Richard Sibbes On the Web

There are some excellent articles and resources of Richard Sibbes on the internet, and I thought I’d compile them for everyone reading his book The Bruised Reed as a part of the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge. If there are other links out there, please let me know!

From Richard Sibbes:

Barely Saved
The Bruised Reed
Grace Shall Reign
Help for the Weak
Christ, Our Surety
Affliction Sanctified
Divine Meditations
The Spiritual Jubilee
A Description of Christ
Christ’s Public Triumph

Believe Christ, Not Satan
Through Conflict to Victory
Duties and Discouragements
Means to Make Grace Victorious
Christ is Best, or St. Paul’s Strait
Offending Against Christ’s Mercy
Extracts from ‘A Description of Christ’
Confess Your Sins to One Another Part 2
Confess Your Sins to One Another Part 3
Confess Your Sins to One Another Part 7

Secondary Resources:

Richard Sibbes on Theopedia
Richard Sibbes on Monergism
Inspirational Quotes from Richard Sibbes (topical)
Richard Sibbes and The Bruised Reed by J. William Black
Richard Sibbes on Entertaining the Holy Spirit by Joel Beeke
The Evangelical Church, Richard Sibbes, and the Sufficiency of Scripture by Mark Dever (MP3)

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5 Comments on “Richard Sibbes On the Web”

  1. Mike Leake Says:

    You can read Sibbes’ Bruised Reed online here. I am still waiting for my copy, so I am not 100% certain that this is the complete work, or if it is only highlighted sections. Nonetheless, it is helpful for those of us waiting on our book to come in the mail.

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  3. […] was a Puritan preacher in Cambridge and London, famous as a ‘physician of the soul’.  Richard Sibbes on the Web helpfully collects together links to Sibbes’ writings (including a full version (updated […]

  4. Kent Says:

    I thought you might be interested in an electronic edition of The Works of Richard Sibbes available for pre-order from Logos Bible Software. This is the 7-volume edition published by James Nichol.

  5. Kent,

    Thank you for making this known. I think this would be a great resource to have! Do you guys have any other Puritan works available through Logos?

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