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A couple of weeks ago, the elders and deacons (and wives) spent a weekend together for prayer, leadership development, and fellowship.  Having returned from the restaurant, this was all I could catch of the sunset that night (which was amazing).  Having only 30 seconds to catching the last seconds of the sunset, I was pleased with the outcome.  You can view more photos on my Flickr page.  By the way, has anyone else noticed the changes on Flickr?  Makes me want to start posting more photos.  🙂

This week, I will be in St. Louis for the LEAD Conference, and I am really looking forward to meeting up with old friends and getting know many more folks within the Acts 29 network.  I am also excited about the opportunity to hang around for the assessments on Thursday (which I find really important for future church planting opportunities).  Not sure if I will blog a whole lot, but I plan on at least posting regular updates (and photos) on My Twitter.

Speaking of the blog, I have to this date written nine responses to Dr. Steve Lemke’s article.  I have (at least) two more left on the docket, but I don’t know if I will develop them in the future.  I do not care to write about this, but I felt that it is time for this kind of stuff to stop.  To those of you who are not in the SBC, thanks for hanging in there while I address this necessary, yet unfortunate matter.  Note: If you want to see why it is so necessary to publicly debunk errors by Lemke and others, go to this page and listen to the “What Is Calvinism?” sermon by a “John 3:16 Baptist” (warning, you will be bombarded with falsehoods).

Tonight, I will be preaching my third message from Matthew in a series I am calling “Scenes of Our Savior.”  The study of this passage (Matt. 8:23-27) has been quite rewarding personally, and I am thinking about posting some of it in the future.

In a couple of weeks, we (GBC) are holding a Reformation Celebration block party on the 31st for the community, and yesterday was the first of three scheduled community canvassing opportunities to connect with folks in the neighborhoods around the church.  If any of you are something for Oct. 31st to engage your community (besides Harvest Festivals and Judgment Houses), I would love to hear what you are doing.

Have a blessed week, and as always, thanks for reading P&P.

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6 Comments on “POTW :: sanibelsunset”

  1. bkingr Says:

    I listened to the “what is Calvinism” message. I have to wonder what his point in doing the message was.

    What a bunch of concentrated ignorance. He highlights the William Carey push to go to the mission field (against the calvinists), apparently completely ignorant of the fact that William Carey was as Calvinist as you are. Just wow.

    Lemke and this fellow both say that total depravity to a calvinist means that we have lost the image of God. From where does that come? I am sure they have a basis for making such a claim, but I am not sure what the basis is.

  2. Compton’s Calvinism sermon has at least temporarily disappeared from the FBC Clinton sermon archive.

  3. Jeff Spry Says:

    Timmy, the sermon archive page at FBC Clinton no longer has the “A Biblical Response to Calvinism” sermon. It was there last night (Sunday, Oct 19) but missing this morning.

  4. […] SBC blogger Timmy Brister linked to a sermon telling us why it’s important to combat false representations of Calvinism within […]

  5. johnMark Says:


    I’ve started a critique of this sermon. Part I is up.

    I will also have something for those who want to listen to it.



  6. Timmy, I am curious to hear what you guys are doing at GBC for your reformation block party, specifically in what ways are you teaching and celebrating the Reformation as a means of evangelism.

    When we had lunch a few months back I can’t remember if you and I spoke about Reformation Day or not, but here is what we have been doing for the past two years now. We at Southside host a Reformation Day Carnival which is an indoor event aimed at celebrating the beginning of the Protestant Reformation and proclaiming the gospel progressively.

    As families enter the building we have foyer displays depicting the I AM statements of Christ from John’s Gospel. People are stationed at each display for the purpose of explaining the meaning of each I AM statement, we currently display eight.

    Families will then go into our gymn area for the carnival which features a meta-game of translating the gospel. Kids are given a card with a verse printed in Greek, they have to play a series of games and earn the translation for each line. At the end of the games, they translate the gospel and are given gummy worms so that they can go to the fishing booth and fish for men.

    Throughout the entire carnival kids will here the gospel numerous times and have to work to translate a passage of scripture reading it aloud in order to advance. This amounts to hearing the gospel more than a dozen times.

    All of the carnival games aim at teaching something relating to the reformation such as: The Five Solas bean bag toss, the diet of Worms fishing booth, throwing the papal bull into the fire and pin the thesis on the door. Each person running the games are instructed in the historical framework of each game and they share the gospel in light of this. We also give out a lot of candy to the kids who come and this is done at the games and the foyer displays. This is our attempt to redeem the excitement created in the kids minds regarding Halloween.

    On the whole this event has been easy to put together and easy to run, and very profitable for our guests. You can read a little blurb about our upcoming carnival at our website (www.alivinglight.org) and you can refer to Doorposts book A Night of Reformation for other ideas.


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