“Thunder Snow” in Louisville!

My wife and I had been hoping that we would have one more nice snow before we leave Louisville, and lo and behold, last night we got a “Thunder Snow” where a foot of snow fell on the ground. I think it was the first time I had seen snowfall with thunder and lightning. But here’s the deal. My wife and son are in Alabama this weekend for our nephew’s birthday, so I am left here by my lonesome self to figure out what to do. 😦

Project 1: Take the snow from the balcony and build baby Nolan his own snowman for him to see when he gets back.

Project 2: Shovel snow on the walkway so that my neighbors and elderly can get around easier.

Project 3: Build the biggest snowmen on the block to make all the other kids jealous.

Needless to say, I have a lot of work to do! If I could get around, I would take some pictures, but these will have to do for now. Maybe tomorrow. Here’s the view from my couch. Looks like fun!

Project Updates:

Project #1 was completed in roughly 1 1/2 hours. From the snow on our balcony, I was able to make this 3 1/2 foot snowman for baby Nolan:

Project #2 was completed in two hours. In all, I shoveled approximately 75 yards of snow and two stairwells. Funny thing was, after I was done, our apartment maintenance guy came around the corner with a suped-up snow blower. Then again, he was slower with the snow blower than I was with the shovel. 🙂 Oh, and I listened to Darrin Patrick’s message “Gospel-centered Churches” which he gave at Acts 29 Bootcamp last year as well as Daniel Montgomery on Jesus engaging the world (from Matt. 9:36-10:5). Both messages were excellent and encouraged me to live more missionally with my neighbors. Here’s the results from Project 2:

Speaking of living missionally, in case you missed it, Dr. Bill Wagner, who will be nominated for president of the SBC, argues that if you are a Calvinist you will be less missional. To counteract that claim, and in the spirit of the call of the whosoever will, I made sure to call my snowman to repentance. 🙂 He seemed to like my message:

Project #3 has yet to be completed. I’ve got to do some grown-up things like study and shave, so the abominable snowman will have to be put on hold for now.

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14 Comments on ““Thunder Snow” in Louisville!”

  1. Wow! (That’s more snow than this native Floridian has ever seen!) So, what does that pretty snow look like when it begins to melt? I had just sent you a message on Facebook too—-so since your family is not there to snuggle with, grab yourself a mug of hot chocolate instead!

    Just the other day, Challies wrote a post on shoveling snow for his neighbor. You should read it if you haven’t done so already!

  2. Well, right now this snow is beautiful. It is really soft – powder soft which is quite unlike any snow I have experienced in Alabama (which was usually wet, icy kind of snow). I just finished building Nolan’s snowman on the balcony, and it is almost four feet tall with just the snow from the balcony on there! I now need to hone in my craftmanship and shape this snowman into a masterpiece. 🙂

    Yeah, I am really bummed that my wife and boy are not here. But I figured I could be useful while they are gone. I am about to head out and get a workout shoveling some snow. I’ve got my iPod stocked with sermon jams to get down with the shovel.

    I will check out Challies post. Thanks for mentioning it (I have not read it). Oh, and I have not checked my Facebook yet either, but I will check it out soon. The sun is shining, and the white stuff awaits . . .

  3. Round here, we call it “snow flurries”. J/K. Looks like you got a nice dumping down south there in Louisville.

  4. Jerry Says:

    Did you give the snowman a “heart of stone”? That is a pre-requisite for receiving a “heart of flesh”.

  5. I preach to all men, even snow men. I just don’t do straw men. 🙂

    Well, Mr. Snowman, dead in his trespasses and sins, can no more believe apart from the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit, than the most religious and moral men in our society.

  6. thomastwitchell Says:

    Well if you didn’t melt his heart, the Son will.

    And, you’re right, that is an abominable snowman.

    I thought that we were the only ones that got Thundersnow. Kuul, huh!

  7. D. Taylor Benton Says:

    For some reason that last photo of you preaching to Mr. Snow himself reminded me of Tom Hanks and “Wilson”, and that was even more fitting because you are all alone right now…just don’t cry when Mr. Snow leaves you like Tom did in Cast Away…and he will leave…when the sun comes… 😉

  8. Well, the scary thing is every time I get up from the living room, in my peripheral vision I see this figure on my back porch and get freaked out, kind of like a frozen umpa lumpa or something. That’s not cool (pardon the pun).

  9. Yikes! Snow everywhere! I am from Texas and it does not snow hardly ever!. This week I will be driving with my wife to Louisville to visit SBTS, however I hope the snow is gone away. I have been planning on visiting the seminary for some time but I don’t know how to drive in the snow. Yowwzaa!

  10. johnMark Says:


    Can you tell me what exactly D. Patrick’s message is titled or when it was given? I looked and did not see it in the Acts 29 multimedia area. Maybe I will check the podcast as I try to fill up my new b-day present, an 80GB iPod, thanks to the wife. 🙂


  11. johnMark,

    I went to check out the message and realized that it was not by Patrick by by Daniel Montgomery. Sorry about that! Here’s the link to the audio:


  12. johnMark Says:

    There is a more recent one too on the podcast. Not sure if it’s the same person though.



  13. Tyler Smith Says:

    By the looks of the snowman’s face (i.e. its smile), I did not see any signs of godly sorrow that works repentance (2 Cor. 7:10)… haha. But, I must say that I appreciate your evangelistic efforts. I doubt there were any Arminians out witnessing to snowmen on such a cold day! Way to go Timmy! Haha.

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