52. Dave Herding Says:

    Count me in as well!

    I’ve had the whole set of Puritan Paperbacks for a couple of years now and am ready, willing, and able to “mine the riches” in the 12 you have chosen to read in 2008.

  53. Chris Wilson Says:

    Lemme at ’em!!! I’m in!

  54. I’m in for as many months as I can. Already own at least 7 of the 12 books but only read a couple of them. Was wondering what my next read should be, but now I’m going to make it “A Bruised Reed.” Thanks for your labor of love to make this as profitable as you can to all of us.


  55. Mark Rogers Says:

    Good idea. This will be a good way to assure I’m reading good gospel-centered and deeply spiritual stuff amidst my studies.

    Mark Rogers

  56. Tim Bertolet Says:

    I’m going to read through the Puritans this year. I have a number of these books already and this is a great way to keep me accountable for reading them. Thanks.

  57. Chad and Allison Winters Says:

    My wife and I are both in!! That will be even more of a challenge as we are going to share the books :O

  58. I had the same idea before I found your blog, your plan of attack was better formulated than mine. I made a few changes, since I am reading or have read a few of the books on your list. I look forward to the challenge and have called my readers to join us in this endeavor.

  59. Justin W Says:

    I’m in…sounds great and I’ll post updates on my blog as well

    Thanks for doing this,

  60. Randy Says:

    I’m in as well. I look forward to the interaction with others on this project. Great idea!

  61. Carolyn Vance Says:

    I’m in, and I’ve talked my mom in as well. Thank you for the work you are doing on this!

  62. Josh Says:

    This is a great idea and I am looking forward to getting introduced to the Puritans. I am in.

  63. Angela Proctor Says:

    I’m going to try the challenge. I ordered the first two books and look forward to getting started.

  64. JGray Says:

    I’m in….I guess I am a few days late, but I’ll get started tonight.

  65. Hey I bought the books the other day and I’m looking forward to reading them!
    Grace and Peace,
    Johnny Grimes

  66. Brennen S Says:

    I have ordered the books and look forward to beginning as soon as they arrive and following your blog this year. Thanks

  67. Roben Says:

    I also am hoping to read through the Puritan challenge. I’ve started “The Bruised Reed” and am greatly encouraged by what Richard Sibbes has to say.
    Blessings and thanks

  68. […] As a tangent, I’ve become interested in reading more about the (negatively stereotyped) Puritans like Richard Baxter, John Owen etc. If you’re interested here is a post to get you started: Puritans, We Greet Thee in 2008 Updated Link: Join the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge! […]

  69. Matthew New Says:

    I put in my order to Banner last night and am looking forward to start as soon as they arrive.

  70. Kimberly Dykema Says:

    Nice idea. I’ll give it a try.

  71. Sarah Bublitz Says:

    Count me in too. I cant wait to start reading. Thanks so much for doing this!

  72. Larry Wood Says:

    Excellent idea! Thank you for the opportunity extended for others to join in.

  73. Ron Says:

    Ron Kinzel is IN

  74. Justin Ford Says:

    I’m in, ust bought the books today.

  75. Kip R Says:

    Looking forward to it!

  76. Everyone,

    Things are shaping up great! Big thanks to all of you who have taken the time to sign on by commenting. If you know of anyone else who has expressed interest or desire to join in, be sure they take a moment to comment on this post.

    After the second day, over 6,000 folks have checked out the challenge, 38 blogs plugging it, and bumping 90 for those signed onto the challenge.

    In the coming days, you will begin to see posts explaining the challenge as well as initiating the conversation regarding the book, The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes. I am really jazzed about it, and I hope you are too!

    At the end of the month, I will do a random drawing from those who have signed on to the challenge by commenting on this post. I will notify the winner privately and then post it shortly thereafter.

    Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some reading to do!

  77. Melissa Reaves Says:

    I just heard about the challenge from Jim at Old Truth. Count me in! Thanks!

  78. G F McDowell Says:

    Count me in. Of course, I’m cheating a little as I’ve read many of these for Dr. Wright’s “English Puritanism” class last year. (If you are a student at Southern, this class is an absolute MUST) But I’ll enjoy a good rereading of those. Over time, I’ve come to miss the “long s” that looks like the letter “f” of the typefaces in which the Puritan works were originally printed. I like the BOT Puritan Paperback abridgements, sometimes they were a very helpful crib when I got lost in Dr. Wright’s course reader.

  79. Hi!

    I’ve decided to take this reading challenge, and have started a new blog specially:

    The Rev’d Dr Who

  80. […] Timmy Brister has issued a challenge to Christians to read through some of the most important writings of the Puritans, reading one book […]

  81. D.L. Kane Says:

    Count me in. I am very excited about this. I only wish we could somehow promote this among other denominations where their are genuine believers who may have never even heard of the “puritans”. I am certain that there are hungry souls out there who have no idea what they are missing–I was one of them, until coming across an old BOT publication in a used book store. My life and faith was drastically changed and I have such a burden for those sitting in local churches who are never exposed to these edifying and soul enriching works.

    Those of us who walk in this circle sometimes forget that there are thousands of believers who have never been exposed to any of this and it is a burden on my heart to somehow reach them. Any ideas?

  82. W.E. Travis Jr Says:

    Challenge accepted! May Him whom we serve be pleased to use this
    “challenge” to conform us more and more into the image of the Christ.

  83. Sonja Schoonraad Says:

    It seems as if the South Africans struggle to “submit their comments:-)”

    I have been trying for quite some time now… let’s hope this one is (t)here.

  84. I am sorry Sonja! Glad your comment won in the struggle against my spam box!

    I really need to do something about that!

  85. Kevin Rhyne Says:

    Count me in…I’m looking forward to this…what a great idea.

  86. tim morrison Says:

    i enjoy reading your blog. thanks for your ministry through the blogosphere. count me in on the Puritan Challenge. i’m looking forward to it!

  87. Mark Vance Says:

    Great idea… I’m in.

  88. Julie Brigham Says:

    Hi, Im Julie. My husband has a lot of puritan books and raves about them, shares alot of his revelations with me. I’ve never read 1 in its entirety yet. so I will take the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge. My husband will be so proud. I will comment on my blog as soon as I make one…Im so excited.

  89. Okay, I have a blog space, but I dont have any friends on it yet…hahah

    Julie Brigham

  90. Danny Williams Says:

    This is a great idea and you can count me in! I’ve ordered the books and can’t wait to get started. I also plan on participating in the discussion.

  91. David Elliott Says:

    I’m in.

  92. Laura Matesi Says:

    I am in!
    I read your site.
    I have posted maybe two or so comments before 2008.
    I have never read a Puritan book.
    I am so happy to have this challenge to encourage me to read one. YEAH!!

  93. Everyone,

    After the third day, we are right at around 100 signed on to reading the Puritans in 2008. One of the things I keep thinking about is the fact that we will all be reading books over 300 years old while people tell us that the only books worth reading are the trendy “relevant” ones. In a way, I kind of hope that this challenge will serve as a protest to the contemporary best-seller list and a challenge to Christian publishers as well!

    I have received numerous emails along with the comments. If I do not reply immediately, please know that I am trying to respond in a timely manner. There have been some more exciting developments in recent days, and I look forward to sharing them with you soon.

    After the weekend, I am going to post a reciprocal link-post as a way of saying thanks to all who have either added the blog button or promoted the challenge on your website or blog.

    Also, at the beginning of next week, I hope to begin the discussion with some posts on what “the sweet dropper” (Sibbes) has written. Please consider joining in as we discussion!

  94. I’m in. I’m starting “The Bruised Reed” today. This’ll be my second trip through it, but it will be worth it. Thanks for the challenge.

  95. Jamison Smith Says:

    I’m in! Not sure how I’ll squeeze it in but you didn’t call it a challenge for nuthin’, right? Looking forward to it!

  96. Jacqueline Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a Puritan book before but I’m going to see what I can do about meeting as much of your challenge as possible.

  97. Chris Says:

    Count me in too…books on the way.

  98. RC Says:

    Count me in. I have read several on the list, but I can definitely benefit from reading them again. I will blog my thoughts related to the readings in the near future, but I am currently doing the Said at Southern Seminary Bible Reading Challenge so until the end of January I am not going to be posting much at all. Thanks for the challenge. A very influential book for me was J.I. Packer’s A Quest for Godliness. Since reading it I have read a lot of the Puritan Paperbacks and I have never disappointed.

