On Regenerate Church Membership

Though I plan on posting more on this issue, given that this is the week of the SBC Annual Meeting, I though it would be profitable to compile the previous posts on church membership here for anyone interested in checking them out.

To date, beginning with most recent:

1. Repent of Unregenerate Church Membership? Dockery Says “Yes” [June 6, 2008]
2. SBC Bloggers, Ascol in USA Today [June 4, 2008]
3. Why Pursue Regenerate Church Membership? [May 30, 2008]
4. Tolerated Nonattendance Raises Questions [May 29, 2008]
5. Criminal Negligence Notwithstanding [May 29, 2008]
6. Calling for Truth, Tom Ascol, and Regenerate Church Membership [May 28, 2008]
7. The Challenges to Regenerate Church Membership [May 26, 2008]
8. Dangerous Is the State of Unregenerate Church Membership [May 22, 2008]
9. Rick Warren Signs on to Ascol’s Resolution [May 16, 2008]
10. Toward a Covenantal Church Membership [May 13, 2008]
11. Book Alert: What Is a Healthy Church Member? [May 8, 2008]
12. Meaningful Church Membership for the Members [May 8, 2008]
13. Addendum: Three Case Studies [May 7, 2008]
14. Why I Cannot Support the Barber/Yarnell Resolution on Regenerate Church Membership – and Neither Should You [May 1, 2008]
15. “Ministerially Speaking” [March 18, 2008]
16. Resources on Church Discipline and Regenerate Church Membership [February 20, 2008]

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One Comment on “On Regenerate Church Membership”

  1. […] was the debate on the resolution about regenerate church membership. Southern Baptist bloggers [here, here, here] had been buzzing about the subject for weeks and a lot of folks were curious to see […]

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