Blue Collar Theology 19: Packer on the History and Theology of the Puritans

[Here is a fantastic point where Blue Collar Theology and the Puritan Reading Challenge collides. The Puritans were the forerunners to BCT through their “conventicles,” town lectureships, and blue-collar language in their preaching.]

J.I. Packer delivered 16 lectures entitled “History and Theology of the Puritans” at Reformed Theological Seminary. RTS has been gracious to provide all 16 lectures to download from their “RTS on iTunes”–a total of over 11 hours of Puritan education from the best Puritan scholar alive today!

Here are the lectures:

1. The Puritan Identity – pt. 1 (45:14)
2. The Puritan Identity – pt. 2 (33:10)
3. Puritan Theological Concerns – pt. 1 (45:54)
4. Puritan Theological Concerns – pt. 2 (45:03)
5. The Bible in Puritan Theology – pt. 1 (46:53)
6. The Bible in Puritan Theology – pt. 2 (46:01)
7. Salvation by Grace – pt. 1 (46:41)
8. Salvation by Grace – pt. 2 (46:37)
9. Faith and Assurance – pt. 1 (46:32)
10. Faith and Assurance – pt. 2 (46:16)
11. The Good Fight – pt. 1 (46:22)
12. The Good Fight – pt. 2 (31:45)
13. Conscience (44:06)
14. Reformed Monasticism (43:01)
15. The Christian Minister (44:22)
16. Worship, Fellowship, and Discipline in the Church (27:40)

To download these lectures, you need to (1) make sure you have iTunes on your computer, (2) go here and click on “Launch RTS on iTunes”, (3) click on “Church History” under virtual courses, and (4) click on “History and Theology of the Puritans” which will take you to the downloads. From there you can get them all at once or pick the tracks that you want to “get.”

Be sure to get these lectures as they will be a wonderful resource as you are reading the Puritan Paperbacks!

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4 Comments on “Blue Collar Theology 19: Packer on the History and Theology of the Puritans”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I loaded these up on my iPod shuffle last November and listened to them during slow periods at work. Packer added substantially to my appreciation of the Puritans and I highly recommend this lecture series to anyone.

  2. RC Says:

    Awesome stuff. I had not noticed them at RTS yet. Thanks for the heads-up. I would strongly encourage anyone who enjoys these lectures to read Packer’s book A Quest for Godliness which is sort of a primer about the Puritans. His book has affected the way I perceive and practice Christianity.

  3. Shawn Says:

    Thanks for this. I will have to listen to them, but I think that the jury is still out and Dr Beeke could be the most abled Puritan scholar alive.

  4. […] Packer on the History and Theology of the Puritans […]

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