  99. Marsha Amos Says:

    I am excited about participating in this challenge…thank you…

    Marsha Amos

  100. Kelly McIntosh Says:

    I’m in! Thanks for the encouraging challenge!

  101. Carolyn Underwood Says:

    This is great. Thanks for doing this. I am looking forward to a great year.

  102. Bob Jensen Says:

    Count me in. I just placed the order.

  103. like i told the partins you had me at practical. we’re going to give it a shot.

  104. Vaughan Smith Says:

    I’m in, and halfway through Bruised Reed.

  105. Derek Naves Says:

    I’m in!

  106. John Majors Says:

    I am in, along with my brother – Joel Majors.
    Thanks for doing this.

  107. Laura Bresson Says:

    My books came today!!
    I am really excited to begin reading them.
    Pray for my perseverence.

  108. Laura,

    For sure. Also, I hope that the ongoing discussion will aid in your perseverance and offer some encouragement and incentive to read! I think you will enjoy reading Sibbes as I think his book is a great starter.

  109. Claudy Rabel Says:

    “…Mary sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what He said” Luke 10:39
    “but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her” Luke 10:42
    Wonderful! The first Step! Reading good books written by godly men is a matter of discipline. Our attitude determines our altitude. Go the extra mile…. I thank you.

  110. Elaine Matamoros Says:

    I will accept this challenge, and Lord willing I will be able to fulfill it. I placed my order. I am so excited to be a part of this challenge. I homeschool and we have studied the Puritans only a little so far. This will be great for all of us. Thanks.

  111. Jimmy,
    Ive orderd the books and here is my real blog…I’m new.

  112. Timmy, jk…sorry-typo….thanks…did I mention that, I’m New.

  113. Jana Hall Says:

    i’m on it like a fat kid on a donut!

  114. Pastor Caleb Burnison Says:

    I’m in as well. Also, one of the 14 yr olds in my youth group wants to give it a shot. I told him I’ll buy the first two. Received the order last week and ready to get started.

  115. Tom Says:

    I’m Tom Queen, found the PC through Justin Taylor’s blog, and think this is a wonderful way to consistently read Puritan works. I’m in.

  116. Nancy Hall Says:

    Count me in! I’ve been reading the Puritans and it IS life changing! Thanks for putting this Challenge together! What a great idea!!!!!

  117. Toni Rahm Says:

    Count me in. My daughter told me about it.

  118. Paul Munro Says:

    I came across this site by “accident”, but have taken up the challenge and ordered the first two books. I am pretty excited by this concept and wish I had come across it before. I work as a Senior Systems Manager and my days are pretty much taken up with technology- so it will be a good time to sit down, relax, and read the thoughts of these good people.

    Thanks for the idea- and I will obviously be back often to check up on the other information you have going on and connected items. This is truly great!

    Paul, UK

  119. Paul,

    I am glad you found out about the challenge. It’s great to hear of its reception from across the pond! Having read much about the 17th Century English Puritanism, I really want to go there!

  120. keith baker Says:

    I’m in and i’m posting the challenge on our church website. FBC Boynton Beach, FL

  121. Joe Johnson Says:

    looking foward to each new month and new book

  122. My books arrived today! Woo-Hoo! Just in time too—-God is never late, is he? Although I ordered my first 2 books from Monergism, I also ordered all 12 books from RHB—–couldn’t pass up that deal! Thanks Tim, really appreciate it!

  123. Benjamin Sutton Says:

    I decided that I was going to read more this year, so count me in.

  124. Timmy,

    I am in. I just ordered the set from Reformation Heritage Books. I also wrote an entry about it in my blog at I’m looking forward to this.

  125. Dan & Jen Faidley Says:

    We just joined and are excited to add these 12 books to our growing library. We look forward to wonderful discussion from the reading. Thanks. I will also include this challenge on my blog at:

  126. Michael Pate Says:

    I’ve already read a few of these books but I hope to read the rest with the P&P challenge this year. I’m busy this year but I hope to post my favorite quotes from each book during their month on my blog

  127. […] For more visit Timmy Brister at P&P. […]

  128. Wes W Says:


    I am definitely in, and excited about the idea… looking forward to posting on these as well, and will add the widget on my blog (assuming I can figure out how to get that done!)

  129. andy cole Says:

    Hi,i’m in !!

    From the UK so going to try amazon for the books..Im not a Reform Christians,hope that doesnt matter

  130. Andy,

    Welcome my friend! Certainly you do not have to be reformed, though I will warn you that reading the Puritans stands a good chance that you will be persuaded. 🙂

    It’s great to see so many from the UK joining the challenge!

  131. Andy Cole Says:

    Maybe hehe
    I’m a great fan of M L Jones,i read a lot of his books back in the 80s & his bio..

    UK people joining is no surprise to me!!

    Anyhow off to sleep late here

  132. Kristopher Lewis Says:

    I am looking forward to reading these great books at the same time as so many others!

  133. Kristopher,

    It should be great. We are not at 125 people which is fantastic.

  134. Patrick Whitchurch Says:

    Hi – I just purchased the books (as a birthday present to myself) and plan to start in on the first one as soon as they arrive.

    Thanks for the great & edifying idea!

  135. Patrick,

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy the books and discussion!

  136. Matt Privett Says:

    Hey Timmy,

    I’m in, although I’ll be a little tardy in starting because I just ordered the books yesterday. I haven’t decided if I’ll be doing any blogging regarding it yet. I’ll let you know if I do.

  137. Great Matt! Glad to see you jumping in!

  138. Hey Timmy,
    I love the post though I am fairly new to the blogosphere! However, i am in on the puritan challenge…i even ordered Valley of Vision for some extra reading over the year in the Puritans!

    thanks for the great idea and challenge!

    Joel Reynolds
    Clarksville, Tennessee
    FBC Clarksville.

  139. William Bausch Says:

    I’m in!

    William Bausch

  140. Joel,

    Welcome to the blogosphere, and it is great to have you in the challenge. The Valley of Vision is a great devotional resource, and I trust it will be a meaningful addition to your time with the Lord.

  141. […] Get involved!  For more information about the challenge check out Timmy’s post HERE.  […]

  142. Rees Mwasambili Says:


    Yes, I know Pastor Conrad Mbewe. He pastors a church that was planted by the one that I am a member of (Lusaka Baptist Church). Have you met him?

  143. Rees,

    Yes, I have met Pastor Conrad. He spoke at the True Church Conference in Alabama last May, and I was there live-blogging the conference. Here are my posts on Pastor Conrad’s messages:

    TCC III: Conrad Mbewe on “The Power of the Holy Spirit and the Miracle of Conversion”

    TCC IV: Conrad Mbewe on “The Power of the Holy Spirit and the Miracle of Conversion”

    I also have some photos of Pastor Conrad from the conference which you can find by going to this set:

    True Church Banner

    He’s a dynamic preacher, and I can understand why they call him the Spurgeon of Africa. 🙂

  144. Rees Mwasambili Says:

    Many thanks Tim. God bless. Without your permission, I have began a word of mouth recruitment to the challenge. Many will not have easy access to the internet but have access to the church library puritan papersbacks. Will let you know how I do.

  145. Ryan CHase Says:

    I am going to join the challenge, one of the guys at work happens to have all the books so I am going to borrow his until mine arrive.

  146. Tim Webb Says:

    I started reading Sibbes this past weekend, so count me in.

  147. Dave Bignell Says:


    I was introduced to this challenge and your blog through my Pastor and the Calling For Truth radio show. I’m very excited about the prospect of reading these works as I know everyone involved will be tremendously edified. Count me in! I’m looking forward to the discussions “on air” at the end of each month.


  148. Jen Greer Says:

    I’ve read some of the authors before (Owens, Alleine, Watson Bunyan, Baxter), but not these particular books, so this seemed like a really good opportunity! OTOH, I really have to finish two books I’m in the middle of right now before I can feel justified starting a new reading program. Besides, mine won’t even arrive for a few weeks, so I won’t be ready until February.

    Just the same, count me in and I’ll look forward to hearing how the Lord uses these works at the end of every month!

  149. Rees,

    Trust me, brother, you do not need my permission! I would love to hear an update on the developments. Also, if the books are not accessible, you might be able to find some of them online to print out. For instance, you can get the entire book, The Bruised Reed here:

  150. Patrick Whitchurch Says:

    For anyone who’s waiting on the books to be shipped and wants to start reading before they arrived, Sibbes’ “The Bruised Reed” is available in HTML format at…

  151. Patrick Whitchurch Says:

    (Sorry about the duplication on the link – I’ve got to read the previous posts a little more closely.)

