Sarah Palin and Evangelicals: What Do You Think?

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6 Comments on “Sarah Palin and Evangelicals: What Do You Think?”

  1. Johnny Helms Says:

    Feinberg and the CNN anchor both exemplify the new definition of “evangelical,” liberalism and feminism and man-centered theology with a loose handling of Scripture, taking it out of context. The modern evangelical tends to be focused on “man’s interest” and not “God’s” (Mt.16:23) and clearly twists Scripture to fit the times.
    Baucham’s remarks were sexists?. His jumping on the context issue was great. But neither Feinberg or the anchor cared. Typical.

    Voddie Baucham’s article “The Evangelical Two-Step” is excellent. But I still prefer to see Palin as Vice President rather than Biden.

  2. Jackie G Says:

    While I’d rather see the McCain/Palin ticket from a political perspective I cannot argue with nor help but stand and cheer for Pastor Baucham; he was unwavering in holding to what we should all hold to as Christians the word of God without consideration for the “times” & “progress”.

  3. Douglas Says:

    “Sarah Palin and Evangelicals: What Do You Think?”

    I think many, many Evangelicals have gone mad and are falling all over themselves in support and defense of Sarah Palin as if she will be the messiah they have all been waiting for. As far as they go Sarah Palin can sayand do no wrong! Many think Sarah Palin will save America from the hell it is in. Sarah Palin says she is on a mission from God doesn’t she? What is her mission?

    What will Sarah Palin transform if she gets the power? Will the power corrupt her? Will she turn into a tyrant? Did Rick Warren recommend or suggest Sarah Palin to John McCain as a running mate because she is a bold, tough woman and a professing Christian? Did Rick Warren privately warn John McCain not to trust Barak Obama or something along those lones?

    Transforming Culture with a Messiah Complex
    By Michael Horton

    What has Sarah Palin done for the Alaskan Native’s since she has been involved with politics and especially during her time as the Governor of Alaska?

    A twenty-something Tlingit/Athabascan woman, a real live Alaskan Native calling herself “Writing Raven” with the blog Alaska Real offers some very interesting and insightful comments regarding Sarah Palin. Be warned, I don’t think she is a Christian and she is a Democrat so that might put you off reading her blog and discovering the truth about a lot of issues.

    Sarah Palin CANNOT provide salvation from the mess that America is in, at home or abroad.

    Is Sarah Palin a Theonomist? Be scary if she is.

    by Sam Waldron

    What about Sarah Palin’s involvement with the strange, weird, false teachings in the pentecostal/charismatic movement she attended most of her life?

  4. […] Week-est Link, September 12, 2008 Jump to Comments 1. Timmy Brister has a nice summary of what evangelicals are saying about Sarah Palin’s Vice President bid as a mother of five […]

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