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Wow.  Where has this week gone?!

These photos were taken during our family outing to Fort Myers Beach a couple of weeks ago.  I have uploaded some 60+ photos on Flickr this week, and I have several more in the days to come.  These were some of my favorite ones from the beach.  We had a blast!

Much of this week has been spent researching and reading, in particular about ministerial firing and church planting stuff.  I am really looking forward to attending the Acts 29 Lead Conference in St. Louis in October, so if any of you are going, please let me know!

To find out what is going on from day-to-day, check me out on Twitter.  You can see all my photos on my Flickr page as well.

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6 Comments on “POTW :: mommaandme”

  1. Jerry Says:

    The little ones grow so fast, don’t they?

    Enjoy every moment now, since it will seem to be only a minute until they graduate from college and move away to pursue a career. (Or at least that is how it was for me.)

  2. Letitia Says:

    DUDE! YOU’RE COMING TO ST. LOUIS? Way awesome–I hope you make it a point to search me out. I’ll be volunteering somewhere on campus for the LEAD conference. As a personal welcome, please allow Conway and I to take you out to dinner one night!


    BTW, that video is rank!

  3. Jerry,

    Very true. I am relishing in every moment with my wife and son. Wonderful blessings to enjoy!


    Yes, I am super excited about coming to the conference. I just booked my flight this week, although I cannot remember which hotel I am staying in. I do hope to meet you and Conway, and, if possible, enjoy dinner with you guys. Thanks for offering!

  4. Johnny Helms Says:

    Wow! I didn’t realize that the Way was still around. It is sad that this video could have been made in many evangelical churches rather than in this cult. The Way has come a long way.

  5. 2twentythree3 Says:

    wow, the 2nd picture is truly beautiful..

  6. Thanks! I have a beautiful wife and son. 🙂

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