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Over the course of the summer, I have been talking with some folks about the possibility of putting together the 3rd meeting of the Band of Bloggers, this time meeting in conjunction with the 2009 Gospel Coalition National Conference.  For the most part, the two previous gatherings have been envisioned and administrated myself, and I (and those with whom I have been in contact) have been rethinking with the hopes of having a fresh agenda for BoB.  It is not as though the previous two meetings have not been successful, but I am wanting to see it develop in something far more substantive and enduring than what I am capable of doing.

With that said, I would be interested in hearing from you (that is, anyone reading this post) regarding the following matters:

1.  What kind of format do you prefer in meeting: panel discussion, one keynote speaker, group particpation/interaction, or other (please explain)?

2.  Who would you be interested in hearing as a speaker/panelist for BoB?

3.  What topic(s) or theme do you think you be fitting for next year’s meeting?

I really appreciate any feedback you could give me as I continue to meet and discuss plans for next year.  In the meantime, I will be working to revamp the Band of Bloggers website to gear up for gospel-centered aggregation and multiple contributing writers. With an early start and great help this year, my hope is that Band of Bloggers will continue to network bloggers who embrace the gospel-centered vision and more importantly fuel a passion for the building of Christ’s church and participation in His mission.

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3 Comments on “Band of Bloggers Feedback”

  1. Bobby Gilles Says:

    I’m excited to hear about this again. Quick thoughts:

    I like the panel discussion format, with ample time for audience Q&A.

    As far as a topic, I think it might be helpful to talk about the responsibility a blogger might have to his local church on the net. I’ve seen this discussion come up in various places on the web. For instance, many worship leaders and children’s ministry workers have blogs, in which they often (if not primarily) blog about their church ministry.

    A popular blogger can often end up being listed in the top spots on Google and other search engines for his or her church, whether or not they’re on staff or in any kind of position like elder/deacon. That being the case, should the blogger follow any kind of general “best practices” guidelines developed by Christian bloggers? What kind of self-policing should bloggers do? Should they have a disclaimer on their site?

    Should their local church have any kind of say in how the church is represented on these blogs? And how are things different if the blog is connected (like mine is) to an official church site? Or, if the blogger is employed by the church?

    This can be a crucial issue, because some bloggers might be most well known as a leader or member of a particular church. In some cases, the way they represent themselves online can do a lot to shape perception of their church.

    I would imagine that, if this were the topic, speakers should include at least one blogger who blogs on an official church site, one who has his own site but is primarily known as the pastor of a particular church, and one who is generally not known for his or her local church affiliation.

  2. Personally, the best part of BoB 2008 was the interaction with many folks I have only “met” or “read” online. I liked the panel discussion and Q&A, and I wouldn’t want to get rid of it. Still, having even more time for interaction with other bloggers would have been great. Roundtables with randomly assigned seating would perhaps be a cool option.

    Either way, I’m sure the next BoB will be great 🙂

  3. Reid Says:

    Timmy, hey man. I am doing at Pastor’s training program with Mars Hill and part of our year is going to the Gospel Coalition deal. Not sure what our schedule is going to be for training/meetings but I would love to be able to hang with you guys. At very least I would love to shake your hand. 🙂

    I agree with Danny that time to kick things around the table would be good.

    Hope you are well – we moved to NJ a month ago – have our second core group gathering tomorrow. Pray for us man – God is big and this mission is tough.

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