SBC Bloggers, Ascol in USA Today

In a recent article in USA Today, Cathy Lynn Grossman writes about SBC bloggers:

The six candidates range from conservatives backed by the leaders of the denomination’s sharp turn toward doctrinal strictness in the 1970s to younger pastors who take a less hard-line stance and are promoted by bloggers.

The winner will succeed Frank Page, who won in 2006 with the help of bloggers.

Then, on regenerate church membership and a quote from Tom Ascol:

Also on the agenda: proposals to more accurately count membership, which may, or may not, be 16 million.

“We need accountability. You can’t find half the SBC on our rolls. Everybody knows it,” says Tom Ascol, pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Fla.

“It’s a spiritual point,” says Ascol, author of one of the proposals. People who don’t “follow the faith sincerely” should not be counted just to pump up the numbers. “That consumerist mentality is devastating the church.”

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4 Comments on “SBC Bloggers, Ascol in USA Today”

  1. Alan Cross Says:


    This “pumping up of the numbers,” where does it come from? It seems that we are so focused on our size and our success that it becomes hard to focus on Jesus. I did some research on some things with the IMB and posted it on SBCOutpost. It seems that our infatuation with numbers affects our international work as well.

    We all hope for God to bring the increase and for many to be saved. But, I would imagine that God will not bless outlandish claims. This is why repentance is so important and any resolution on this matter that does not include repentance for lying is almost worthless, in my opinion.

    I’m not going to the SBC this year. I saw where you aren’t either. Will you try and blog on some of the events? I plan to as I can.

  2. Alan,

    Yeah, the whole “every number has a story” actually came from the IMB slogan from last year. I just turned it around to show how idolatrous we can be with numbers, and more importantly the numbers which we already count but are invisible and meaningless.

    Regarding IMB, I think there is a real issue when it comes to determining what accounts for a church plant. In other words, you hear of “x” number of churches planted, but are they really churches? I think a lot of the infatuation and inflation of the statistics overseas has been perpetuated by the whole CPM idea and trying to justify having one (because the conversion rate has to exceed the birth rate, meaning that speed is the number one factor).

    I don’t know what my plans are for the convention. I might blog a little, but my interest level is not that high. Outside of the RCM resolution and Founders Breakfast with Eric Redmond, there’s not a whole lot there that I find compelling.

  3. Alan Cross Says:


    I don’t have your email. I’d like to send you something. Email me, if you would.

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