Blogspotting the Puritan Challenge 2

Here’s is roundup number two of my perusal around the Puritan Reading Challenge Bloggers. Enjoy!

* David reflects on the first two chapters, concluding, “I barely got three pages before I had to stop and really think about the implications of what I was reading and thereafter the page count between needs for meditation did not increase.” He also has some very kind words about RHB, a leading sponsor of the PRC.

* Jennifer Partin has contributed her thoughts in two good posts (here and here). Regarding the second chapter, Jennifer writes, “Feeling discouraged and weak? Are you at the end of your rope? Take heart because this chapter gives great comfort and hope!” Amen Jennifer!

* Mike Leake has continued with his thoughts and quotes from The Bruised Reed with posts on chapters two, three, four, and five. Mike begins his most recent post thus: “After reading this chapter, if I were a web designer I would craft a picture of my rear and Richard Sibbes kicking it.” I hear you Mike!

* Caleb Burnison says that reading Sibbes reminded him of Bunyan and provides five thoughtful questions for his youth. Would that more youth ministers be distilling the Puritans to teenagers!

* Andrew and Carolyn continue with their creative series with three contributions: The Compassionate Mr. Sibbes and The Contemporary Mr. Sibbes, and The Encouraging Mr. Sibbes.  Great stuff!

* Jerry (who I have noticed has quite the alliteration going on at his blog) continues to be the pace-setter with posts on chapters eleven, twelve, and thirteen (and also has included excerpts from The Valley of Vision and other Puritan literature).

* Andrew Upton has summarized, in individual posts, the first three chapters of The Bruised Reed. For a summary overview, check out his posts on chapters one, two, and three.

* Stephen Newell shares his thoughts about the purpose of Sibbes in writing The Bruised Reed.

* Kevin Rhyne talks about coming before the throne of grace, the smoking flax, pastoral care of Sibbes, and simple preaching of sound doctrine.

* A Fish Out of Water writes about Sibbes on the Spirit of God.

* Justin Nale continues to enjoy reading Sibbes as he blogs on the fourth chapter of The Bruised Reed.

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2 Comments on “Blogspotting the Puritan Challenge 2”

  1. D.L. Kane Says:

    Timmy – Bless you for doing this. I thought I would share this with anyone relatively new to the Puritans. Geoff Thomas writes in a Banner of Truth article:

    “In the Puritans, people are finding men who were passionate and obsessed with the knowledge of God. They will elevate your concept of God to a degree you probably never thought possible, and show you a God who is truly worthy of your worship and adoration.

    Perhaps a warning of sorts is necessary at this point: Once you begin to read the Puritans, you may find yourself in a spiritual sense, somewhat lonely. You will begin to be excited about what you are reading and what you are feeling in your heart, and then you will notice that there aren’t many others who understand how you feel or what you are talking about. And that can be lonely indeed!”

    I for one have already been blessed by the deep and meaningful fellowship I have experienced on your blog and others as a result of your challenge. I’m with Caleb – Once you’ve finished, be sure to pass it along.

    Grace and Peace to You – D.L. Kane

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