Headed to Southeastern Seminary

This Wednesday and Thursday, I will be visiting the campus of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to spend some time with old friends (Doug Baker and Nathan Finn) and hoping to connect with many students for the first time.  Tom Ascol will be speaking in chapel Thursday morning, and I am tagging along as a personal provocateur. 😉 Seriously, this will be my first time to visit Southeastern, and I am excited about checking out the seminary that is forwarding the Great Commission and Baptist renewal in the SBC.

On Thursday after lunch, I will be hanging out in the rotunda of the Jacumin-Simpson building talking with students about church planting with the convictions of being distinctively Baptist, confessionally Reformed, and missionally driven and are looking to invest their lives in planting and multiplying churches North America.  If you are in the area or on campus, please stop by and say hello!

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8 Comments on “Headed to Southeastern Seminary”

  1. john patrick Says:


    i would love to hear how you’re getting your hands into church planting. i’m moving to urban chicago in a few weeks to plant.

  2. Micah Fries Says:

    ok, I gotta admit that I’m jealous! Tell Doug and Nathan that I said hello!

  3. John,

    Great! That is so good to hear brother. I have a couple of friends who are planting in the burbs of Chicago who you might want to connect with in the future. Is your cell number still the same? Let’s talk soon.


    I will. BTW, happy birthday my friend! 🙂

  4. johnMark Says:


    Say hello to Greg Wills and Nathan Finn for me!


  5. tyler recker Says:


    Didn’t get a chance to speak with you in St. Louis. Thanks for the Puritan book list. There’s 4-5 of us in Atlanta at NOBTS that are going through The Reformed Pastor right now.

    Also, thanks for pointing to some good resources (Total Church stuff…) I’m reading that book right now. It’s challenging…


  6. johnMark,

    Unfortunately, I was not able to check the blog until I left SEBTS (I am not in Charlotte waiting to catch a late flight back!). Dr. Wills, btw, is in Louisville, but I am sure Nathan will see your comment.


    I am sorry that I did not get a chance to meet you in St. Louis. Thanks for taking up the Puritan Reading Challenging. I am really encouraged to know that you guys are enjoying it. I, too, picked up Total Church the other day and plan on reading it soon. Thanks for the comment, and I hope you guys keep in touch!

  7. john patrick Says:

    yuppers, still the same number, but it may be changing soon when i relocate to chicago. by the way, david and erica will be back next week until may. if you don’t already know, they are expecting their first!

  8. johnMark Says:

    lol…man…I know where Dr. Wills is, but for some reason I just kept thinking “Southern.”

    Hope you enjoyed your trip.


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