Christ Our Mirror

John Calvin, commenting on Ephesians 1:20a (“which he wrought in Christ . . .”) pens these powerful words:

“Christ alone is the mirror in which we can contemplate that which the weakness of the cross hinders from being clearly seen in ourselves.  When our minds rise to a confident anticipation of righteousness, salvation, and glory, let us learn to turn them to Christ.  We still lie under the power of death; but he, raised from the dead by heavenly power, has the dominion of life.  We labour under the bondage of sin, and, surrounded by endless vexations, are engaged in a hard warfare (1 Tim. 1:18), but he, sitting at the right hand of the Father, exercises the highest government in heaven and earth, and triumphs gloriously over the enemies whom he has subdued and vanquished.  We lie here mean and despised; but to him has been ‘given a name’ (Phil. 2:9) which angels and men regard with reverence, and devils and wicked men will dread.  We are pressed down here by the scantiness of all our comforts, but he has been appointed by the Father to be the sole dispenser of all blessings.  For these reasons, we shall find our advantage in directing our views to Christ, that in him, as in a mirror, we may see the glorious treasure of Divine grace, and the unmeasurable greatness of that power, which has not yet been manifested in ourselves.”

– John Calvin, Commentary on the Epistle of Paul to the Galatians and Ephesians. Translated by William Pringle (Grand Rapids: Baker), 215.

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