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It’s been a couple of weeks since my last POTW, and I have several great pictures that I hope to upload soon. These are from this past Sunday afternoon (my first Father’s day!). Unfortunately since I am the photographer, it is not often that I am actually in a picture, so I thought it was fitting to post a few pics of my son and me (taken by my wife). Nolan had his six month birthday and doctor’s appointment, where we found out that he is now 19 lbs. 4. oz, standing tall at 28 1/4 inches. He’s been hanging around the 90% on height, weight, and head since two months, so I guess that means that momma has been feeding him good. 🙂 In the meantime, I have whipped up a “snappy” version of “Jesus Loves Me” which he really likes (and tries to snap too). But perhaps the greatest moment of late has been when he wakes us up in the morning blowing bubbles and saying, “Da da . . .”. 🙂 Oh, and Nolan also gave me a grill for Father’s Day.  With all the teeth he has coming in (now at eight!), I think he is getting ready for my specialty–BBQ Burgers. 🙂

This coming Monday, I will be leaving for Tulsa, Oklahoma for the National Founders Conference (which I will be live-blogging). You can find last year’s blogposts by going here. Unfortunately for me, I will not have my “preacher paparazzi” lens with me this time, but I will still try to snap some photos. I also hope to do several interviews which, if things go well, will be available for MP3 download. I am really looking forward to what this week holds in store for casting vision and instilling encouragement in the areas of church planting and revitalization.

Also, I am wrapping up my posting on regenerate church membership and hope to start a new series tentatively called “Crossing the Great Divide”–focusing on my transition from a seminary student to full-time ministry. What this series will likely develop into is an ongoing journal of the challenges I am facing, the lessons I am learning, and the blessings I am receiving as I begin this new chapter of my life. The great divide of which I speak is the distance between seminary life and the local church, which for many (as in my case), is rather wide. So be looking for something along those lines after next week’s conference.

A week from this Sunday, there will be special installation service for me and Dusti at our church. My mother and father will be coming down, and it is possible that we will be live-streaming the service for family and friends who may be interested in watching. I will let you know more details about that later. Needless to say, we are really excited about being here and giving our lives away for the glory of God.

I appreciate the prayers many of you have offered on behalf of my family and especially regarding the house. Due to the housing market situation, we are still awaiting news (perhaps Monday we will know). I still plan on posting some of my material on the series I am calling “Everyday Evangelism” soon. So far, I have taught on “Foundational Truths” (week 1), “Biblical Theology and Evangelism” (week 2), “God’s Work in Evangelism” (divine sovereignty) (week 3), and this week, “Man’s Work in Evangelism” (human responsibility).

May you all have a blessed weekend reveling in the good of the gospel!

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6 Comments on “POTW :: father’s day”

  1. Jerry Says:


    You are living in Florida now. Wasn’t it a nice day out on Father’s Day?

    (Sitting on the couch, you could still be in Louisville for all we know!)


  2. Jerry,

    Indeed, it was a wonderful day with family and friends. I suppose I should be posting some pictures of Florida, eh? 🙂

    Actually, I have not been able to get out and take pics of the city or the area since I have been here. I should make a note of that. I think I am partly discouraged because my camera has about had it (the sensor and mirror are really dirty and somewhat damaged). I really would like to get a new one sometime, but it looks like it will have to wait for a while.

  3. Nolan is getting so big! He really does not have 8 teeth, does he? Mason just cut his first tooth and if I remember correctly there is only 2 months difference in age, right?

    Here’s to many more Happy Father’s Days——and it really does only get better!

  4. By the way, what does POTW stand for?

  5. Jennifer,

    Well, he has five teeth that have cut through and three that are in the process of coming out right now (by that I mean you can see them, but they have completely broken the gum). Oh, and POTW is simply “picture of the week”–I used to only do one picture, but now I put 2-3 up just for fun. It is also my weekly update on life, family, ministry, etc. which I use for family and friends to know what is going on ’round here.

    Great to hear from you, and have a blessed Lord’s Day today!

  6. Oh, and I enjoyed reading your posts about your husband’s triathlon. Man, that cut on his thumb looked pretty nasty. 112 miles in a 5 1/2 hours?! That’s great!

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