Quick Hits 12.31.08

* Tim Challies recently posted a poll about Christian conferences. Interesting to see the number of people who said they are not attending any conferences next year.  I’m going to two (one this month!).

* Be sure to check out Joe Thorn’s new and improved website.  He is picking up blogging again in 09.

* A great new blog focusing on the gospel has recently been launched called Gospel Reminders.  Who doesn’t need to be reminded of what God has done for us in Christ on a regular basis?!

* Speaking of the Gospel, read about three daily prayers of J.D. Greear that helps center him on the gospel.

* Tim Keller writes about the advent of humility in CT.

* Are those who use social media anti-social in real life?  I’ve often wondered about that.

* Here is a new tw0-volume biography of George Whitefield (1100+ pages).  Foreword by J.I. Packer, Preface by Richard Owen Roberts.  Looks really good.

* Looking for some new commentaries in 2009 the future?  Check these out.

* Speaking of books, this dude is selling his library of 2,976 volumes for a whopping $950,000.  That comes to something like $300 a book!  Yikes!

* EvangelismCoach asks if we have an evangelism strategy in 2009.  I do.  Do you?

* Got some old Bibles that you would like to give away to those who don’t have one?   Challies points us to a great opportunity to bless others.

* Mark Driscoll writes a late-night post about the “hard core of the hard core.” iMonk offers a response. Personally, I thought the post, though for sure well-intentioned, was really unhelpful and disconcerting.

* Read about a church in Illinois tht is giving 100% of their budget to the mission. Wow. Convicting.

* JT points us to the news that The Theology Program has just made all their courses available for free on iTunes.  I really look forward to loading my iPhone with some of these lectures.

* For those of you on WordPress and haven’t already upgraded to 2.7, ProBlogger offers a safe and easy way to do just that.

* Bobby Gilles has posted the Sojourn Worship year-in-review in pictures, taken by my good friend and fellow photographer, Dan Canales.

* For those who Twitter, check out the 2008 State of the Twittersphere Q4 Report.  Interesting stuff.  Darren Rowse believes Twitter will go mainstream in 2009. I guess we’ll have to see.

* One last thing about Twitter: You know you are too popular on Twitter when . . . 🙂

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6 Comments on “Quick Hits 12.31.08”

  1. Gene Says:

    RE: Joe Thorn’s new and improved website. 1. Following the link all I got was a jpage announcing its coming in 2009. 2. “New is just what “improved” can’t be. They are mutually exclusive. Ha!

  2. Tim,
    Which conferences are you going to?

  3. This month, I am going to the GCA (Global Church Advancement) National Conference in Orlando. It is a church planting conference led by Steve Childers (RTS). I am really looking forward to it.

    I am also hoping to attend The Gospel Coalition. I say hoping because our second baby’s due date is really close. This is going to be a judgment call that I will make closer to the date.

    I would love to go to the DG Pastor’s Conference. It looks great! But you know . . .

  4. Gene,

    Joe changes his blog template more than he blogs. But when he gets going, you will want to read. I am Timmy Brister, and I approve this message.

  5. Chad Knudson Says:


    The commentary list at Between Two Worlds is not for 2009. Many of those commentaries are still very far off from being published. Just FYI since you listed them as 2009 commentaries.


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