  152. […] January: The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes (128 pp) February: The Mystery of Providence by John Fla… […]

  153. Mr. Leiter,

    Yes, I have seen (and linked) to those websites in the past. However, let me encourage you to keep your comments within the context of the post.

    In the blogosphere, people would call you a “troll” or “drive-by”–that is, someone who comments for free advertisement or seeking to draw traffic to your website without an direct or sincere interest in the post.

    If you have something you would like for me to consider, link to, or discuss, feel free to email me anytime. It is normal administrative procedure to delete trolling comments, but assuming you did not know this ethic, I will refrain from doing so.

    Grace and peace,

    Timmy Brister

  154. M.Leiter Says:


    I am sorry I did not know blogging etiquette and rules. I am from the older generation. I hope you will check out the HeartCry Magazine (an excellent missions magazine). Also, you might want to read the recent book by my husband “Jusitifcation & Regeneration”.

    Thank you for your kindness and patience.

    Because of Jesus, Mrs. M. Leiter

  155. Mrs. Leiter,

    First let me apologize for assume you to be a mister! I personally do not like having to wear the administrative hat, but having done this for some time now, I am finding myself having hold to the standards I (and others) have set, which among others, include trying to keep the meta (comments) relatively within the context of the original post.

    I have several copies of HeartCry Mag and have enjoyed the time I have had meeting and spending time with Paul Washer. I am interested in looking into your husband’s book as I believe it addresses a very important (and often neglected doctrine), namely regeneration.

    Thanks for understanding, and I pray you have a very blessed week!

    Timmy Brister

  156. […] 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge Stats Just for fun, I thought I’d provide some stats on the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge. […]

  157. […] is my first installment in blogspotting The Puritan Challenge. I will be randomly adding more installments in the days and weeks to […]

  158. Rachel Says:

    I’m definitely going to try and keep up with this challenge. I’m still waiting for my first book to arrive, but hopefully will catch up soon. Difficult to find time to read with 3 young kids, but reading along with others will help me make the time and keep on schedule. Thanks for this.

  159. Brian Sherman Says:

    Count me in, I seem to get he best picture of God and our responsibilty before Him from the Men of Old. Im a bruised and smoking.

  160. Rachel,

    Great to have you! The Bruised Reed is a short book, so it should be easy to catch up, so don’t worry!


    Yes, the men of old have much to teach our generation, and I am grateful to see so many interesting in listening to them.

  161. […] Reading Challenge Book Giveaway (January) As I mentioned earlier, we are hoping to give away other Puritan works each month as a way to provide additional resources […]

  162. Some friends and I at church did a Puritan Book Club last summer, and it was very rewarding. We’re thinking of continuing it this year, using the Reading Challenge list for starters (and skipping the books we did last summer, including The Bruised Reed and All Good Things).

  163. Brian Massey Says:

    I’m in, Timmy.

  164. joe helt Says:

    I saw today’s post and thought I’d comment in hopes of getting some free stuff.
    I am reading through the books you’ve listed and I’ll probably post a little something about them every now and then on my blog.



  165. M.Leiter Says:


    If you would like to send us your mailing address we would be glad to send you a complimentary copy of the “Justification & Regeneration” book.

    Because of Jesus,

    Mrs. Mona Leiter

  166. Timmy,

    My previous pastor, Scott Lee, is very good friends with Charles Leiter of which both are good friends with Paul Washer–they all went to seminary together. Anyway, I have read most of Charles’ book “Justification and Regeneration” and would highly recommend it to you. I plan to read it at some point this year in its entirity (someone had to go and issue a challenge or something!) and will do a review on it when I do. However, I just wanted to let you know of a gold-mine you would be getting with that book.

    God bless, brother.

  167. Roger Leonhardt Says:

    I am in. This is a great Idea. I started reading through the whole series about 3 months ago on my own and am happy to see I am in good company.


  168. Terry,

    Thanks for the plug on the book. I hope to have the opportunity to read it soon!


    Thanks, and I hope that the other 140+ people will be an encouragement to you as well!

  169. Stephen Harris Says:

    I am in. This will be my first time to read a puritan book. I am really looking forward to it. Thanks for all you do on your blog

  170. Stephen,

    You’re welcome, and I am glad to see you jumping in!

  171. Jason & Cara Meyer Says:


    Sign me up as well. I am going to see if I can get some of my students to join the challenge with me.

    Jason Meyer

  172. Jason,

    That’s great. You know, one of the things that I am liking about this is how interactive this challenge has become. I took the class, 17th Century English Puritanism, here at SBTS, but we rushed through everything in order to cover the material. I think the pace is moderate and allows for some great digestion and discussion. I can say personally that I know that I am going to reap greater personal and ministerial benefit from this challenge than the seminary course, in spite of it being that good!

  173. Justin Says:

    I’m joining the PRC. Justin Rayburn

  174. Eric Hines Says:

    You can count me in as well!!

  175. Tim Says:

    Hi Timmy,
    you can count one more. I wasn’t really interested at first, but considering your little “comparison” with the time spent doing so many useless things, I’m taking up the challenge now. Hope you’ll get to 200! I also link the challenge icon on my blog, so maybe we’ll have more francophones joining in!
    God bless for this great idea!

  176. Justin, Eric, and Tim,

    Great to have you join in! Tim, I am not sure I know what a “francophone” is. Could you enlighten me? Does that have anything to do with France?

  177. ginoc Says:

    Hi Timmy,

    I am starting late but hope, by God’s grace, to finish strong.

    Thanks for the challenge.

    Grace and peace,

  178. Kenan Plunk Says:

    I have read all but one on the list, and the eleven I have read are definitely worth rereading. So consider me in on this Puritan action.
    In His Mercy,

  179. […] them.  That is until this past week.  Timmy Brister has gotten me very excited about his Puritan Reading Plan for 2008 and I plan on sticking to it.  The first book on the list is, “The Bruised Reed” […]

  180. Tim Says:

    Hi Timmy,
    This is Tim again.
    Yes, francophone has to do with France, but more precisely describes french speaking persons. I am from France originally, but now live in the french province of Québec, just next to Canada’s capital, Ottawa.
    This place is very much biligual, but not all french speaking regions are (in France, for example, not many people speak or understand english).
    Hope it’s clearer now.
    Keep up the good work.

  181. […] Reading Plan for the Year Is anyone doing the Puritan Reading Challenge? I am a bit late and will miss January, but should be able to jump in for Feb. January: The […]

  182. Kim Says:

    I heard about this reading challenge at Justin Taylor’s website. We are so excited and can begin now that the books have arrived! My husband has a reading disability due to a brain injury 7 years ago so we have the pleasure of enjoying books together as I read them aloud at bedtime — from Ted Dekker’s Blink to civil war history to J.Piper’s William Wilberforce biography. We are trusting God to use these books in our individual lives, our marriage and our family this year. Thanks for your direction and efforts!

  183. Tim,

    Thanks for the clarification. After the comment, I went to your blog and found that it was in French, and I realized what you meant. It’s great to have folks from Quebec in the challenge!

  184. Wow Kim! Thanks for joining in, and please share with your husband my gratefulness for being a part of this as well. That’s an amazing testament of how God has providentially (through illness and suffering) brought the two of you together on the same page spiritually (pun intended) for the glory of God! I pray you and your husband will be encouraged in the weeks and months ahead!

  185. Carol Blair Says:

    My books arrived the other day from Grand Rapids; last night I read the foreword of _Meet the Puritans_ and skimmed through the rest of the book, and I was *very* encouraged at what I learned. This morning I finished chapter 2 of _The Bruised Reed._ Please count me in. I look forward to a year of life-changing reading.

    Carol Blair
    Longview, TX

  186. Jackie Williamson Says:


    Count me in. I will order the books today. Can’t wait to get started. What a wonderful challenge for this new year.


  187. […] Doing the 2008 Year of the Puritans challenge. […]

  188. Carol,

    Great to have you join. Totally random, but I work at UPS Next Day Air Hub here in Louisville, and Longview is on my belt (the area code is 756 something). All I know is that you guys must have a Neman Marcus place there because we ship a ton of stuff to them!

  189. Jackie,

    It’s great to meet you and have you as a part of the challenge. I pray you are encouraged and blessed by the reading and interaction!

  190. theoldpaths Says:

    Thanks for the great Idea I am defiantly in. It so amazing that there is still such a love for Puritan works even hundreds of years after they are written.

