Random Moments, or, You Supply the Caption

Handing off my camera to a friend, I didn’t realize that he would take more pictures in five minutes than I took all day! Here’s one (see it large) where we (Phil Newton, myself, Tom Ascol, and Donald Whitney) were discussing pens (in case you didn’t know, Dr. Whitney converted me to fountain pens this past week). Only one had a “stick pen” in his hand–anyone guess who? 🙂

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15 Comments on “Random Moments, or, You Supply the Caption”

  1. And these interesting instruments were what people used in the olden days to communicate with one another – before the advent of blogs.

    Pens, yeah…P-E-N-S.

    Tomorrow we will have a look at paper…P-A-P-E-R.

    History lesson over.

  2. Andrew,

    For the record, Dr. Whitney kidnapped me on the way over to interview Andy Davis and whisked me into the nearest Office Depot to purchase my very own Waterman. I was under the influence of a man on a mission. I call him “the missional stylophile.” 🙂


    It should be noted that a Mac from the office is currently being sent back for repairs. My PC is a stranger in a foreign land, but it appears at least my digital sandals aren’t wearing out – yet. 😉

  3. Andy Says:

    The fountain pen I have bleeds and spiders badly in my Moleskine. I was saddened…

  4. Micah Fries Says:


    You should see him teaching a class. I never took a class with him that he didn’t try and convert all the students to fountain pens. I think it’s a serious addiction, personally. 😉

  5. Andy,

    I’m a little slow on the terminology, especially getting used to a hobby that has words that rhyme with “simple.” I will just leave it at that. Oh, and when ink is on the tip, don’t try to wipe it off with your finger (I found that out on the airplane while flying back. When I got off, every one of my fingers on my left hand looked like I had been stabbed). But I think I could get used to it. I have been told of the amazing finesse and pleasure derived from fountain pens. I am waiting to let the ink flow through my fingers before I pronounce a judgment. 🙂


    And did he also tell you guys that if you mention his name at a pen shop in Kansas City that you get 20% off? Here’s the website:


    You know you’re serious when you can get others discounts at specialty stores!

  6. art rogers Says:

    Dr. Whitney *converted* me to fountain pens this past week

    So. Many. Comments. Brain. In. OVERLOAD…

    *shutting down*

    Ok, I’m back. I tried the fountain pen thing, but it was cheap one. I couldn’t do it. You won’t believe this, but the best pens I have came from Wal-Mart. They are “clickers” that are thick and gel based. I love ’em.

    Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that I love your newest header. I hope that it means you will be posting on photography soon and leave all that “spiritual” “reading the puritans” stuff alone. 🙂

  7. tom ascol Says:

    Don Whitney is among those who travel over land and sea to make one convert and when he is made he becomes twice the child of ink that they themselves are. If I hear you start talking about your “summer inks” and your “autumn inks,” we are going to have to throw down!

  8. Art,

    I really want to pick up on photography stuff. Since yesterday evening, following my installation service here at Grace, I have been thinking and praying about how I could use my blog and in what direction I want to take it.

    There are several things I would love to address, but at this time I am not sure when that will happen. At the forefront of my thoughts are my desire to grow in my passion for prayer, earnestness for engaging unbelievers with the gospel, disciplined in Scripture memory, and shepherding my family in worship (along with discipling my wife more intentionally). All that to say that blogging, though I consider it a stewardship and privilege, falls much lower in my estimation and priorities than these I have mentioned. I want to keep blogging, but I am not sure how much time or how often that will take place.

    BTW, it was great to catch up with you and enjoy some Mexican food together. I pray the Lord continues to use you as you seek reach Tulsa for Christ!

  9. Tom,

    As you are well aware, I already have multi-colored pens and highlighters readily accessible 24/7. Unfortunately, I am not sure that bottles of ink would be that portable and accessible. Nevertheless, I would consider a throw down anytime on the basketball court, ping-pong table, or whatever other medium you desire. Like Paul, I have never been one to box as one beating the air. 😉 I just need to make sure I have unloaded my pockets of all necessary highlighters and pens before I open up (you know, lay aside every weight or encumbrance).

  10. tlange Says:


    “this is a real pen!”

  11. johnMark Says:

    “How did they ever write on papyrus with these?”

  12. Zach Says:


    First off, I have to say that your new pastor sounds like a great guy and I’d love to hear the outcome of your “throwing down” plus I’ve never heard more Scriptural allusions from two guys trash talking… Anyway, seriously, I’ve used the same pens for years and I used to think it was crazy spending $1.50 a piece, but I could never imagine spending $100 for a pen! Yeah, that’s all I got. Send me an email when you get a chance from the email address you use.

    Camp’s going great. Lots of love,


  13. Zach,

    Man it’s good to hear from you. FYI, I have been getting a lot of people searching for Snowbird on the search engines of late, and I hope that is reflective of how God is blessing the ministry there. BTW, I saw Bobby Lane on the cover of The Alabama Baptist this past week. What happened to his dreads? IMB I guess wasn’t down with that. 🙂 Man it is so good to hear how God is using him to encourage others in the work of international missions.

    I will email you later today. I would love to catch up over phone when you get a moment. I will be praying for camp and all those who will be impacted by the preaching of the gospel and love of Christ.

  14. This brings back memories. The ink has long dried in my fountain pens. In the days before the Internet and the advent of the common PC, I often sent letters handwritten on unlined paper with a fountain pen. I also drew my own greeting cards.

    Now, I have a program to create my own cards on the computer and I blog and e-mail instead of write.

    This past Christmas I sent a gift to a friend I keep in touch with primarily through the Internet. I decided to craft a card by hand that had a handwritten note on it like I used to and enclose it with the gift. She had more to say about the card than the gift. There’s something about handwriting that typing just doesn’t accomplish.

    Today, I still carry a pen, but it’s a wooden ballpoint pen that an elderly friend inlaid and turned by hand. He’s had a lot of difficulty in his older years and every time I use the pen I remember to pray for him.

    Sorry I didn’t caption the photo, but I was impressed to share these things.

  15. Thirty six.
    No, eighteen, half of them are shadows.
    Then who can tell? Quick shut off the lights.
    Pen you say, not pin?

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