The Bruised Reed Since 1630

It has been 377 years since the first printing of Richard Sibbes’ The Bruised Reed. If you listened to my interview with Dever, he mentions that his book has virtually been in print since its publication–a feat that very few books have accomplished. I thought I’d post a little of the chronology of the book (retrieved from Dever’s bibliography).

1630 – 1st edition
1631 – 2nd edition, enlarged
1631 – 3rd edition
1632 – 4th edition
1635 – 5th edition
1638 – 6th edition
1646 – Dutch translation edition
1649 – Dutch translation, 2nd edition
1650 – Dutch translation, 3rd edition
1657 – Dutch translation, 4th edition
1658 – 7th edition
1659 – Dutch translation, 5th edition
1794 – 8th edition, Bath
1808 – 9th edition
1818 – 10th edition
1821 – 11th edition
1822 – 12th edition,
1824 – 13th edition, L.B. Seeley & Son
1828 – 14th edition, Pickering
1838 – 15th edition, Pickering (collection with A Fountain Sealed and A Description of Christ)
1878 – 16th edition, Edinburgh
1973 – 17th edition, Banner of Truth (Works)
1998 – 18th edition, Banner of Truth (paperback)

I wonder if there were any Puritan reading parties back in the 17th and 19th centuries?  Have you thought about the kind of conversations believers will have in heaven?

Just a thought.  🙂

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5 Comments on “The Bruised Reed Since 1630”

  1. dec Says:

    Good question. Do you think we’ll be discussing Fox’s “The Moment of Truth” or Sibbes’ “The Bruised Reed”?

  2. Jerry Says:

    Interesting information indeed (keeping with the alliteration theme).

    It certainly is true that the excellent endures while fads and fancies fade.

    (Sorry, I can’t help myself. Funny though, I almost never use alliteration in my preaching, most times I don’t even have any points to alliterate. It is good to exposit and let the text determine a message’s structure.)

  3. Carol Blair Says:

    The Puritans, though being dead, still speak to us today.
    Their hearts aflame with Words of Truth, they challenge us and say:

    “O, fear the Lord, ye chosen ones; He is your God and King.
    Revere His Word — It is your life! And to His precepts cling.

    “The loveliness of Christ we see on every Sacred Page;
    His servanthood and sacrifice — unchanged from age to age.

    “The Word the conscience also pricks, and thus reveals our sin;
    It drives us to the Cross again, for cleansing deep within.”

    Thus eagerly we read their works in A.D. 2008;
    The glory: God’s; the benefit, ours; come join — it’s not too late!

    Carol H. Blair
    January 24, 2008

  4. Carol,

    Very nice! Thanks for putting that together!

  5. Oh, and dec, Fox’s Moment of Truth is really troubling! Making money off of being truthful?! What have we come to these days? Whatever happened to the lie detector of the human conscience?

    Don’t get me started . . . 👿

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