  191. joshuaesc Says:

    This has been wonderful!

  192. I will give it a shot…so I am in!!! Ironically I bought a book already on the list for my birthday present. I heard of John Owen, and seen a book on sale, “Mortification of Sin” Cool!!


  193. Great to have you Mike!

  194. Chad and Allison Winters Says:

    My husband and I have both taken the challenge! I have finished the Bruised Reed! Great book.

  195. Chad and Allison,

    Thanks for joining in the challenge!

  196. […] and Theology of the Puritans [Here is a fantastic point where Blue Collar Theology and the Puritan Reading Challenge collides.   The Puritans were the forerunners to BCT through their “conventicles,” […]

  197. MamaArcher Says:

    My husband and I are going to be joining you for the reading challenge! We just ordered our books today so we will be playing catch up once they arrive.
    I have written a blog post and it is up. I will also put a link on my sidebar!
    Thank you for offering this challenge!

    Kristine aka MamaArcher

    Blog link:
    Here is the direct link for the reading challenge post:

  198. Count me in. I did finally get the link in my side bar.

  199. […] January 21, 2008 by Dave Bissett From TIM BRISTER’s idea (which I commend to you!)….  […]

  200. Dave Bissett Says:

    Happy to have joined the cause (earlier) and now signing up as request: Pastor Dave Bissett, Clifton Park (upstate), NY

  201. Dave,

    Great to have you brother! I see that you were recently at Lakeshore helping out with Don Elbourne. It is amazing what God is doing down there!

  202. Kristine and Jennifer,

    Thanks for the links, and I hope you are encouraged and blessed by the challenge!

  203. Will Timmins Says:

    Count me in 🙂 Have been wanting to read more widely in the Puritans for a long time, so glad to have the mutual encouragement of many brothers and sisters to keep me at it…
    Greetings from the UK,

  204. John Brand Says:

    I’ve put the link on my site
    but following it gives me thefollowing message: Not Found Sorry, but the page you requested cannot be found.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks and God bless

  205. John,

    I looked at the button on your blog, and I noticed that the url is

    while it should be

    What happened is that you put added the URL to your blog at the beginning. If you delete that part of the code, then I think it should work. Hope that helps!

  206. John Brand Says:

    Thanks. For some reason wordpress automatically added my own url but I’ve now deleted it and the link works well. I’m signed up and more than happy to recommend this great idea to others. I have also added the buttn link to my personal family site God bless

  207. Great! I’m glad it worked out. Thanks for recommending the challenge to your family and friends!

  208. Tracy Davis Says:

    I feel like such a late-comer, but I’m taking the challenge with a bit of trepidation. I’ve been a very bad reader for the last several years. I love the opportunity to stay on track with discussions. I saw somewhere that people have heard about this through Facebook. Have you considered doing a Facebook group for this as well? I did a search and couldn’t find anything.

  209. lukebritt Says:

    I’m in on the challenge as well. I’ve read Sibbes so far.

  210. Tracy,

    It is never too late! Regarding Facebook, I have mentioned it on my “Tim is ________” thing, but haven’t started a Facebook group or anything like that. I think that would be neat, but I am already overwhelmed with the work I am doing here. With that said, if someone wanted to start a Facebook group, that would be a nice way to supplement the challenge and provide a way to stay in contact. Just a thought!

  211. Luke,

    Very cool. Thanks for joining in!

  212. This sounds great. Although I’ve a lot of reading for seminary, I think this will be worth the effort. Count me in!

  213. …I meant to say, “I have a lot to read…

  214. Tracy Davis Says:

    For what it’s worth, I created a Facebook group. Anyone who wants to find it can search for “Puritan Reading Challenge 2008”.

  215. Freddy Swanson Says:

    I’ll give it a run.

  216. Karen B Says:

    I’d like to join in, although I don’t think I will read very many. I’ll also post about the challenge on my blog.

  217. Steve Says:

    Count me in. I ordered the books today. I pastor a church in Melbourne, Florida.


  218. […] Yesterday the Said at Southern Seminary blog posted the audio file for an interview of Mark Dever by SBF blogger Timmy Brister. (You can hear the interview HERE.) This interview focused on Dever’s doctoral dissertation, Richard Sibbes: Puritanism and Calvinism in Late Elizabethan and early Stuart England. This interview was conducted in conjunction with Timmy’s 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge. […]

  219. I have been watching from a distance but picked up Bruised Reed last week and I’m in for the year!

  220. […] for Truth, a live call-in radio program of Dr. Paul Dean and Pastor Kevin Boling, has joined the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge.  Calling for Truth broadcasts every afternoon from 1:00-2:00 pm EST, originating from Greenville, […]

  221. Eric,

    From one seminary student with a heavy reading schedule to another, welcome!


    Thanks for the heads up. I will check it out!


    Great! Hopefully there will be others to run along with you.


    I think you will surprise yourself! BTW, thanks for the link on your blog.


    I hear Melbourne is a beautiful place. I was born in Ft. Walton Beach. 🙂


    That’s awesome to hear. Hopefully more watching and curious will jump in as you have done. 🙂

  222. John Gregory Says:

    I’m starting late, but I’m definitely up for it. If I need to pull an all-nighter to keep up, so be it!!

  223. John,

    Burning the midnight oil, eh? Richard Sibbes is great late-night reading. 🙂 Great to have you in the challenge!

  224. I’m going to join up. I can’t afford the book deal right now but thanks to Monergism’s free shipping this week I can afford to get the books for the first half of the year (we have two of those already) and hopefully I can get the rest of the books later on so I can continue with you all in July. I can’t order books until Friday but should be good to go starting February and I’ll catch up the one I missed.

    Not sure if I’ll blog on the reading although I do often end up blogging on books I’ve read regardless of my lack of intention but I will certainly put up the 2008 Puritan Challenge button in my side bar.

  225. Felicity Briggs Says:

    I’m a bit late starting, but I’m very much looking forward to catching up as soon as the books arrive! Thank you for the encouragement!
    With love,

  226. Alicia,

    If you have any problem getting the books, please let me know. Thanks for joining the challenge!


    You’re welcome, and I think you will have no problem catching up. Sibbes and Flavel are pleasurable reads.

  227. […] on the Puritan Reading Challenge After two weeks, the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge has eclipsed the 200 mark (currently at 204) for those taking the challenge and nearing the mark of 100 blogs […]

  228. Steve Prazenica Says:

    I’m definitely running a bit behind, but I’m in. I’ve dabbled a bit in reading Puritan works, including a couple on this list, but haven’t really set myself to it. I was thinking I needed to plan out my reading for the year, and then I found this article and it seemed like this might be a good idea. I know I could come up with my own plan, but I think the group mentality and additional resources will help me to stay focused and glean more from my reading.

    So, I ordered the first 5 books that I didn’t have from the great folks at Banner of Truth and they should be here shortly. I know I’ll be playing catch-up a bit on the first book, but I think I can get it done. I’m contemplating blogging as I go through the books as writing typically helps me work through what I am reading. I’ll let you know the address if I decide to start doing this.


  229. Scott Meadows Says:

    I’m in! Getting a late start, but I think I can catch up before moving on to Flavel in Feb.

    The interview with Mark Dever was a nice tie-in and an encouragement to “stick with it” for those of us doing a lot of other reading. Keep the mp3 interviews rolling.

    Anyone else in Athens, GA participating in the challenge? Coffee & Sibbes anyone?

  230. I have added your competition to my blogs, Crazy Calvinist and A Puritan at Heart and The Puritannical

  231. […] Brister is hosting the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge. This is a great way to introduce yourself to the Puritans. He has arranged an excellent deal with […]

  232. I copied this into my text widget (using WordPress) but it has not worked.”

    Then copy and paste the entire code into your template sidebar or text widget (if you are using WordPress). Please let me know if you have any more questions!”

  233. […] is responsible for starting the 2008 Puritan Book Reading Challenge; a challenge to read 12 Puritan classics in 1 year, one each month. The book assigned for January […]

  234. Hank Rhoden Says:

    I’m in and really looking forward to fulfilling this challenge.

  235. Ray Harper Says:

    Well, I am late to the party, but I have my order in for the books (I already owned quite a few of them, but sadly have not read them yet!)

    I am going to run late on Bruised Reed, but will catch up (I travel, and airports afford great reading time).

    I doubt that I will blog consistently on the books, but I will probably do some amount of blogging on them.

