Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ: Your Thoughts (Open Thread)

A couple days late, but I figured it’s never a bad time to hear your thoughts on Bunyan’s work Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ! The thread is open: please take a moment to share with others your observations, experiences, benefits, or uses this book as been for you over the past month.

UPDATE: Some of you may have noticed that I failed to confirm and announce the free books for this month.  However, I will still be doing a random drawing from those on this thread and will indeed be giving two books away, both from Reformation Heritage Books.  They are:

1.  The Fear of God by John Bunyan
2.  Meet the Puritans by Joel Beeke and Randal Pederson

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11 Comments on “Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ: Your Thoughts (Open Thread)”

  1. Jerry Says:


    I hope that the move to your new duties has gone smoothly, and that all is well with you.

    I was absolutely blown away by “Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ” as it demonstrated to me that the unlearned tinker had the power to exegete John 6:37 so thoroughly. It convicted me that I don’t devote that kind of attention, even with my superior education, and access to voluminous resources.

    What a beautiful combination of Biblical doctrine coupled with a pastor’s heart for his people. I can see the love and concern that Bunyan had for both the truth of the Word and for his people. I pray that God would give me both.

  2. Thanks Jerry! Yeah, I am just trying to get adjusted, along with getting a grasp on my roles and responsibilities, all of which I am really excited about. After this week, I hope that things will resume to regular scheduling on the blog.

    And yes, I agree with your prayer that God would give us both a passion for biblical doctrine and love for His people!

  3. I have to 2nd Jerry’s comments, “Blown Away.” As I began to read “Come and Welcome” it was like hearing from an old friend, remembering some of Bunyan’s works that I had read several years ago, “Israels Hope Encouraged”, “Heavenly Footman”, “Reprobation”, “Life and Death of Mr. Badman.” But then as I continued to read, the realization came that John Bunyan was a great teacher beyond what I had remembered. This book was so thorough and so searching, and so full. It left me with a much much deeper appreciation of a familiar verse. And I think the inward man was comforted and exhorted by the gospel as I read Bunyan’s words. Especially appreciated his treatment of two hindrances in coming to Christ contained in the thoughts: 1) I may not be one of the elect and 2) Have sinned against the Holy Ghost.

    Also how Bunyan explained that our Lord Jesus Christ would not allow the thought that any actually coming to him would not also be received by Him. And then Bunayn proving the same for Christ said “in no wise,” plus also it was the Father who gives, the Father who draws, even God who inclines the heart, illumines the eyes of Faith, etc.


  4. Brennen Says:

    Chapter 7 was my favorite. Chapter 8 my second favorite. The first chapters were good, but seemed (for me) to be a little hard to push through. The challenge of reading the Puritan style is one of the reasons I like doing this. Perhaps my difficulty with Bunyan’s style in the first chapters was in play…or maybe it was something else, because like I said, once I got to chapter 7, I felt like it was resonating with me more like the previous books…

  5. For anyone who says that a “Calvinist” should not preach the gospel to all people needs to read this book. Bunyan did an excellent job of exhorting all people to come to Christ. What I liked best about the book is Bunyan’s implied challenge to the Christian’s among his readers to preach the gospel.

    I agree that chapter seven was perhaps the best. Bunyan shot down pretty much every reason a sinner would give for not coming to Christ. I also liked how he brought in some of his allegorizations to the book.

    I think any evangelist or minister should be assigned to read this book at least once.

  6. Caleb Burnison Says:

    I enjoyed this quote, “Grace is sometimes taken for love…the love of Christ passes knowledge. It is beyond the love of all the earth, of all creatures, even men and angels. His love prevailed with him to lay aside his glory, to leave the heavenly place, to clothe himself with flesh, to be born in a stable, to be laid in a manger, to live a poor life in the world, to take upon our sicknesses, infirmities, sins, curse, death and the wrath that was due to man.

    He did this for a base, undeserving, unthankful people; yes, for a people that was at enmity with him.” Then he goes on to quote Romans 5:6-10 (Bunyan 215)

  7. John Says:

    I walked away from the book thinking “Wow!” All of that from one verse. Just goes to prove the word is indeed living and active. The book was worth the money for the quote, “He sees…more virtue in the blood of Christ to save him, than there is in all his sins to damn him.”
    Chapter one was my favorite until I read chapter two and that continued all the way through the end. Great book and a must read!

  8. I think the thing that struck me most is the repeated theme that God WILL bring to him those who believe, and that there is nothing that could stop Him from drawing them. This theme really stuck out as I read the 2nd and 3rd chapters, where he basically defeats the worries of those who fear they’ve “missed Jesus” or “have stumbling blocks to salvation.”

    Of course, I think that stuck out at me because I’ve really been hit with the assurance of God’s sovereignty over everything these days. As such it continues to shame me that I don’t act like His means more often! All I really have to do is make sure I tell and live out the Gospel to as many people as I can, God will take care of the rest; therefore what’s keeping me?!?!?

    I really enjoyed the obvious “everyman-ness” of Bunyan; it stands in stark contrast to the others we’ve read so far.

  9. Bunyan’s look at John 6:37 was really quite amazing especially knowing what we know about Bunyan’s minimal formal education. This simply shows how God can reveal His word to its fullest to any that He chooses. I would have to say that Bunyan’s zeal to see what every word of God is saying further motivates me to not take a single word of scripture for granted. Bunyan by the leading of the spirit looks deep into this verse and reveals God’s sovereign hand in the calling of His people and as he shows at the close of the book we are to get: Information, Examination and Encouragement and that I got.

  10. Hank Says:

    Bunyan is great. I also have his complete works in an old leather bound 1860’s edition. Fantastic. The greatest part of this book that hit me was the entire push of “will not cast out”. Great edification, illustrations as well as comfort that I will not only be able to use for myself but for friends that I know that have great struggles in these areas at times.

    God bless you in your new duties,

    ~ Hankster

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