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View in Flickr (see it LARGE)

Two photos: one from last week and the other from yesterday evening. Actually, the top photo was my favorite from my shots of the snow as I really liked the feel of it. The funny thing about it was that I was riding down the road with my window down when I took this shot (not recommended). The second photo is from downtown Louisville when I was checking my gear before taking photos for a friend (graduation time). Actually, it was pretty fun as we walked through downtown a little, taking shots here and there and finally ending up back at the waterfront park (which right now is water-logged park after all the rain!). I will be posting some photos from yesterday’s excursion on Flickr soon.

The month of March marks two 3-year anniversaries for me. First, this month marks three years that I have been blogging. In real life, that is not very long, but in the blogosphere, I think I am old enough to be grumpy and hard of hearing. But alas, after all these hours clocked in on the laptop, the faded letters and lasting imprints of my palms remind me of the investment made on this small corner of the evangelical blogosphere. Seriously, I have learned a ton, met some wonderful people, and been given some amazing opportunities to encourage and help other believers love Jesus and grow in their relationship with him. I really look forward, Lord willing, to being a greater influence for the glory of God, the building of His church, and the stewardship of the gospel of which we have been entrusted.

The second 3-year anniversary is my friend with Dan Canales. Funny thing, if you look closely at today’s header, you can see Dan in the lens (he took the photo). Actually, Dan is the one responsible for getting me into photography and taught me everything I know. As of yesterday, he has also gotten me into cycling (no Dan, I will not join you for your 112 mile bike ride today – sorry brother). But three years ago, God allowed me to get Dan into Jesus, and the past three years has been a wonderful time of growing in the Lord together (Dan was the first person God put into my life at UPS). Tomorrow, Dan is going to be baptized at Sojourn here in Louisville, and I, Dusti, and Nolan are super excited about going to Sojourn tomorrow to celebrate what God has done in the life of our dear brother. Times like this, I feel a little like John who said, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” I am even more excited now, three years later, than the day I witnessed the grace of God arrest and change the life of my brother. Knowing that our days are few here in Louisville, this anniversary is bitter sweet, but I know that God will continue this work and raise up folks to accomplish his purposes.

My heart is full, and there is so much to say about life these days. Really exciting, really busy, really good. All because of Jesus, who died and rose again for my sin and to bring me to God. Everything counts because of the resurrection. I just pray that I live like it.

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8 Comments on “POTW :: Benchmark”

  1. Ranger Says:

    Don’t feel too geeky…in the blogosphere three years is relatively short. It’s been almost three years since I stopped blogging and podcasting. You’re not that old compared to guys like Andrew Jones (tallskinnykiwi) who have been blogging about spiritual issues for around ten years.

  2. Thanks Ranger, and man you are fast. I don’t think I have ever had someone comment in less than ten minutes from the time of the posting (and that at 5:41 in the morning!).

    I needed that perspective. Somewhere I was told that the average lifespan of blogs is less than six months, and there are more blogs defunct now than there are in regular use. I think my main goal in all this is that I don’t become “Timmy, the blogger, . . .”.

  3. Ranger Says:

    It wasn’t 5:41 AM on this side of the world, haha. I’m pretty confident that your new position at GBC will limit your blogging time, and as long as you continue to blog out of the overflow of what God has done in real world ministries that you are a part of and continue to use blogging as a ministry in itself, you will never become “Timmy the blogger.”

  4. Hey Timmy,

    Is your friend Dan a triathlete? 112 miles is the bike leg of an Ironman! (there are a LOT of those in Florida)

    My husband is training for IM Japan in June! I am doing a Sprint Tri in July—–BTW, what kind of bike are you saving up for?

    Happy Blogging Anniversary! And I’m sure Dan will remain close after your move too! What a wonderful celebration to witness and share in!

  5. Ranger,

    That’s right. The weird thing about blogging is that there is the perception that this all one does, that you don’t have a ministry, work, calling, etc. elsewhere (i.e. you sit around in your pajamas on a computer because you don’t have a life). Not true.


    Yeah, Dan has been training for today for about three months. He’s hard core like that. I’m a rookie and quite soft (at least that’s what my rear end tells me when I get off my new bike). 😉 One of my goals is to do a mini-Triathlon in the next 12 months. I am a decent runner, having run several 10k’s and a some half marathon’s, and I can survive in swimming. So cycling would be my next area to develop. The bike I got was a Trek 7.5FX which is a sort of hybrid. It will do me fine for what I need (at least for now). Dan smokes me in his hot, fancy Fuji bike though.

    Tomorrow is going to be a lot of fun. I will be there to help Dan get in the horse trough as I am thinking that his legs might feel like jello by tomorrow morning!

  6. Brandon Says:


    What service is he getting baptized at? Perhaps we’ll see you there.


  7. Brandon,

    I think it is 9:30 a.m.

    Yeah, I am pretty sure that it is 9:30. 🙂

  8. Oh, and I thought you’d might be interested in this, but Dan donated his 20D to Sojourn after having upgraded to 2 40D’s. I thought that was pretty cool. I see that you have a 40D now. You two just stay away from me so that I won’t be led into temptation . . .

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