  236. […] 2008 Challenge Reading List January: The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes (128 pp) February: The Mystery of Providence by John Fla… […]

  237. Steve,

    I’m glad you found the reading list helpful. While the month of January is nearing a close, it is never too late to join!


    Welcome from Athens, AL. 🙂 Oh, and I love the “Coffee and Sibbes” idea!


    I will take a look at your blog and try to figure out what might be happening. The hard thing about providing code is that once you put it on a blog or email, it converts (or executes) to the command you are telling it!

  238. Hank,



    Welcome to the party! I hope that the Puritans will be good traveling partners for you. 🙂

  239. David Marshall Says:

    What a great idea! I will have to read January’s selection quickly to catch up, but am looking forward to reading these giants of the faith, and interacting with others who are doing the same.

  240. Matt Says:

    I’m in and excited to join in the journey. I just finished Light & Heat: The Puritan View of the Pulpit and that has me excited to read these guys…

  241. David,

    Welcome to the challenge!


    I recall Mark Driscoll recommending that book in one of his videos. I haven’t read it but assume it must be good!

  242. Persis Says:

    January is almost over but I hope it’s not too late to join. What I have read of the Puritans (via has been a blessing. I just ordered my set of books tonight and am looking forward to the challenge.

  243. Peresis,

    No, it’s never too late to join! It’s great to have you in the challenge. The Puritans indeed are a great blessing!

  244. Chuck Says:

    I know it’s late in January, but I’d like to join the challenge as well. I’m ordering the books right now, but I can finish The Bruised Reed online. Thanks for doing this, Timmy.

  245. Chuck,

    Yes, it’s great to have Sibbes’ work online. I’m glad you joined! Even if you don’t have the time to read Sibbes, the Feb. offers a fresh start, and Flavel is great as well.

  246. […] click on the “Join the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge!” button in the sidebar or click this link to purchase this book as well as all the other 11 books of this year’s Puritan Reading […]

  247. […] Challenge Reading List Posted January 26, 2008 Let me join in with Timmy Brister and encourage you to read the following this […]

  248. I’m late but in! I will be commenting on my blog, sharing with our church. It’s going to be a great year!


  249. Thad Says:


    As soon as you announced the puritan challenge I bought the books and began reading. I was hesitant to officially sign up, though, because I was afraid I might quickly run out of steam and quit. So I decided I would at least complete the first book before I made it official. I finished it today, and I’m excited to start number two. Count me in!


  250. I just found this through MamaArcher’s blog. I’m a month behind, but I’m going to give it a shot. I have at least 3-4 of the books already, and have started them but either not completed them or its been quite a while ago that I read them. I’m a voracious reader, but much of it is related to my children’s educational schedule. And sometimes I’m in writing mode more than reading. And lately I do better at finding listening time for audiobooks.

    I’ll be blogging on my progress, (Lord willing!) at (although I am in the process of changing that blog and not sure if the directory will remain the same or not.) I’ll be posting the challenge link there later today or tomorrow, as soon as I have time.

    Thanks for the excellent challenge!

  251. […] for me as I rapidly approach senility, but also for my loyal reader – Timmy Brister (Mr. Puritan Reading Challenge) will be up for our questions this Wednesday, the 30th. From the Calling for Truth website: All […]

  252. Jon Buck Says:

    I’m reading them — a bit late, but reading nonetheless!!
    Actually the wife and I both! 🙂

  253. Chip and Kerry Says:

    We’re in. We are humble Baptists from CA. Thanks BArking Dog for reccomending.
    chip and Kerry.

  254. James Says:

    I am in. Several men in my area are also joining me in this challenge and we will be having a local chat once a month.

  255. Sheila Says:

    My son and I are in. We look forward to learning more.

  256. […] host of Calling for Truth, about tomorrow’s radio show in which we will be talking about the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge and more importantly Richard Sibbes’ The Bruised Reed.  What is exciting is not only that […]

  257. David Harris Says:

    Thanks for encouraging us to taken the challenge. I’m in. I’ll finish The Bruised Reed tomorrow. What a blessing it has been. “Those that can bring their hearts to delight in Christ know most of His ways.” Amen!

  258. Hope this won’t be too late. I’d like to try the challenge. I know February happens this Friday. I’ll try to read both books anyway.

  259. […] SBF blogger Timmy Brister will be on the Calling for Truth radio program in connection with his 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge. You can listen to the program by going HERE and then clicking the “Listen Online!” […]

  260. […] [EST] time-slot, Timmy will be on the Calling for Truth radio program in connection with his 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge. You can listen to the program by going HERE and then clicking the “Listen Online!” icon in the […]

  261. Ryan Duncan Says:

    This is spreading like wildfire! I’m in…I loved what you said about the Puritans not just wanting head knowledge but that they wants a deep, experiential Christianity. That has been my heart for several years now as I have grown more serious about my relationship with Christ. I hope the Puritan challenge will enable me to experience Christ in a new way!


  262. […] Bruised Reed was the first book to be read as part of the Puritan Reading Challenge 2008 which I have signed up to.  The next book is John Flavel’s ‘The Mystery of […]

  263. I felt bad that my husband, who doesn’t have near as much time to read and would love to read the Puritans, was going to miss out so I suggested we read through the books together as part of our devotional time before bed. We started on Flavel already this week and have been enjoying it very much.

    I am thankful for this reading challenge that brought this little treasure down from collecting dust on the shelf to enrich our fellowship and growth together as we meditate on our Lord’s faithfulness through providence!

    I put up a small post about how we’ve been blessed already here.

    Thanks again!

  264. […] the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge by clicking this link or the button in the […]

  265. […] Open Thread: Your Thoughts on The Bruised Reed * Note: I will do the random drawing for the winner of January’s giveaway tomorrow, and I will announce the winner Monday. If you do not have your name on the list, be sure to sign up by tomorrow by commenting on this post! […]

  266. Kate Gross Says:

    I’m waaaay late, but i’m in! Will try and read Sibbes over the weekend. Great idea, this. Found out about it through the Facebook group started by Tracy Davis. Puritans ahoy!!

  267. Michael Wallen Says:

    I’m in! I dropped by OldTruth for a breath of fresh air and discovered the challenge I’ve been needing. I began my walk with our Lord tasting some of the meat served up by the Puritans, but have been starving for some time now. I look forward to the coming year and gaining renewed strength.

  268. Ordered the books and they arived this earier this week. I plan to catchup in the reading this weekend and we have also started a blog (for different reasons) but do plan to add the Puritan Reading to our schedule of blogs at

  269. Daniel Calle Says:

    I am joining this great challenge. We don’t have the puritans in spanish, but I´m reading them in English and I will be blogging my impressions. The only difference is that I made a totally diferent list. On January I read The Reformed Pastor.

  270. vince m Says:

    Hi there, out of topic, I have stumbled on this web site and hoping any of you know anything about Matthew Poole ? I have a 1688 AD book ie a bible study of some sort and wondering where or how to have this book apraised…all comments would be welcome

  271. Andrew Says:

    Thanks for the idea. A handful of men in my church are reading along.

    By way of a minor peeve, I am a bit disappointed that it is called a “reading challenge”. I wonder how many people who are already timid in picking up a book will be discouraged to pick up and read because “challenge” implies that it is grueling. Also, does this mean that those of us who are reading are “challengers” and those who finish are somehow “champions”? Am I overthinking this?

    My suggestions would be “Puritan Reading Group” (descriptive) or “Puritan Reading Community” (aspirational) or “Puritan Reading List” (clinical).

    I will be mostly lurking, but definitely reading along.

  272. Andrew Burnett Says:

    I’ll be running to catch up, but I’m in!
    God bless,

  273. Dustin Reed Says:

    A friend mentioned this to me tonight so I figured everyone else is doing it so I might as well.

    Actually, I’m headed to seminary myself (Talbot Theo) this summer and see this as a good preparation pre-reading prior to my social life officially ending (i.e. when classes start). It is a great idea! Thanks.

  274. Lisa J Says:

    I got through the first month – Yeah! I realized that it would be better to follow your schedule because you do so many great posts as you go through the book. I did my favorite, The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, in January, but I will now attempt to follow along with you and the others and when I do The Bruised Reed, I will hit the archives. Thanks!

  275. andrewgroves Says:

    Is “The Mystery of Providence” online anywhere? I found one site but it stops after chapter 8.

