Live-Streaming 2008 National Founders Conference

In case you have not been made aware, the 2008 National Founders Conference is going to be live-streamed via the 316 Network as well as through Bethel Baptist Church (where the conference is being held).  To watch the conference via the 316 Network you need to (1) click here, (2) then click on “Bethel Baptist Church – Owasso” on the right hand column, and (3) fill out the form.  Once you have completed the form it should take you to the live-stream page should appear.  The first session will begin Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. EST.

You can also view the live-stream by going to the video page of BBC-Owasso.

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4 Comments on “Live-Streaming 2008 National Founders Conference”

  1. Wayne Roberts Says:

    I appreciate the attempt to stream this live, but as usual I’m having problems with 316Networks. I had to change the speed to 18k to get a consistant picture, but the sound is terrible regardless of speed. Maybe it will clear up as it goes along.

  2. Thanks Wayne. I will pass the information along. Hopefully the kinks can be cleared up.

  3. Wayne Roberts Says:

    Big thanks to the tech folks…I now have perfect sound and picture.

  4. That’s great! I appreciate the feedback Wayne.

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