This Thread’s for You (Summer)

I have been incredibly strapped lately and have not blogged much in recent days, so I thought this would perhaps be a good time to do my quarterly (or supposed to be) “this thread’s for you” post.

Basically, I am opening up the blog for you to comment or discuss whatever you would like with me or anyone else who chooses to participate.  Normally I try to keep comments somewhat on topic, but on this post, you choose the topic (Ahem, this would be a great time for those of you who *never* comment to chime in! :)).  I will only moderate if I determine a comment to be inappropriate in an ethical sense (you know what I mean).

So have at it. I look forward to sitting at the P&P round table.  I will be sure to bring the pastel mints and sweet tea.  🙂

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13 Comments on “This Thread’s for You (Summer)”

  1. tom ascol Says:


    I would like for you to extol the vast superiority of your new computer in comparison to every other computer you have ever owned. But try to do so in a humble way that does not offend the PC crowd. 🙂

  2. Justin Wheeler Says:


    Did i miss something here…have you gone…MAC? People these days. Well hopefully you are in good company because I, a loyal PC owner for all of my life, just bought my wife a Mac. To be honest, I really like it myself, but let’s keep that between you and me…and all the folds who read your blog.

    By the way, have you ben keeping up with First Baptist Church of Muscle Shaols or Grace Life Church of the Shoals. They recently changed their name in order to better represent the life of their community and to repent of using the name First Baptist Church when they were the second. Just curious if you have heard.


  3. Tom,

    I whipped it out last night only to not be able to get on the wireless network. 😦 I am certain that the new computer will be of great use when I figure out how to use it (and install some software!). The vast superiority of this machine will be determined by sheer performance, not punditry. 🙂 I await the results with bated breath.

    BTW, I went to CVS and could not find the Emergent-C stuff. I looked everywhere, and the lady at the front counter looked bewildered when I mentioned it. I will try elsewhere. I need to take a picture of Dusti, Nolan, and me. Right now we are a pretty sad group to look at.

  4. Justin,

    Indeed, got the MAC yesterday. There’s nothing really that I can do with it right now, so I am not really that dangerous – yet. You know, getting your wife a MAC while you still beholden to a PC is like being unequally yoked. I think Paul had something to say about that, though he was much more old-fashioned than us guys. I bet he had some good debates over the best writing utensils with his partners in ministry. 🙂

    Yes, I heard about FBCMS and their name change. We (GBC) are currently redoing the website, and I am working with Jake who is a member there and works for HeartCry. He has been keeping me informed on all that is going on.

    It’s good to hear from you man. Give my best to your wife and kids, and please say hello for me to Joey and Jimmy.

  5. Thomas Clay Says:


    Actually our church (Grace Life Church) wasn’t the second or third or fourth baptist church in Muscle Shoals. We would be way on down the line in that list!

    It is interesting that we are already hearing rumors that we’ve been kicked out of the SBC! 🙂 There is no truth in that whatsoever. Actually, I like the subtitles to our church name which should clarify to most what our church stands for: “The doctrines of grace, the life of the spirit, all to the glory of God” and “A church committed to historic baptist doctrine.”

  6. Thomas,

    You actually advertise what your church is about?! Unheard of… Horton makes mention of the fact that many churches are loathe to avertise their doctrine up front, and beyond that, it is often difficult to find it once a person gets beyond the marquee. The trend is away from traditional names that cause offense. I remember one conversation with a prospective couple. When asked if doctrine was important their response was, “We have our own.” Obviously it would ostensibly not matter then what the marguee said, but the reality what is up front can be an affront to such people (most people). It is best then to hide the identity behind a nondescript name and simply post quaint wisdom adages that can be changed weekly.

    Yours is a bold move, and it is understandable that rumors have it that you are a sent-packin’ sect. But just remember: by fronting clarity of perspective you are causing division 😉 When we proposed a name change it was rejected. No one thought it appropriate to add Arminian in front of SBC.

  7. Justin Wheeler Says:


    I will certainly pass on your greetings to those mentioned. Let me know when you get the Mac figured out because I could use some Cliff’s Notes on mine. About the house divided issue…I have really been pleased with the machine apart from a few minor headaches; but my wife is not as sold on it as myself. Which means, i have to work out all the kinks and give it back to her in perfect working order.


    I am truly encouraged to hear about the change and the reasons for the change. Your Church’s willingness to lead the way in repentance is sobering, and to be honest i haven’t heard the rumors you speak of. But, I did here of the change from your blog site. My hope is that the Lord continues to bless you and your congregation by vindicating His Word in and through your ministries.


  8. Shannon Says:


    Congratulations on the switch to a Mac! It is great. I even heard Dr. Mohler say, “Imagine what Spurgeon would have done if he had a Mac.” I hope things are going well for you in the family in your new locale. Julia and I just moved to Mobile last week… still trying to get settled.

  9. Shannon,

    Thanks for the update about the move to Mobile. I miss the Wednesday nights at Starbucks. 🙂 We have been here in Cape Coral for over six weeks and still trying to get settled! Hopefully it won’t take you guys that long. 😉 Always good to hear from you brother.

  10. Because I am sick and all, there has been some talk that I am currently experiencing a man-cold. For those who haven’t seen the video, here it is:

    My wife has yet to look at me and say, ‘Poor little bunny . . .”

  11. Lucas Defalco Says:

    Macs are for artists and schoolteachers! I am convinced that if the Reformers had to depend on using Macs we’d all still be going to confession and paying indulgences! As it were they had far more versitile tools like ink and paper!

    (This post brought to you on a HP Pavilion tx 2000 Tablet PC running Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium)

    j/k 🙂

    Love ya, bro! I’m praying for brother Tom also!

  12. Thomas Clay Says:

    Bro. Twitchell,

    Advertising what our church is about…interesting concept isn’t it? 🙂

    Seriously, all we’ve got is the gospel and expressing its life-giving power in our congregation. If that doesn’t draw them and keep them, then we will decline and die to the glory of God! What you use to get ’em there is what you will have to use to keep ’em there! Soli Deo Gloria!

  13. Thomas Clay Says:


    Thanks for reading our blog. Thanks for also helping to get the word out. Maybe it will challenge other churches to re-think their advertising.

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