  276. Kimberly Dykema Says:

    Thank you for your challenge. Having grown up in a congregation which would encourage this kind of reading, I totally neglected it — first, because I did not love the Lord and then later on when I did love the Lord because I had a totally exhausting five years of teaching and my time was entirely devoted to this. Now, that I have the time, I do not really have a good excuse not to read the Puritans and your challenge pushed me to it. In reading the Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes, I too have found that one cannot get beyond three to four pages before stopping to meditate on these precious truths. I have found that my soul is drawn out to a loving and gracious God but just God and beyond my puny self to heavenly heights and Christ Jesus. Even if I was ‘too busy’ before, I should have made time for this. What a blessing! I look forward to reading throughout the year.

  277. Justin Glenn Says:

    Great idea! I missed the first month, but I’m joining you for the rest of the year.

  278. Slava Bogu Says:

    I’m in. Better late than never! I found out about this from my friend Jennifer Partin in Japan who is participating. My husband added to his collection of the Puritan Paperbacks series at Christmas, and after listening to him talk about the ones he has read the last couple of years, I have wanted to read some. I may not stay on the exact schedule since we already have a lot I haven’t read, but will try when I am able to.

    Now, I’ve got to get reading since I have two to read this month. I am looking forward to this. Thanks, and God bless!

  279. The Holy Correspondence

  280. Craig Taylor Says:

    I am glad someone pointed this out to as I had allready said I will make 1 in 3 books by someone out of the last 100 years. I am late but count me in as I hope to catch up.

  281. Craig Taylor Says:

    I forgot to say, I have written a brief post about it on my blog and added the link to my sidebar.

  282. Mike Hall Says:

    My co-author, Blake Hickman, and I have taken up the challange and are promoting it from our blog: Timmy, this is a wonderful idea and I hope that the Lord will use the passion and depth of these puritan men to begin another great awakening in this country. Keep up the good work!

  283. Deborah Petersen Says:

    I’m in. My husband (44) passed away in August. He was an RCA pastor, an avid reader who loved the Puritans, attend the Banner Conference when ever possible, and whose library I’m finally getting a chance to start sorting my way through (a monumental task). He was profoundly influenced by the Puritans, ML Jones, RM M’Cheyne and the like, and this was reflected in his preaching, teaching and blog: I had already pulled all but one these books from his library to read and keep and got the other on my way past the church today. He would have loved this challenge and I will miss the opportunity to discuss the books with him, but look forward to sharing the experience with all of you, and his friends who share a love of the Puritans.

  284. […] book after book by great authors… Piper, Sproul, Ferguson, Owen. I have even plunged into the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge and having completed the Bruised Reed last night, I’m ahead of schedule by a couple […]

  285. Wendy Says:

    My son mentioned the website to me and I’ve accepted the challenge! May these great works be used to enhance my spiritual growth.

  286. […] the right column on my blog, there is a link for the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge sponsored by Timmy Brister.  I have joined this challenge, which means reading each month’s […]

  287. Jaron VH Says:

    Better late than never! I’m in.

  288. Terry Morris Says:

    Just got my books. I am behind but really looking forward to the challenge.


  289. Brandi Says:

    I’d like to join the challenge.

  290. Colby Garman Says:

    I am a late declaration, but had already begun after seeing the post over at Justin Taylor’s sight. My only caveat is that I started reading “The Godly Man’s Picture” for February. To all of those who are yet to read Thomas Watson, I think this book is one of the most practically powerful books I have ever read.

  291. Count me in. I didn’t find out about this challenge until mid-January (via Faith By Hearing), so I wanted to make sure I could get caught up before I signed up, but I finished Reed last week and am halfway through Providence. I’ve been a big fan of the Puritans for a while (John Owen is my fave) but several of the Paperbacks have sadly sat on the shelf, unread. Thanks for making this challenge public…I’m looking forward to finally cracking open some more of these gems!

  292. Karin Barry Says:

    I’ll join in (albeit a little late!). Timmy – we look forward to seeing you back here at Grace in March! We’ve had weather just a little warmer than you – don’t forget to bring beach clothes with your camera!

  293. Juston L Says:

    I just discovered this challenge, but I am definitely in. I ordered the books today and will catch up ASAP.

  294. Lynne Says:

    What a great idea!

    I’m joining late, and homeschooling a large brood doesn’t give me much time for my own reading anymore, but I’m looking forward to participating as I can. I’ll post the widget to my blog and blog about the reading as I go.

    Thanks for organizing this challenge!

  295. Debra Says:

    I’m looking forward to it. I live in a remote area and couldn’t get hold of ‘A Bruised Reed” for January, but I’m in for the rest of the year and looking forward to it.

    Thanks for organizing it.

  296. Stephanie Says:

    I am looking forward to the spiritual impact that these books will have upon my soul. I am thankful to the Lord for this opportunity. May he truly bless you!

  297. I’m in, but I kept forgetting to come here and let you know.

  298. JM Vergara Says:

    Hi Timmy! I’m joining in! (Jim said it was okay to start late since I just convinced my dad to buy the paperbacks online just the other day)
    I’m excited for the books to come!
    Btw, I blogged about the challenge too at my site, quoting Jim’s post.:)
    I’m getting my friends into it too!

    God bless all!

  299. What a great idea! I’m starting late, but already own several of the books, including Valley of Vision. These kinds of good intentions often loose steam, but with an online support it should last- I hope!

  300. I’m so sorry if you’ve already answered this elsewhere- I don’t have the time to read through all of your comments since I now have 7 days to read The Mystery of Providence- but how do I get a “clickable” button for blogger? I’m only computer-literate enough to be a nuisance.

  301. Man, it’s great to see all of you joining in on the challenge! While I would love to respond to each comment, when it got over 300, I realized that I simply could not manage to do that. Please know how excited and encouraged by your participation. I do hope and pray that these books, the discussion, and the application of the truths we learn will make a significant impact in your lives.


    The problem I have providing the HTML code is that it executes the command within the code and doesn’t allow you to copy and paste it for your buttons. I, like you, do not know enough to overcome those issues, but I will check in with some of my tech friends to find out ways to cut the command corner to make the code easier and more accessible for you to copy and paste into your blog template or text widget.

  302. Thanks so much Timmy, though I’m not too worried about it. The button would be neat, but if it takes too much time from already busy lives I can live without it. I’d rather be reading than fiddling with computer commands beyond my ken!

  303. Karin Barry Says:

    Are you going to start another thread for discussion about each of the books? Just about finished The Bruised Reed. . .Wow! I am one.

  304. Karin,

    Yes. At least that’s the plan. 🙂

    This month has been incredibly difficult to find time to blog, so depending on how things pan out, I hope to do at least 2-3 discussions of each book with an open post where we everyone shares their thoughts. I will be posting that one on Feb. 28 of this month.

  305. Ryan Says:

    Sorry that I found this a little late, but I’m on board! What a great challenge! I’ll try to make regular entries about my progress in the challenge and thoughts on what I’m reading.

  306. Matt Says:

    I knew about this a while back, but it slipped my mind and I wasn’t sure about it, but I need to spend more time in books such as these than spend the evenings watching TV with my family. I am having trouble at the moment finding my dad’s copy of “The Bruised Reed”, so I will begin the next one first. Count me in!

  307. […] Questions for Ministers |   In conjunction with Provocations & Pantings‘ Puritan Reading Challenge, I thought it best to bring out Isaac Watts’ “Questions for Ministers.”  These […]

  308. My friend, Debbie Petersen, brought this challenge to me. And I am up for it. I am somewhat behind, but I plan to read all tweleve, and there will be comments on my blog. I fell in love with the Puritans in college, and I continue to read them, and I regularly post quotes from my reading on my blog. Thank you for the challenge. May God be glorified.

  309. David Harris Says:

    I finished Flavel this morning. I was deeply moved on Flavel’s observation that “no stroke of calamity upon the people of God can separate them from Christ.” Our family held tightly to the promises of God in Christ last year when my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. We kept holding on during chemo and radiation. What a precious encouragement Flavel has been to us! What a blessing when he writes:

    “No stroke of calamity upon the people of God can separate them from Christ. ‘Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation?’ [Rom. 8.35]. There was a time when Job could call nothing in this world his own but trouble. He could not say, my estate, my honor, my health, my children, for all these werre gone; yet then he could say: ‘My Redeemer’ [19.25]. Well then there is no cause to sink while interest in Christ remains sure to us. All your calamities will have an end shortly. The longest days of the saints’ troubles has an end; and then no more troubles. The troubles of the wicked shall be to eternity, but you shall suffer but a while [I Peter. 5.10]. If a thousand troubles are appointed for you, they will come to one at last, and after that no more. Yea, and though ‘our light afflictions are but a moment,’ yet they work ‘for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory’ [2 Cor. 4.17]. Let that support your hearts under all your sufferings.”

