Race Results and Happy Thanksgiving!

Eight from Grace laced up their shoes to race in this year’s Turkey Trot. For me, it was the first Turkey Trot since 1984 when I ran at Mary Esther Elementary School in kindergarten (I brought my trophy for inspiration).  I was really curious how well I would do because I have not run a mile since 2004 but have had considerable running experience in the past.  As you can see, I came prepared with Sermon Jams to listen to and a homemade jersey to intimidate my competition (the back says, “Get behind me, turkeys!”).  The competition attempted to hamper my domination with Lucky Charms, Mountain Dews, and race relocation to no avail.

I must say that it was really humbling to see kids not old enough to spell “race” running past me.  Even a dog passed me on the second mile.  Anyway, my time was 26:48.  Tom’s was 29:20.  Now my competition is refusing to accept the loss by declaring defaulting on technicality.  You see, there’s these leg bands that you are supposed to receive at registration with a chip to give the “official” time.  However, the lady who handed me the stuff did not give the band, and I was ignorant of my need to have one (yeah, I know, dufus).  As a result, Tom is claiming my 1984 trophy.  Leg band or no leg band, this turkey trotted across the finish line first.  That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

Thanks to those of you who voted on the online poll.  May all of you have a very blessed Thanksgiving!  I am grateful to all of you who read P&P.  Grace and peace.

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One Comment on “Race Results and Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. GO, TIMMY GO…… Enjoy your victory. Too bad Brother Tom is a sore loser.

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