“What Does Your Heart Say About Christ?” Sibbes and Piper on the Affections

“The soul is never quiet till it comes to God . . . and that is the one thing the soul desireth.”
– Richard Sibbes, “A Breathing After God,” in Works. Vol. 2:217-18.

“A man knows no more in religion than he loves and embraceth with the affections of his soul.”
– Richard Sibbes, “Fountain Opened,” in Works. Vol. 5:478.

“The Christian will desire to see the beauty of God in his house, that his soul might be ravished in the excellency of the object, and that the highest powers of his soul, his understanding, will, and affections might be fully satisfied, that he might have full contentment.”
– Richard Sibbes, “A Breathing After God,” in Works. Vol. 2:237-38.

“Therefore, when we find our heart inflamed with love to God, we may know that God hath shined upon our souls in the pardon of sin; and proportionally to our measure of love is our assurance of pardon.  Therefore we should labour for a greater measure thereof, that our hearts may be the more inflamed in the love of God.”
– Richard Sibbes, “The Returning Backslider,” in Works. Vol. 2:264.

“The brain could not give convincing witness to conversion because religion could be well known to the understanding, and yet a stranger in the heart.  Such was the case with hypocrites.”
– Mark Dever, quoting Richard Sibbes, “Divine Meditations and Holy Contemplations,”  in Works. Vol. 7:200-01.

“God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.”
– John Piper

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4 Comments on ““What Does Your Heart Say About Christ?” Sibbes and Piper on the Affections”

  1. Jen Greer Says:

    I haven’t received my books yet, so I am reading the one from the list that I actually have already (Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices by Thomas Brooks) which is April’s book (so I’m just switching January and April). But reading the quotes makes me eager to read more Sibbes!

  2. Phil Smoke Says:

    A thousand amens to Piper!

    (P.S. Why didn’t you post any YouTube videos of Sibbes? Ha ha.)

  3. This is what the American evangelical’s heart needs to hear.

  4. Jen,

    Brooks and Sibbes are a lot alike. They provide great quotes!


    I suppose I should’ve checked YouTube first! 🙂



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