Blue Collar Theology 28: TBI TULIP Seminar

Having wrestled with the doctrines of grace for more than two years as a college student, I became convinced of the sovereignty of God in salvation both through the study of Scripture and the experience in my own life.  Shortly thereafter, one of the most helpful resources I benefited from was the TBI TULIP Seminar which I purchased in cassette form.  These were messages by John Piper on the five points of Calvinism presented in a humble, fair, and faithful manner, and I tended to return to these messages time and again throughout the years.

A couple of months ago, John Piper again held a TBI Seminar on TULIP, and Desiring God has made the messages available in text, audio, and video format.   I want to recommend this seminar to all Blue-Collar Christians because I believe it is one of the most helpful, accessible, and instructive ways of understanding the doctrines of grace.  Here is the links to each session of the TULIP seminar:

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Assumptions – Irresistible Grace
Part 3: Irresistible Grace – Total Depravity
Part 4: Total Depravity – Unconditional Election
Part 5: Unconditional Election
Part 6: Unconditional Election
Part 7: Limited Atonement
Part 8: Perseverance of the Saints
Part 9: Ten Effects of Believing the Five Points of Calvinism

Unfortunately, the majority of what lay people in churches hear these days regarding Calvinism is by those who are vehemently against it, and rarely if ever are the truths accurately and fairly presented.  As a result, those who disagree with the doctrines of grace are not so much disagreeing with the truths so much as they are disagreeing with the caricatures wherein they have been so poorly packaged.  If you want to know what Calvinists believe, listen and read from the Calvinists, such as this seminar by John Piper.  You still might not agree, but at least you will know that your disagreements are with the facts and not with a false representation of them.  For those of you who do believe in the doctrines of grace, you will find this seminar incredibly enriching and encouraging as scores of Scriptures are unfolded for you.  Calvinist and non-Calvinist alike should appreciate the balanced, humble, and accurate approach Piper takes on TULIP.

Desiring God also has two booklets that might be of interest to you (both are $4).  They are:

* What We Believe About the Five Points of Calvinism

* TULIP: The Pursuit of God’s Glory in Salvation (the seminar in booklet form)

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3 Comments on “Blue Collar Theology 28: TBI TULIP Seminar”

  1. D. Taylor Benton Says:


    Thanks for the post, I also was alerted to the fact it was posted and have already listened to the series….amazing stuff. Piper really does an amazing job on all of the points by really wrestling with the text and giving very helpful real life situations in his ministry in which he was challenged by others or has been able to point out the specific times when believing in the doctrines of grace really made an impact in his ministry.

  2. Robert Widdowson Says:

    I purchased the TBI seminar on TULIP last year and my wife and I have listened to it with great satisfaction. It is an effective teaching tool (although a video version would have been even more satisfying). I returned to the different segments often as I was grappling with the complexity of each point. Limited Atonement and Irresistible Grace, for instance, are hard points to understand when you’re raised in a culture that absolutely idolizes free will. My only beef, and its fairly small, is that Piper is an active preacher who illustrates with hand gestures (and other visual aids?). Some of the harder biblical passages are discussed by Piper in such a way that the illustration is lost on the listener. I know my wife was slowly convinced of the truth of the five points as the clear teaching and biblically saturated lessons were delivered.

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