    Thanks for introducing the plan. Several of my students are jumping in. Blessings “in Christ,” our exceeding great reward!

  310. Started a bit late but on February’s book! Such a good idea. Will be posting reviews on the blog. Blessings in Him.

  311. Sarah Blaney Says:

    I’m a little late in joining, just found your blog, but I’ll catch up! Thank you for the challenge, I’m looking forward to what God will teach me!
    God bless you.

  312. […] sacrificial act for us. As Providence would have it, later that night I started book three of the Puritan Reading Challenge, Thomas Watson’s The Godly Man’s Picture.Right in the first chapter… more gems on […]

  313. […] not sure if any of you are familiar with Timmy Brister, but he’s the guy who organized the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge in which a few of us are […]

  314. […] of The Puritans Andrew and Carolyn, who are two of the several hundred readers taking up the Puritan Reading Challenge, recently wrote of the joys and challenges that come from reading the Puritans.  Their most recent […]

  315. Bob Sexton Says:

    I was curious about your challenge, so I looked in our library and found 11 of the 12 books.
    Since I was two months behind, I took out Watson first, read it in 2 hours, then took out Sibbes and Flavel. Read Sibbes Saturday and am part way through Flavel. I particularly like his phrase “excrescences of corruption” and will be posting on it and suggesting folks who read my blog check out your challenge.
    Feel free to look at what I say and recommend (or not) anyone to it.
    Grace and peace, Brother.

  316. This challenge is the best. Got started a little late but am midway through the ‘Mystery of Providence” and have finished “The Bruised Reed”. I am encouraging others to join me and even put a link on our website. Thanks ever so much for this. 2008 will surely be the year of the puritans.

  317. Roberto Sanchez Says:

    I am starting this challenge 2 1/2 months late but I just ordered the package and thanks Tim Cotton for your posting on your web site.

  318. […] The book has taken out all of the “Ye Olde” English from the original (taking out “Thees” and “Thous” and changing sentence structure when necessary). I have never read the original so I don’t know whether there were any major changes, but I suspect with Banner of Truth this wasn’t the case. I found it quite easy to read but my girlfriend didn’t. She reads this type of literature less than me so it may be that this isn’t perfect for the beginner. However, this was only the second Puritan book I’d read after Kapic and Taylor’s translation of John Owen’s “Overcoming Sin and Temptation” and I found it much easier to read. I would recommend this as a good place to start reading Puritans (for a good plan see here). […]

  319. Phil Gons Says:

    You guys might be interested to know that Logos is now offering the original Goold edition of the Works of John Owen (including the original Latin left out of the BoT reprint edition) on Pre-Pub. Find out more at our blog.

    More great Puritan stuff is coming!

  320. Thanks Phil! I am going to post this on the blog soon. I appreciate all the great work you guys are doing over there at Logos!

  321. Trae Green Says:

    I’m late but count me in.

  322. Roberto Sanchez Says:

    I received the books on Saturday and began reading the Bruised Reed. Read first 4 chapters. Its been very interesting read.

  323. Roberto,

    Glad that you are finding Sibbes interesting. Hope the books will be a blessing and challenge for you in the days and weeks to come!

  324. Kyle Says:

    Hi Timmy!

    I’m in!
    I regret that I am not starting until the end of March. Hope to catch up during the summer when I have no classes. Grace!
    Kyle C.

  325. […] Puritan book per month for the year. Anyone interested in taking up the challenge can find it at: Join the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge! Provocations & Pantings __________________ Stuart Elder, Lambeg Baptist, Northern Ireland, UK In Him the fulness of the […]

  326. It’s a little late but I thought I would let you know that I will be joining in on the Challenge and promoted it on my blog as well. Thanks!

  327. […] realize that we have built bridges to Mars, put some grease and grime on glossy theology, and reintroduced 17th century giants in the midst of a dwarfed 21st century spirituality. But alas, we are just getting started. Today, […]

  328. stuart Says:

    I only came across this challenge yesterday when it was noted in April’s Banner of Truth magazine. It really thrilled me and I mentioned it to another member of our congregation who is also keen to join in. And who knows maybe more will join us as I intend to announce it on Sunday. I have read a few of them before but that was anything from 15-20+ years ago and would love to read them again. As we have missed the first 3 months we are going to start with Sibbes in April and work 3 months out of phase.

  329. Stuart,

    That’s great to hear, and I am glad to see you (and your fellow congregant) on board!

  330. Jeanne Walsh Says:

    I also just found out about the challenge. I ordered my books last night and can’t wait to get started. I love the Puritans and have used Valley of Vision as my devotional for about a yr. We just don’t think like these folks. Also love A.W. Pink, very practical

  331. Jeane,

    Great to have you on board. Yes, Pink has some great stuff out there. I’m excited about your enthusiasm and interest in this year’s challenge. May the Lord use this to strengthen and grow you in the faith.

  332. Matt Says:

    I just now finished “The Godly Man’s Picture”. What a call to Christians everywhere to be zealous and godly as God has called us to be. I certainly gained much from this book. As I started a little late, I am beginning “The Mystery of Providence” for April and will catch up as I go along. Thanks again for the challenge!

  333. Cool stuff Matt! Yeah, Watson is so practical and challenging. I praise God that this book has been useful to you, to be more zealous and godly for the glory of Christ!

  334. Matt Wells Says:

    I just now realized that I didn’t leave my last name. Here it is!

  335. Matt,

    Be sure to share your thoughts on The Godly Man’s Picture on the open thread so that you can be eligible for the book giveaway this month!

  336. Andy Wilkes Says:


    Thanks for your great idea of setting up this challenge and now that Banner of Truth have publicised it you should get many more enthusiasts. I was first introduced to the Puritans many years ago by the owner of a wonderful secondhand bookshop in Portsmouth, UK. Bill encouraged me to read Calvin’s Institutes, Luther on Galatians and Owen’s Death of Death. I used to come away with handfulls of books including the Puritan paperbacks. I remember reading Alliene’s A Sure Guide to Heaven and being brought to my knees in tears! Count me in on the challenge and I’m halfway through Watson’s A Godly Man’s Picture. Awesome!

  337. I’m a little late to the game, but I just ordered the books today. What a great idea! I’ve benefited from many pastors who have been inspired by the Puritans, but haven’t started reading them myself until recently. They have that biblical truth that hits you hard and keeps you meditating throughout the day. Thanks!

  338. Great to have you Blake! Yes, the Puritans don’t hold back. I think our challenge should have a reminder: “seat belts required.” 🙂

  339. Nick Hunn Says:

    I’m in. I actually just started reading Owen on temptation a few days ago so I’m going to finish that for April and then start up with Bunyan in May. This is a great idea.

  340. […] I have been reading books as part of the Puritan Reading Challenge. These have been immensely edifying, including the one I’m currently reading (behind […]

  341. Jamie Fugate Says:

    I am sorry to come to the party so late, but I’m in. I will try to get caught up. This is simply a fantastic selection of books. I have already read most of them but they are so well chosen that rereading will be a joy. By the way Timmy you and Owen have inspired me to begin blogging myself thanks.

  342. Jamie,

    Great to have you joining in! April is a wonderful month to start . . . 🙂

  343. Jamie Fugate Says:

    How would you recommend that I get caught up.

  344. Jamie,

    I would start with Burroughs this month if you have it; then if you have time, I would catch up with Sibbes’ The Bruised Reed (since it is the shortest). 15 pages a day would have you finish Burroughs in three weeks (about one hour a day reading). I guess that’s how I would go if I started in April. Perhaps you can also use Watson’s The Godly Man’s Picture as a devotional, doing one chapter every day or every other day.

  345. […] most of you reading this are aware, this year SBF blogger Timmy Brister has organized a Puritan Reading Challenge in which participants read one classic work by a Puritan author each month. As the Puritans sought […]

  346. I realise that this is half-way through April now, but it’s a great idea and I believe it would benefit my life and ministry. Looking on my bookshelves I find that I have nine of the twelve books and I have an online copy of Sibbes’ work. Sad to say I have never read one of them quite through. This challenge encourages me to do better. I’m amazed at Bob Sexton breezing through them so quickly. If he’s the Bob Sexton who used to do manual work at Westminster Seminary then it’s not so surprising. I’ll start with Brooks’s marvellous book. Thanks, Timmy. May God bless you.

