My Random Year in Review Post

To be consistent with the randomness of this past year, I am going conclude this year in blogging with a random post reflecting on this past year.

2008 Puritan Reading Challenge

Something that initially was an afterthought on the way home from work became a full blown reading project.  Never could I have imagined to see so many people jump into a reading challenge involving Puritan Paperbacks!  Over 100 websites plugged the challenge, two publishing companies sponsored free books, one radio program jumped on board, and from P&P alone, over 20,000 people have considered the challenge.  From groups including a pastor network in Zambia to homeschooling moms in Japan to seminarians in London to small groups throughout the U.S., the challenge really showed the viral nature of a flattened world embracing a good challenge.  For that I am truly grateful.

However, due to providential circumstances, the second half of the challenge was difficult to administer.  For the first time in my blogging experience, I entered the pastorate, serving at Grace Baptist Church.  Over the course of the summer, I quickly realized that there were issues that I could not help (such as being homeless for two months and without my library) which made it virtually impossible to blog the challenge as I had been doing.  Then my fellow pastor, Tom Ascol, was struck by lightning, catapulting me to embracing responsibilities with a load that demanded my undivided attention.  Since then, I have hoped to contribute what I could to the challenge as a means of information and encouragement.  All in all, I reflect on the 08PRC with great gratitude and little sadness.

2008 Band of Bloggers: The Gospel Trust

Back in April, I hosted the second ever Band of Bloggers fellowship at The Galt House in Louisville, Kentucky with over 175 bloggers participating.  What most people don’t know is that this event was very close to never happening.  With no budget and very few connections, I had very few options.  Nevertheless, God opened the hearts of many gracious people, including the conference administrators of The Galt House to host this event at minimal cost. Moreover, seven publishing companies donated over 1,000 books to give away to those who attended the conference.  Thabiti Anyabwile, Tim Challies, Abraham Piper, and Phil Johnson were the guests panel speakers, and they all did an excellent job.  I am grateful for the wonderful outcome of this event and look forward to future possibilities of another BoB meet up.

Diversified Blogging

I have writing on multiple blogs since 2005, but I have since stopped blogging on Strange BaptistFire and Said at Southern and have begun two other blogs related to Grace.  In November, I began Sowing Grace–our church planting resource center and also the True Grace of God Blog–our church’s main blog.  I average 4-5 blogposts on each of these websites, so I encourage to check them out.  While I have been blogging less on P&P, I am blogging more on these sites.

Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)

When I first saw folks Twittering in late 2007, I was really dogging it. Who has time to do such a thing?  Six months later, I took the plunge and have enjoyed the networking with over 300 people and nearly 1,900 tweets.  Here’s a pretty cool stat analysis of my tweeting if you care to look.  Interesting note, 4 of the top 10 “Twitter Elites” in Cape Coral are me, Tom, Founders, and Grace. 🙂  A couple of months ago, I synced my Facebook updates with my Twitter updates, and that has fostered great discussion and networking on Facebook as well.

Regenerate Church Membership

Most of May and June was dedicated to blogging about the importance of regenerate church membership in support of Tom Ascol’s resolution which was eventually passed by the SBC in Indianapolis.  You can catch all the blogposts by going to the category on church membership.  I look forward to picking this pack up again next year.

Gospel and Mission

Some of my favorite blogging this past year came around the gospel and mission.  In March, I recruited some friends to write a series on missional work; in August, I took up missional margin (part 2); and in December, I wrote a mini-series on missional prayer.  There are other posts on the gospel, mission, evangelism, and church planting as well you might want to check out.

There’s probably a lot more to say about this past year, but these jumped out in my mind.  In the next post, I will share some new things I hope to do in 2009.  Thanks for reading, commenting, emailing, and offering encouragement over the past year.  Here’s a list of the places you can find me on the internet:

Provocations and Pantings || My Twitter || My FaceBook || My Flickr

Church Website || Church Blog || Sowing Grace || GBC Twitter || GBC Facebook

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2 Comments on “My Random Year in Review Post”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Timmy, don’t be too bummed about the 2008PRC. There were a whole bunch of us who, as I stated in my concluding blog entry, “enjoyed a wealth of devotional reading, been challenged by a 17th century worldview, and been exposed to a vision of the Holiness of God and His Providence that is sadly lacking in much contemporary writing and preaching.”

  2. Crystal Says:

    Me and some others are doing the Puritan Challenge this year and have a little facebook group started. It is a great Idea, thanks for staring it.

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