David Platt on the Great Commission

David Platt, lead pastor of The Church at Brookhills, was the guest preacher for the 2009 Great Commission Lectures at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  From those in attendance, Platt’s messages were powerfully used to impact the lives of all who were in attendance.  I encourage you to download them and listen for your own advantage.  Here are the links (MP3s):

1.  The Presence of Christ in the Great Commission (Said at Southern live-blogging)

2.  The Command of Christ in the Great Commission (Said at Southern live-blogging)

3.  The Authority of Christ in the Great Commission

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One Comment on “David Platt on the Great Commission”

  1. wheelj79 Says:

    Timmy, wish you were here for the lecture series. It was pretty amazing. I only got to go on Wed and Thursday, but both were packed out. Wed was in Heritage Hall and had standing room only. Thursday chapel was packed out. Some say that we at seminary suffer from “preacher idolatry” and that may be correct to some extent, but no one could have left Thursday’s chapel and not been moved to do something. Whether it was commit to go somewhere or memorize Scripture (I don’t think he read from his Bible the whole week – all memory), the Spirit worked through David.

    On a side note, I will be looking fwd to your series on the transition from seminary to local church as I hope to graduate next year.

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