2008 New York City DWELL Conference Audio

If there is one conference I wanted to attend this year that I missed, it was the Dwell Conference in NYC, co-hosted by Tim Keller (Redeemer Presbyterian Church) and the Acts 29 Network. Having said that, I am appreciative that they have made not only the audio available, but notes from each message as well. I commend this audio to you, especially if you are en route to urban church planting.

1. Dwelling with Non-Christians (Darrin Patrick)
2. Dwelling in the Gospel (Tim Keller)
3. Dwelling thru the Text (Mark Driscoll)
4. Persuasion (Tim Keller)
5. Dwelling in the Text (Mark Driscoll)
6. Dwelling in the Cross (C.J. Mahaney)
7. Dwelling in the Kingdom (Ed Stetzer)
8. Dwelling Incarnationally (Eric Mason)

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2 Comments on “2008 New York City DWELL Conference Audio”

  1. Kyle Barrett Says:

    fyi. you can also get it thru the Acts 29 Sermon podcast in iTunes along with boot camps and other conferences for the last 4 years. good stuff.

  2. […] June 8, 2008 · Filed under audio, ministry, theology I’ve always wanted to be the type of person who makes clever and profound observations about different topics and situations. But if I can’t be one, I’ll at least link to one. Here is a link to Tim Keller’s talk on “Persuasion” at the 2008 DWELL conference that just ended. For more, Timmy Brister has posted links to all the talks.  […]

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