Update on the Puritan Reading Challenge

As many of you have noticed, I did not blog anything during the month of June for the Puritan Reading Challenge.  There are numerous reasons for this, not the least of which is my transitioning to a new city, adapting to my new ministry responsibilities, and living out of a suitcase for the past month (my library and all our belongings are still in storage as we await news on a house).  With the annual meeting of the SBC and the National Founders Conference, it seems like I was on the blog a lot this past month when in actuality I have spent relatively little time on the internet.  I regret having missed last month, especially since it was on John Owen and The Mortification of Sin (!), but providence had it that my time and energies would be best spent with whatever extra time getting to know the city and more importantly those who make up Grace Baptist Church.

I trust that you understand my absence in this aspect of my blogging for the past month, and it is my hopes to pick back up with greater focus and discipline for your encouragement and joy in learning from the Puritan divines.  Six months to go in 2008, and with plenty of time to devour some Puritan Paperbacks, this is a good point to refresh our minds and revive our hearts that there would be greater resolve in our study together.

I do sincerely appreciate the encouragement I have received via comments, email, Facebook, and elsewhere, and I hope that those who have perhaps set aside the challenge in recent months will rejoin me (and others) in taking up the Puritan Reading Challenge for the remainder of the year.  The challenge has always been and will continue to be a means to grow in godliness and greater enjoyment in God, not a drudgery or obligation to check off at the end of the month.  With that said, I am gathering my thoughts and energies to use this blog and this challenge for the expressed purpose of provoking others to godliness that we may pant ever harder for the glories of Christ in things.

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9 Comments on “Update on the Puritan Reading Challenge”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Don’t worry brother, you aren’t the only one who has been busy lately, even though I must admit that you have been busier than most. You have been missed, but it is understandable.

    A head’s up to any who might have been lulled into thinking that this is an easy project by the nature of the last couple of works. Bridge’s “A Lifting up for the Downcast” is a different kind of book. Not only is it longer in pages, those pages have more words, the writing is somewhat more archaic, and each page is packed with meaning.

    By the way, my prize from the May drawing arrived yesterday from Reformation Heritage Bookstore. I am thinking about a way to give away my extra copy of “Meet the Puritans”, and should soon announce something on my blog.

    Thanks for everything, and I pray that all is well with you and yours.

  2. Tony Kummer Says:

    The reading challenge is still the best thing that’s happening in the blogosphere. You know I’m a slacker with it, but the pages I’ve read have been a great blessing.

    And without your reading challenge I wouldn’t even own those books.

  3. Erik Says:

    No worries Timmy. We’ve feasted on some good meat the first half of this year. Look forward to more Puritan posts in the upcoming months.

  4. Thanks guys. I have been really burdened about this, having wanted to pick up for some time. However, as you all know (well except for Tony!), we don’t get paid for doing any of this, and more importantly, it is not necessarily what I am called to do (by that I mean blogging versus ministry in the church).

    Things are getting organized and regimented better for me here which is good, and I hope to devote a little more time in the future to blogging and promoting the challenge.

  5. David Says:

    Please don’t take my previous question as a rebuke of any kind. Just hadn’t seen anything saying what this post laid out for almost 6 weeks and was hoping everything was ok 🙂 I sure agree that we don’t want to turn our joy into drudgery and we must never let the slave of our reading become master of us!

    For what it’s worth, I’m very grateful you blogged the whole SBC thing. As a Presbyterian it’s been fascinating for me to get a glimpse inside what I consider a sister denomination and even more fascinating to see how those I know are brothers and sisters in Christ deal with bringing a reformed and calvinistic world and life view to bear in a denomination that has typically been (passively at least) antagonistic to such things. I find it tremendously encouraging to hear that things like the membership issue progress and pass through the convention as it speaks to me of a respect for the things of truth and, increasinlgy, the Word of God that perhaps I may have been dismissive of in the past.

    So thanks for that insight. And thanks for the update on the reading challenge. I trust we can all pick up and find jewels aplenty in this month’s book – and I tend to agree with the writers above that I may not read every word on every page – but such as I read for the month are a rich and sumptuous feast!

  6. Timmy,

    thanks for the update. God’s grace to you.


  7. Thanks David and Scott. While it is true that less than 1% of those who read blogs today actually comment, I am grateful for those who do here as you all have been helpful and encouraging to me. In times of transitioning, when things are all up in the air, the things I hold onto are Jesus, family, and church (in that order), and that means sometimes letting other things go. I know you guys all understand this, but I appreciate your kind consideration in the process. I love where God has placed me and look forward to living, serving, and dying, Lord willing, with these precious people.

  8. Tony Kummer Says:

    Ah, but your rewards are in heaven . . .

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