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grace-logoThis week, we are announcing the launch of our church’s new website–a project that has been in the works for several months.  There are several things I sought to have in the design and template, including a WordPress integrated blog for the church, new podcast, embedded live-streaming, and a mullet-strategy design (business up front, party in the back).  The back end is a password protected section that includes a digital church directory, church calendar, daily devotional (Octavius Winslow’s Morning Thoughts), and more info tailored to church-specific needs, issues, and announcements.  It is a very small picture of what Mars Hill has done with The City (developed by Zach Hubert, now being marketed by Zondervan).

The next goal is to duplicate this entire website into Spanish (half of Grace’s congregation has Spanish as their primary language).  There are other aspects you might be interested in checking out, including our page dedicated to regenerate church membership.  Resources on this cardinal Baptist doctrine include the resolution passed in 2008, quotes/excerpts, bibliography, and books on church membership.  We hope to potentially hold live-streaming discussions on this topic in the future as well.  To read more of the new features, check out the latest blogpost.

Alongside the new website, I have been working on the Grace social media project with the creation of a GBC Facebook Group and a GBC Twitter.  These sites have been helpful to connect and leverage our influence on the internet, utilizing the tools available for the advancement of the gospel (we are currently doing a testimony challenge, encouraging all GBC Facebook members to write their testimony and post it before the end of the year).

The last project, one which have mentioned several times previously, has been Sowing Grace–the church planting resource center online.  There you will find information about current and future church planting developments as well as daily posts related to the work and life of a church planting church.

If you got a moment, check out the new church website, and let me know what you think (positive or negative).  Tom Ascol and I will be updating the church blog fairly regularly.  If you would like more information about the guys who created the template and design, check out Elevate.  They are a solid team of designers who give generous amounts of time to creating a quality website.

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Update >>>

What now?  Well, to cap things off, this Thursday the pastoral staff of GBC are running in the 29th Annual Cape Coral Turkey Trot. This is a 5k run (3.1 miles).  Tom actively works out; I haven’t run a mile in four years. He was struck by lightning this summer; I was struck by lightning in the 9th grade.  His was far worse. So that’s all the pre-race commentary. Who will win the race? Cast your vote!

Website | Blog (RSS) | Facebook | Twitter | Sowing Grace | Flickr | UStream

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15 Comments on “New Website for Grace Baptist Church”

  1. Gavin Says:


    I tried to listen to some of one of your sermons online, and I got a “file not found: operation aborted” message.

    Thought you’d want to know…but I really like the site. God bless.


  2. Hey Gavin,

    Could you tell me what browser you are using? PC or Mac? Also, do you know what sermon or sermon series it was?

    (I tried emailing you, but the email you gave did not work).

    Tim Brister

  3. I can’t believe this. I am getting killed on my own poll. 21%?!?! Are you kidding me?

  4. Don Says:

    How will you feel if you beat a man who was almost killed by a lightning strike just a short while ago…or how will you feel if you don’t??

  5. Daniel Says:


    We ran enough in highschool that you should have no worries. I have complete faith in you bro! Have a great Thanksgiving!


  6. We ran enough in high school that you should have no worries. I have complete faith in you bro!

    That’s because you beat me every time Daniel! I think this race will be the impetus for me to get a-running again. Cycling is a totally different workout on the legs.

  7. Don,

    So are you saying that I am in a lose-lose situation?! That’s not fair.

    Peeling the skin off his ingrown toenail,


  8. Gavin Says:

    It was “God’s providence and our pain.”

    I am using IE on aPC.

  9. Thanks Gavin! I bet it was because I preached that sermon. That ain’t right, I’ll say.

  10. Oh look out! I’m up to 30% on the poll. O ye little faith . . .

  11. Wow! I’m making a comeback!

    [singing] Gotta have faith, faith, faith . . .

  12. tom ascol Says:

    Hey!! What happened to the sympathy vote? Maybe if people knew that, in addition to being struck by lightning more recently than you, that I have a titanium rod in my back, a cadaver bone and arthritis in my neck, a bad knee and more than 20 years on you, they would be even more sympathetic. Of course, I would never tell anyone that because I abominate shameful, emotional manipulation.

  13. Alright Tom. We are down to less than 12 hours. Hope you are filling up with those electrolytes. No, wait a minute. Anything with the same prefix as electricity is probably not a good idea. But then again, the prefix is “elect.” 🙂

    See you tomorrow bright and early with my game face and running shoes.

    Your competition

  14. tom ascol Says:

    Great, Tim. Don’t forget, the gun goes off at 8:30 sharp. You should show up at 8 to warm up a bit. Also, the track club recommends eating half a pizza and drinking a litre of mountain dew. I will have some delivered to your house at 7:30. Be sure to tip the delivery guy.

  15. Haha. Nice try, Tom! 8:30 sharp. Hey, I wrote a little press release for us. Figured the voters would like a little more commentary:

    I will be expecting the pizza.


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