Don’t Waste Your Pulpit

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6 Comments on “Don’t Waste Your Pulpit”

  1. Matt Svoboda Says:

    It was awesome to get to hug pastor Piper and thank him for his ministry at T4G!!! No one has challenged me more to faithfully fulfill my calling to pastoral ministry and preaching!

    I heard you ran into my wife at lifeway? And yet, I haven’t got the great opportunity to meet you. Would you be interested in getting together sometime? Coffee, etc?


  2. Bret Carroll Says:

    That is a great video.

    I met you at FBC Muscle Shoals at the True Church Conference. I hope things are going well for you.

    I’m going to post this video at my blog; is it okay to put a link to your blog along with the post?


  3. Matt,

    Indeed I did. When she said her last name, I had to ask her if she was married to a “Matt” who has a blog. 😉 It would be great to meet you, and thanks for the offer.


    Great to hear from you. Yes, things are going well, but quite busy. Feel free to post what you like on your blog. I am glad you have found something useful for your purposes.

  4. Bret Carroll Says:

    Thanks for commenting, I’ve decided not to post the video now; I may later. I’m glad things are going well.

  5. Erik Says:

    Fantastic video from the modern day Martyn Lloyd-Jones. His comment “to be radically Bible saturated, not just Bible based” should be carved into the pulpit of every person about to open their mouth to proclaim God’s Word.

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