New Books in April

I’ve been really slacking with my “book alerts” this year, so I thought I’d point you to some posts by JT on recent releases in April that I am really jazzed about.  Here are his posts on the books:

* Christ and Culture Revisited (by D.A. Carson)

* The Courage to Be Protestant (by David Wells)

* In My Placed Condemned He Stood (by J.I. Packer and Mark Dever)

* Worship Matters (by Bob Kauflin)

* Twelve Challenges Churches Face (by Mark Dever)

* Engaging with the Holy Spirit (by Graham Cole)

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One Comment on “New Books in April”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I thought late last year that I might be able to finally make a decent dent in the pile of recently purchased unread books.

    Then some guy came along with this plan to read the Puritans…..

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