Moderating Comments

The blog is currently being overwhelmed by spam comments which sould have already been caught but are making it onto the blog.  As a result, I am having to moderate all comments, so if your comment does not show up promptly, it is because I will be approving them individually.  I don’t expect this to permanent but will likely continue for the days to come.  Thanks for understanding.

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3 Comments on “Moderating Comments”

  1. D.L. Kane Says:

    Greetings Timmy.

    1) See what you get for being so popular that spammers target your Blog!

    2) Congratultions! Grinned over the clever way you announced the new blessing.

    3) Still anxiously awaiting Part Two of “Mission Marginal: Too busy to Evangelize”

    I continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

  2. John Says:


    You might check to see if you have the latest version of Akismet installed. 2.1.8 is the latest. Could be the spammers are taking advantage of a security problem in your version.

  3. Timmy,

    First off, love your blog. Your voice is such a tremendous blessing to the church today. And speaking of comments, I love the way your comments nest when they are replies to other comments. I’ve tinkered with trying to hack my theme a little to do the same thing, but to no avail. Unfortunately, the Sapphire theme doesn’t seem to be available any longer.

    If it’s not too much trouble, could you email your theme’s style.css and comments.php files?

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