2008 Puritan Reading Challenge Linkage

Many thanks to all who have helped get the word out! Below are 99 trackbacks from the announcement:

Between Two Worlds (Justin Taylor)
Challies Dot Com (Tim Challies)
Pure Church (Thabiti Anyabwile)
In Light of the Gospel (James Grant)
Just Thinking (William Dicks)
Jam and Books
Southside Baptist Church (Randy Alston)
Borrowed Light (Mike Leake)
Oceanside URC (Danny Hyde)
Craig’s Blog
The Silent Holocron (Stephen Newell)
Venti Skim Latte
Meditations and Musings (Jennifer Partin)
Ipsa Loquitur
Double Usefulness (Andrew and Carolyn)
Rebuild Lakeshore (Don Elbourne)
Diary of a Seminary Student (Terry Delaney)
11:36 (Sean Gould)
For His Glory (Tony Konvalin)
Six Steps + Victoria Veritatis Est Caritas (Alex Leung)
Thoughts from the Tea House
Said at Southern (Tony Kummer)
Thoughts of an NC Baptist (Justin Nale)
Nauvoo Pastor
Rock Creek Rumblings (Kathleen Hamilton)
The Purple Cellar (Lydia Brownback)
Westminster Bookstore Blog
The Submerging Influence
Gazing at Glory (Doug Smith)
Broken Wills and Saving Grace
Coffee Refills
The Abell Six
Presbyterian & Reformed
Reformation Heritage Book Talk
Scripture Zealot
Light and Heat (Brian Hedges)
Dead Theologians
Onward and Upward
Old Truth (Jim Bublitz)
Shane Trammel’s Blog
The Expositor (Mike Corely)
The Gladness of My Rejoicing (Worship Leader Ron)
Connecting with Truth (Chris Griggs)
A Cluttered Mind
Soli Deo Gloria (Kenneth Clayton)
Knit One, School Two
Grace Church Memphis
Gospel-Centered Musings (Michael Dewalt)
There’s No Place Like Home
FBC Monroe City Youth
This Bread Always (Kevin Ryhne)
Pensees (Bob Bixby)
Sojourner (Brad Williams)
The Thirsty Theologian
The Reformed Parishoner
Time Travel with the Rev’d Dr. Who
Minor Mutterings
Jacqueline’s Jabberings
Chris’ Random Thoughts (Chris Kidd)
The Mind Reformed
Trophies of His Grace (Steve Burlew)
First Baptist of Boynton Beach
A Savior Worth Singing About
Calling for Truth
Nadere Reformatie (Michael Zwiep)
Coffee with Curt
Head Theology (Michael Pate)
Deep Roots
Blog of Dan
(Dan Green)
Caveman Considers
DashHouse (Daryl Dash)
The Eastminster Pulpit (David Zavadil)
Count for Eternity
Homeward Bound (Anthony Adams)
The Voyages (Tim Bertolet)
The Language of Reformed Worship (Jordan Harris)
Marvelous Light
Doggie’s Breakfast (Stephen Dancer)
His Dog Barking (Dennis McFadden)
Back Porch Confessions (Brad Jones)
PuritanBoard (Scott Roberts)
Patrick Lacson
The Ransomed (Vaughn Smith)
Testing the Spirits
In Through the Front Door
Mama Archer (Kristine)
Zaankali’s Adventures (Jennifer Hill)
John and Caroline Brand
The Breadline (Dave Bissett)
The Thirsty Theologian (David Kjos)
Santa Poco (Calles Family)
Feeding on Christ (Nicholas Batzig)
The Fellowship of Nicea (Jeremy Writebol)
Roses and Tea (Karen B.)
Crossroads (Denton Bible Church Singles)
Call to Die (Andrew Lindsey)
Strange BaptistFire
Ambient Solace (Alicia Piecora)

I will update this post as more trackbacks come in.

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11 Comments on “2008 Puritan Reading Challenge Linkage”

  1. Tim,
    Look at how God is using this challenge! Absolutely amazing when you think of it. I pray that we will all grow as we seek Him in His Word and through the writings of the Puritans. 5 of my friends have joined me in the challenge too, so I look forward to sharing what I discover with them and to the larger group as well!
    Grace to you as we all embark on this journey,

  2. Jennifer,

    That’s great that you have five friends reading it with you! What is so neat I think about this reading challenge is that it is linking folks from all over the world, and, at the same time linking folks who are across the street or in their church. It’s quite the phenomenon if you ask me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the encouragement, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

  3. Mike Leake Says:

    I’m in this thing too, and completely enjoying it. I got my copy of Sibbes today, read the first chapter and blogged on it. You can check it out here.

  4. […] # of Blogs Promoting/Blogging the Challenge: 75+ […]

  5. I am taking on your challenge. I seen this on Jennifer Partin’s blog. I am trying to put a link in my sidebar. I have put the link in my post today.
    Thank you for the challenge.

  6. Jennifer,

    So you are one among the reading group with Mrs. Partin? That’s great, and thanks for the links and promotion!

  7. Mike Leake Says:

    I am wondering why I am not on that list. I’m asking because I am trying to figure out why I’m not showing up on your trackback…what do I need to do? (This question is one of the disadvantages of the web–you can’t hear my tone in how I am asking…so I want to make certain that this does not sound like I am whining, I am genuinely just wanting to learn how to do trackbacks).

  8. Mike,

    I honestly don’t know why you aren’t on the list. As you can see from the blogspotting posts, I have been linking to everything you have written thus far. It must be due to oversight on my part. My apologies bro. Correction made. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Mike Leake Says:

    Oh, cool…so I wasn’t doing anything wrong on the trackbacks? And also thank you very much for the links ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. No problem. You weren’t doing anything wrong – it’s just that I have a lot of tabs opened sometimes, and I tend to overlook or close one or two by accident. Thanks for making me aware of it though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. […] 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge Linkage […]

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