This Is Alabama Football

. . . and for you Gator fans, this one’s especially for you.

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22 Comments on “This Is Alabama Football”

  1. Frank Gantz Says:

    That second video is hilarious — even though I still don’t get the “elephant” thing for Crimson Tide. Enjoy this game because Oklahoma will be waiting.

  2. Matthew Svoboda Says:

    Good word Frank… Oklahoma will be waiting, waiting to DESTROY!!!! haha, but seriously OU is the team to beat right now…

  3. David Wayne Says:

    That elephant hits harder than the whole Bama d-line. Indeed, Oklahoma is waiting and trembling knowing they’ll face the mighty Gators on January 8th.

  4. What’s up with all you Sooner fans? You guys still have to be Missou! Don’t get ahead of yourselves now. Chase Daniel ain’t that bad of a QB.

    The national undermining of the Crimson Tide has precedent, you know. 1992 – the year we won our 12th national championship. 😉

  5. David,

    I forgot you were a big Gator fan. I am sorry for what is about to happen to your team. I like Tebow, and this isn’t personal or anything. It’s just business.

  6. Bryant King Says:

    While it is quite obvious that the Gators are going to win today, I will concede that this could be a tough game. So yesterday I called up Florida quarterback, Tim Tebow, to offer him some encouragement. (All of us University of Florida alumni have his home number and e-mail address in case of something important like this.) I said to Super Tebow- that is what I call him, although he doesn’t like it because he is so humble- “I just wanted you to know Super Tebow that there is a very sick little boy named Timmy Brister here in Cape Coral and he is cheering for you. This sick little boy has class 8 hair cancer and is facing a possible soul patchectomy. Little Timmy Brister told me that what would encourage him more than anything else would be for you to play your hardest and beat Alabama for the SEC championship.” Through audible tears, Tebow said he would be praying for little Timmy Brister and would do his best to win today (his half best would probably be sufficient). I replied back, “That is all any man could do and all that me and little Timmy Brister could ask. Go Gators! Let’s win this one for that Brister kid!”

    So, Tim, maybe you will get a shout out at the end of the game.

    **Certain parts of this story may be exaggerations or completely false, but the Gators are going to win today.

  7. Bryant,

    That’s not good enough. I want my name and blog URL on those black patches under his eyes. If he doesn’t do that, then I will be utterly devastated, especially when they interview him after the game asking why the Gators got beat so bad.


    That Brister kid

  8. james clardy Says:

    You guys should stick with theology! Remember that everyone has a plan until they get hit in the mouth. Roll Tide!!!! Can you say 13 National Championships? Beautiful video Timmy, it brought a tear to my eye.

  9. That’s right James. We’ve got to separate the men from the boys, or the wheat from the chaff. 😉

    Roll Tide Roll!

  10. Bryant King Says:

    I noticed that the YouTube videos that you put up Tim were pretty old and I got to wondering what modern videos might be available. Is Alabama planning on playing in overalls today? Because this is the video I kept finding on YouTube when I looked up modern Alabama offense.

    I guess it makes as much sense as the elephant as a mascot.

    Bryant King

  11. Leslie Says:

    Those are awesome! My kids and I really loved that second one. I’ll have to post that one on my blog today, too.

  12. Bryant,

    Ha ha. Nice try. Alabama chimps don’t ride those things. That’s only in Florida. In Alabama, it’s John Deere Gators. 🙂

  13. BTW, Bryant, the first video is what is played during the pre-game festivities. We have a history to appreciate and a history to make, including the next hurdle called the Florida Gators!

  14. Roll Tide….. BEAT THOSE GATORS…..

    Dr. Paul W. Foltz

  15. Drew Downs Says:

    Roll Tide Timmy! Awesome vids, got chills on the first one and energized after the second!!! Tho I admit I laughed so hard at Bryants vid xD

    Numbah 13 this year!!! Roll Tide!!!

  16. Brad Davis Says:

    Rollllllllllll TIDE Rollllllll

  17. donsands Says:

    I think I detected Namath and Stabler in that video. I love Bama and always have. Have some relatives still there and my Grandmother, was buried in Mobile. Loved Bear, and Stallings.

    Go Tide Beat the Gators!

  18. jdog Says:

    How’d that work out for you Timmy?

  19. Not good of course, but I am proud of Bama this year. No one would have guessed they would be where they were today ranked #1 for five straight weeks, playing in SEC Championship. While we lost this game, we certainly have gained much this year.

  20. Pregador27 Says:

    Go Gators. I thought Alabama would make it much closer, but it was a tight game until the end. Tebow is impressive, but I think UF depends on him too much still- even though the spread it around more this year- maybe that is why they are most-likely going to play for the championship (unless the BCS rips them off, I do not trust the computers).

  21. Kent Says:

    The Word of God stands through all circumstances and proves itself infallible.


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