Ask Anything – Elementary Style

Some of you might remember that I submitted a question to Mark Driscoll with his “Ask Anything” project.  Somehow my question on the regulative principle made it all the way to #1 with over 25,000 votes.  All that was pretty fun I must say.

Yesterday, I was approached by some of the children’s workers about doing a similar “ask anything” for elementary kids.  I received some of them last night and thought I’d post a few here.

1.  How do you know that God is real?
2.  Why did God talk to us back then but not now?
3.  What is baptism?
4.  Where do babies go if they are not Christians?
5.  How was God God when there was no people?
6.  How do people get to heaven if they have problems with their brain?
7.  Why did Jesus say to Simon Peter do you love me  when he knows everything?
8.  Did God really make everything in six days?
9.  Would it be sin if you killed someone to save another person’s life?
10. How do we know that Jesus is alive?

Pretty intense questions for elementary school kids!  I have my work cut out.  Would that I was such a budding theologian in elementary school!  So you could vote for any one question, which question listed above is your favorite?  Consider this your chance to vote for your favorite question from kids of Grace.  🙂

On a lighter note, here are some personal ones they asked:

1.  How old are you?
2.  What’s your favorite Bible story?
3.  What do you do at home?
4.  How many times have you almost died?
5.  Who is your favorite apostle?
6.  What is your favorite song we sing at church?
7.  Is it scary preaching in front of everybody in the church?
8.  Is your dog a big baby like my dog Barkley?
9.  What is your favorite Bible verse?
10. Besides Jesus, who is your favorite person in the Bible?

Ask Anything – Elementary Style.  They ask – you vote.

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14 Comments on “Ask Anything – Elementary Style”

  1. Mark Warnock Says:

    Awesome questions. That’s life on the ground in the local church, all right! Hope you’ve settled in well, Tim.

    My favorite question is #2.

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  3. […] additionally listed some more humorous questions, but you’ll have to check out his blog to read those! More Practical Tips and […]

  4. Chase Says:

    Man! I love those questions! I think those questions speak well of the parenting at the church, which probably speak well of the leadership. To God be the honor.

    I might use those questions for the college group where I serve. I think #8 is crucial considering the worldview many of them will encounter (and be force-fed) at public school.

  5. Yeah, you can easily turn these into college questions.

    #1 has to do with epistemology and warranted belief
    #2 has to do with cessationism, anthropomorphism, and transcendance/immanence of God
    #3 has to do with basic eccclesiology and polity, but more importantly relationship of baptism to conversion, church membership, and discipline
    #4 and #6 deal with questions of inclusivism, the love of God, and original sin
    #5 has to do with eternality and aseity of God
    #7 has to do with Christ’s deity, omniscience, perhaps kenosis, and rhetorical questioning
    #8 has to do with old earth vs. young earth, creationism, and biblical worldview
    #9 is a great ethical question and deals with nature of God’s law
    #10 has to do with the resurrection, faith, and the vindication of Jesus

    Of course, the greater challenge is providing a solid biblical answer that a six year old can understand! I think I am going to turn it into a whiteboard session. 😉

  6. graceb4me Says:

    That is great!
    Thanks for posting these 🙂 I love our church!

    is your dog as much of a baby as Barkley? 😀

  7. Jerry Says:

    Sounds like fun!

    Not only will the kids benefit, but you will get a chance to put all that Seminary education into practice. Isn’t it R.C. Sproul who says that you don’t really understand something until you can explain it to a child? (Either him or John Piper)

  8. Ed Franklin Says:

    Great questions! I especially like 2, 5, and 10. I’m gonna vote for #5, having just touched on aseity recently and hoping for some help from you in case I get near it again.

  9. Bryant King Says:

    Great Timmy!

    Go in and ask the kids for deep, probing theological questions, then answer just ONE of those questions, and turn the kids loose on those of us working with them! NICE! Did they teach you that at pastor school? 🙂

    Actually I look forward to working with the kids and diving into Scripture to find answers to hard questions…but, if the questions get too hard, I might have to bring my dog in for a distraction.

    Bryant King

  10. Jeremy Burrage Says:

    I’d like to see you answer for #4s. Particularly the latter. Hope all is well man. I’ve been lifting you up in prayer. I know you’ve got a lot on you. Your boy is awesome. Jenny and I have a 10 month old girl (Hannah) and one on the way. Hope all is well bro.

  11. Question 1 is the most penetrating.

  12. Kevin Rhyne Says:

    My vote’s for #5…

  13. Thanks for all the feedback folks.


    Yes. Hershey is a big baby. Having been with me now for 11 years, she should know better, but she can’t fool me! 🙂


    That’s so true. I am learning that more and more. In a seminary environment, you are safe using big words and theological jargon. With kids, you can’t assume anything. This is helpful, especially when explaining important doctrines to unbelievers.


    I enjoyed studying the aseity and eternality of God when writing a response to open theism. I think this question will be a great way of helping kids see how God is utterly NOT like us. Anecdotally speaking, I remember shooting photos for our church directory in Louisville and entering a class Dr. Wellum’s wife was teaching 5th graders the aseity of God during Sunday School. I was most impressed!


    Ha! No, I will answer as many as I can (we might do it over two weeks if necessary). I just want to hear from you guys which one is your favorite. Liberals are those guys who when asked questions never actually answer them. But I will say that your dog idea is tempting. 😉


    Great to hear from you man! Thanks so much for praying for us. Yes, things are challenging, but everyone at the church has been so supportive and affirming. I am unbelievably blessed. Congrats on the little one on the way! We need to catch up sometime. Two weeks ago I talked to Jeb Blackerby for the first time in five years! It was crazy. Oh, and yeah, #4 is a difficult one!

    Bradley and Kevin,

    Thanks for your input!

  14. Jim Pemberton Says:

    Catching up on my reading here after a couple of mission trips. I’ve fielded questions like this from my own kids. What I’ve noticed is that kids have a greater capacity for understanding than we often give them credit for. If they can think of questions like this on their own, they have teeth and stomachs for substantial nutrition. That’s why I have my kids on a diet of solid spiritual food – meat and veggies with some grains and starches laced with spices and herbs. They even get chocolate milk and ice cream for dessert. I certainly don’t want them to starve, but “meal time” should be satisfying and often enjoyable.

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