  347. Jamie Fugate Says:

    Sorry I missed part of your request at the top of this page. I will be blogging about the books and advertising the challenge on my blog. Thanks Timmy.

  348. Thomas Hester Says:

    I’ll get started this week or when my books arrive. Thanks for the challenge.

  349. Jason Tarn Says:


    Just informing you that we’ve issued out the challenge to our church members and look to start up in May with an abbreviated version for the rest of the year. I am overseeing our blog and plan on posting thoughts on our site. Thanks for the great idea…


  350. […] Another month in the books, another Puritan Paperback mined in the challenge that is the 2008 PRC.  So how was it?  That is, what did you think of The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by […]

  351. […] Calling for Truth has uploaded the audio for Wednesday’s interview, capping off April’s Puritan Paperback, The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by Jeremiah Burroughs.  You can listen to the show online or download it (MP3) as well (right click, save as).  I especially enjoyed hearing the commentary by Phil Simpson who joined me for this discussion on Burroughs.  Thanks Phil for supporting the Puritan Reading Challenge! […]

  352. […] that Bunyan’s Come and Welcome To Jesus Christ is the next volume in Timmy Brister’s Puritan Reading Challenge.  I hope to post some introductory biographical material on John Bunyan, together with some […]

  353. […] thoughts on Jeremiah Burroughs book “The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment” for the Puritan Reading Challenge.  I like to underline things in the books I read and write comments too.  One comment i wrote in […]

  354. […] recommed joining now, even if you do not read 12. You can see the challenge both at Old Truth and Brister’s […]

  355. Jeanne Walsh Says:

    Am I the only one who read Precious Remedies against Satan’s Devices by Watson? It says on this website that is the book for April. ??? It is an amazing book and I am happy I read it. But guys, Burroughs book is August. Am I in a different zone?

  356. Jeanne Walsh Says:

    Sorry, Precious Remedies is by Thomas Brooks.

  357. James Says:

    Hi Jeanne,

    Your not alone, my friends and I also read Precious Remedies for April. We already had our copies and just continued on with the original order. We met last night for our monthly “puritan reading challenge” discussion and had a great time applying it to our lives. I will tell you, I underlined and made a lot of notes in the book. Just stay in the zone.

  358. Jeane and James,

    I apologize for the misunderstanding. In mid-March, Precious Remedies was still not ready to be shipped, and the decision was made to swap it with Rare Jewel so that those (several hundred) who did not have that book as it was backordered, would have a whole month to read it.

    Threfore, Precious Remedies will be read in August, since Rare Jewel was read in April. Sorry for the confusion, but the decision had to be made in order to make it possible for everyone to benefit from the challenge. The announcement, though made public several times here and elsewhere on the blogs, in no way could reach everyone, but my hope was that those who knew could share it with others. Again, I apologize for the confusion and failure to communicate.

  359. Susie Nash Says:

    I wish I had discovered this challenge in January, but I intend to jump in with both ‘feet.’ As a university grad. with no background in Puritan lit., I had to teach the subject to my first high school English class made up of approx. two-thirds of the football team. Aaargh! What an on-the-wing experience. I look forward to being able to reconnect with the wisdom and wit of the Puritans and share my learning with our homeschooled daughters. If it helps me to become a more practical mom, I will rejoice. Thank you for your motivation!

  360. I’m in. Bummed that I’m getting in so late but will catch up and challenge the 1000 or so people who read my blog to get busy. Thanks so much and God bless,

  361. Steve Wright Says:

    I am doing this study as well. These books have provided great encouragement to my soul. Thank you!

  362. […] June seemed as good a month as any to get back on the wagonand pick up where I left off. This month sees me working through Owen’s work on mortification. […]

  363. […] this flesh-mortificating? Owen helps me see in chapter two of his treatise on mortifying the flesh, our June Puritan Paperback, that no, no I […]

  364. Dani Tolin Says:

    I just discovered your site and count me in your challenge. My husband is an reformed pastor and I long to know as much as him, concerning the things of God. Thanks!

  365. Jacqui Forrest Says:

    I know it’s now half way through the year…. is it too late to start – has everyone finished?? 😦

  366. Oh no! Would love to have you come on board Jacqui! This month we are reading John Owen’s Mortification of Sin which is not a long book, but one that you would want to take your time reading.

  367. […] (Jim) reading in the Puritan paperback, Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ, by John Bunyan from the Puritan Reading Challenge.  The back of the book says […]

  368. David Says:

    Hey, Timmy

    Haven’t heard much lately Puritan Reading Challengewise. How’s that going for you?
    (ok ok – a shameless *bump*!)

  369. I know I am late to the challenge but I am in. Rec’d my Puritan Bundle from Monergism today and am halfway through The Mortification of Sin tonight. Looking forward to the rest of the year.

  370. Kent Says:

    I thought you all might be interested in the works of a few Puritans newly available from Logos Bible Software. In addition to John Owen, we’ve recently added The Practical Works of the Rev. Richard Baxter (23 Vols.), The Works of Richard Sibbes (7 Vols.), and The Works of Thomas Goodwin (12 Vols.). And more to come!

  371. Douglas K. Adu-Boahen Says:

    I know we’re in the month of July, but I’d like to join in the fun, now I have all the time in the world to do so. I’ve read the months of January through March so far, and should be up to speed by the way the Olympics are over (I think :lol:). Still, I’d really like the opportunity to join in!

  372. […] am enjoying the book for this month’s Puritan Reading Challenge — Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices by Thomas Brooks. I wanted to share a bit […]

  373. gloria leon Says:

    These great books have truly been life changing.

  374. […] the developer of the Puritan PaperBack Reading Challenge in memorizing Ephesians in the remainder 26 weeks of this […]

  375. […] For more information about the challenge check out Timmy’s post HERE.  […]

  376. […] Join in on the Puritan Reading Challenge! Explore posts in the same categories: 2008 Puritan Challenge, Excerpts, Samuel […]

  377. Jade Says:

    I just discovered the challenge. I was wondering if there is going to be a challenge for 2009?

    Any information you give will be greatly appreciated.

    Be Blessed and Be A Blessing to Others,

  378. […] first development was the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge.  I originally intended for this to be a personal project because I had so many Puritan Paperbacks […]

  379. wali dahri Says:

    i read your book you have kept our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) very below in 100 peoples it proves that you have not justs during writings and i feel that you are not nutal when you passed comments
    but generally it is little good but in future history not accept you as a nutal writter


    wali dahri sindh pakistan

  380. Arkham Says:

    I’m in. What do I do next? I have the Puritan paperbacks collection.

  381. ooopinionsss Says:

    How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!

  382. jon Says:

    IS there a 2009 challenge?

  383. That’s a good question Jon. I’ve got an idea, but I think someone is already running with it.

  384. I just found this!!!!! Is there anything for 2009!? I want to start reading this list for this year! I wish I had known about this earlier!

  385. […] Christian in Complete Armour – William GurnallAs part of my own version of the Puritan Paperback Challenge I substituted the 3 volumes on the Armour of God for others I had already read – great […]

  386. […] teahouselj This month I am reading “The Mystery of Providence” by John Flavel for the Read the Puritans series hosted by Timmy Brister at Provocations and Pantings (or is it Pantings and […]

  387. […] 2008 I joined in with blogger Timmy Brister’s Puritan Reading Challenge. I’d read Richard Baxter’s Reformed Pastor and it challenged and changed my view of the […]

  388. […] 7 January 2008 William Dicks Leave a comment Go to comments Timmy Brister has come up with a reading challenge for all of us. His challenge is to read one Puritan book per month during 2008. These are not just […]

  389. […] to join us for monthly discussions of these great works. I ripped off this idea from a guy named Timmy Brister. We’re going to get together for breakfast at our house. Please let us know if you want to join […]

  390. […] of blogging here at P&P.  The Ask Anything 9th inning rally comes to my mind.  So does the Puritan Reading Challenge.   Then again there is P2R Memory Moleskine.  And now there is one more to add, thanks to so many […]

  391. […] set our minds properly. This is one of a set of 12 put out by the Banner of Truth. I noticed this reading challenge and decided to get all 12. This is paperback #1. My wife has begun reading Precious Remedies […]

  392. Lindelwe Says:

    Wow! I’m in.
    I’ve read two or three of these books but i stopped. many other things in my life stopped also. so i’d really love to join this. it will benefit me and those around me i know.

  393. huh where did my coment just go?

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