Bringing the Gospel

Lots of talk about Great Commission Resurgence these days in the SBC, so I would post a picture of what I think a return to the gospel might look like in some “pulpits” today. Quite a bit different than your John 3:16 conference, no? 🙂

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15 Comments on “Bringing the Gospel”

  1. Brent Hobbs Says:

    I wish more SBC pulpits espoused theology this biblical and God-centered.

  2. sound theology leads to sound living, and sound evangelism

  3. Ed Trefzger Says:

    I know a young man who recently joined our church who became a Calvinist listening to Shai Linne. Another young man at our church introduced me to his album “The Atonement” about three weeks ago. I’m a middle-aged white guy and I’m digging it. Linne’s new album “Storiez” just hit on Tuesday.

  4. Brent,

    That’s right!


    Middle-aged white guy digging it, eh? 🙂 I wil have to check out the new album. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Andrew J. Nicewander Says:

    Amen. Timmy, have you checked out Lecrae’s “Rebel”? I am encouraged and edified by Lecrae’s music as much as I am by Andrew Peterson’s or Webb’s music, and that’s saying something. 🙂

  6. […] hat tip to Timmy Brister. […]

  7. Tim Powell Says:

    shai is the most talented and, I think, the most theologically astute of any of the guys in this movement, 116 Clique or otherwise. the only other guy I’ve heard that really compares is the Ambassador of Cross Movement. (although, he went to DTS, so you never know…)

  8. Andrew,

    I have only listened to the audio online on his myspace and youtube. I will probably get his songs off iTunes. Yes, very edifying music (and keeps my hyped when working out).


    So Ambassador went to DTS and Flame (also of Cross Movement) is at Boyce. My guess is that Flame’s covenantal theology will torch Ambassador’s dispensationalism. But hey, I will leave that duel with them. 🙂

  9. Rae Whitlock Says:

    I don’t know how much of a dispy Ambassador really is, despite his DTS education. He’s a pastor at Epiphany Fellowship in Philly, which is part of the (at least loosely covenantal) Acts 29 Network.

    Thanks for posting this, by the way, Tim. Shai Linne and the whole 116 Clique are “off the chain”, as the kids say. 😀

  10. Zach Nielsen Says:


    Thanks for posting this. A blessing for sure today.


  11. John Jordan Says:

    I too am a middle aged white guy. A young man introduced me to Shai Linne while I was on a mission trip to Mexico this past summer. I’m one who has always hated rap. However, I bought the 116 Clique CD “13 Letters” and Shai Linne’s “Atonement”. I must say, that lyrically, it is probably the most doctrine I’ve ever heard from any artist ever. The song “At the Cross” is absolutely amazing. Now, our church’s youth pastor just loaned me his “Voice” cd and I’ve just started listening to it. It’s pretty amazing too.

  12. Tim Says:

    the absolute best of shai linne is his Solus Christus project. Overall content-wise, the Atonement might be better, but I think his talent, (along with that of lamp mode’s dj Essence) shows most clearly in this album of any of theirs. he even calls Oprah the antichrist on track 2!

  13. Should this be my inducement to get back into “Christian” rap? I’m from the days of DC Talk, Gospel Gangstas, Preachas, etc.

  14. Jackie G. Says:

    shai linne has some of the most solid theology I’ve ever heard in our out of church…. actually he is more solid then I have heard in almost every church I’ve encountered in my little town. Rap is my lest favorite genre that said I have both Solus Christus, The Atonement, 13 Letters and The Great Awakening by Timothy Brindle and I listen to them with joy because of the theology and glory they give to God. Thanks for sharing this on your blog.

  15. Christina Randolph Says:


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