You Supply the Caption

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21 Comments on “You Supply the Caption”

  1. wheelj79 Says:

    “I once planted a church and it was THIS big.”

  2. Steve McCoy Says:

    “And so if your good works outweigh your bad works…you get into heaven!”

  3. John Daly Says:

    Look at these babies, and next week I’m going for the pedicure!

  4. “The real question is why our only two drink options are Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi”.

  5. Joe Holland Says:

    “When I do this with my hands, the whole congregation sits down. It’s amazing!”

  6. Danny,

    That’s really funny, especially in light of what Stetzer said about drink options here compared to other places. 🙂

  7. Kris Harrison Says:

    “look, you may a little bigger than me, but I can still take ya, see these hands”

  8. Joe Says:

    “The Synod of Dort had five, Piper has seven, I have 10.”

  9. Heath Lloyd Says:

    “I said, ‘Hey Ergun, I’m NOT coming to Lynchburg.'”

  10. Steve McCoy Says:

    I think I’ve come up with the perfect caption.

  11. tlange Says:

    “It’s my way or the highway!”

  12. Jerry Says:

    “And then I punched the throttle, popped the clutch, and jumped that bike over 57 Arminians in Volkswagons.”

  13. John Mark Says:

    “On the one hand, you’ve written more books”. On the other hand, I have better hair and my plaid is smaller and cooler and I have all the Geneva Commentaries on my side. So please step away from the table before I break your missional code.

  14. Look, you won’t ever be taken seriously until you get more grey in that goatee of yours. Trust me, I know these things.

  15. Sean Gould Says:

    Real push-ups are done with finger tips like these Ed!

  16. “I don’t care if goatees went out in the 90’s, we are cool”

  17. Bryant King Says:

    “…I think we need to be prepared to show grace to those who disagree, because you can probably get into heaven without switching to a Mac, but I wouldn’t personally chance it.”

  18. “Calm down big guy, all I said was that maybe you seemed kinda soft writing about that Misional-Love-thing.”

  19. tom ascol Says:

    OK. These are all good guesses. Well, maybe not *all* of them…. What I really said was this: “OK, Ed, listen up and I will try to explain to you how to plant a church.”

  20. 1. “I want to assure you that the recording Tim has cannot and will not be used against you in the court of the SBC blogosphere.” 🙂


    2. “What I want to know is whether you think that twittering during worship services goes against the regulative principle.”

  21. Jim Pemberton Says:

    “I found that whether you plant a garden or a church, you still get dirt under your fingernails.”

    “Try the caffeine-free. Look: steady as a rock.”

    [Following in the Star Wars reference above:] “These are not the droids you are looking for.”

    “Woah! That shirt is messing with my eyes!”

    Tom breaks the ice by performing some slight-of-hand for Ed.

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