Irony and Hypocrisy

Everyone’s buzzing about the rock star that is Sarah Palin.  Yet, I notice that little if any press is given to the other VP candidate, Senator Joe Biden.  I thought I’d make a couple Biden observations in an effort to provide a little balance in coverage.

1.  A little over two years ago, Senator Biden proposed a plan for Iraq to divide the nation into three sections by race and religion, Shiite, Sunni, and Kurds respectively.  This plan, in effect, would be an implementation of forced segregation based on race.  Is it not ironic that the first black man running for President of the United States has a running mate not only in favor of segregation but forced segregation?

2.  This past Sunday, Biden went on record stating that he believes life begins at conception (in accordance with the Roman Catholic Church).  Apparently, that knowledge was not above his pay grade. 😉  And yet, Biden’s conviction does not translate into his position.  You see, while he believes that life begins at conception, he readily accepts the murder of unborn babies and even voted against curtailing abortion rights.

Maybe I understand why the Obama media is not paying attention to their vice-presidential candidate.  Segregation and murder won’t sell well with the American people.

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7 Comments on “Irony and Hypocrisy”

  1. Leslie Says:

    He also supports embryonic stem cell research.

  2. johnMark Says:


    It’s okay. Obama is just as inconsistent in his positions on this topic.


  3. Obama-Biden is the Dead Baby Ticket.

    Sounds harsh doesn’t it. Yet most fitting.

  4. Doug Says:

    Please explain to me how if, as you suggest, the McCain-Palin ticket (in contrast to Obama-Biden) is the “Life Baby Ticket”??? What polices will they bring to bear that will stop the killing of babies -not to mention the needless killing of our soldiers on the battefield, the death of babies born into poverty, the babies who die because they and their mothers do not get the proper medical care, the early death of minorities from perventable diseases for the same reason, the senseless deaths in our innercities, the rise of deaths due to crime, etc… To be Pro-life means much more than simply saying you oppose abortion. Seems to me we have had eight years of such empty rhetoric and many conservatives are getting wise to it. We need a President who is truly pro-life – not just another one who says he is, to get your vote!

  5. kim Says:

    I agree with you on this. My concern is if Palin can’t make wise decisions based on the irresponsible decision that when she was pregnant with her last child, she was in the states when her water broke. She didn’t want to have her baby anywhere but Alaska so she chose to fly back to Alaska which was about 5 hours later. That was endangering her child. If she would endanger her own child what would she do to us? The other thing, she wants to seperate Alaska from the US. Don’t we need someone who wants to unite us for the better of the country? I do not agree with the Obama/Biden ticket at all but I don’t have any faith in the McCain/Palin ticket either. I pray for both of them.

  6. I just wish the American voting population would get unstuck from this abortion stuff. We need to focus on what can save our country from ruin..but you so called religious fools just cannot let that one go. So no matter how the election goes we still have to contend with the background chatter of you guys and remain stuck in the mud we’ve been sloshing around in for the past 7 years. As for abortion it is inconceiveable to me how anyone can speak in the same breath about abolishing abortion and turning right around and supporting the murders of war which we train our military to do, The military is one big killing machine. And no one knows when the soul enters the body!!! No one!!! So please get over yourself and stop screeching that line. And if you desire to not have a abortion as Sarah Palin did then have at it. But you will not whack me or any woman who disagrees with you over the head with your views!! If you criminalized it, we will do it anyway, illegally!!! No law has ever stopped it and a law will not stop it now. And we won’t be prosecuted for it either.. Ever heard of the good ole gals club!!!??? Please! Who do you think tou are dealing with!?? So lets couch this campaign in the substative issues which truly mar our nation!!!

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