A Call for Partnership and Perseverance

Three years ago, Hurricane Katrina destroyed the campus of Lakeshore Baptist Church as well as hundreds of homes.  From the day until now, Pastor Don Elbourne and his amazing group of volunteers have been rebuilding not only the church but the homes of the entire community (some stats).

As you know, Hurricane Gustav took a similar track to Katrina’s path though a little westward.  Don has returned from evacuation and provides and update on the conditions on the ground.  Don writes:

We have returned to Lakeshore praising God for the physical safety God granted us. My family escaped harm and our house did not suffer any damage or take on any water. The church property, on the other hand, took a significant hit. The storm surge did not reach the church building and the office stayed intact, but Gustav totally destroyed our kitchen, took down our white storage tent, damaged some of the Quonset huts and basically made a mess of the camp site.

We need your help. We need folks to come down, help clean up, and put things back together. We will not have cooking facilities for a while, so you will need to bring your own food and a way to cook. We do have power, places to sleep, and shower restroom facilities. Contact us, or just come.

Please pray for the efforts that have been ongoing now for several years.  Pray for a spirit of perseverance and greater partnership in the rebuilding in this region.  Perhaps you or your church might be interested in partnering with Don and Lakeshore.  In any case, let us hearken to the call to remember those afflicted with such providences through prayer.

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One Comment on “A Call for Partnership and Perseverance”

  1. RazorsKiss Says:

    I just missed getting beat up by Gustav – but that means I’m really close.

    I’ll be there on Saturday. Thanks for the heads-up.

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