Quick Hits :: 01.12.09

* IX Marks is doing a multi-part interview with Steve Timmis (Total Church). Check out the discussion on monological vs. dialogical preaching.

* According to the Barna Gourp, Christianity is no longer America’s “default faith.”

* Creation Project is a blog by Jonathan Dodson which I have recently stumbled upon and am enjoying.  Check it out.

* Tom Ascol blogs about getting the gospel right–an article that was submitted in Jan. 09’s edition of Tabletalk magazine.

* The Resurgence points to several free media resources made available by The Henry Center which is being run by my good friend, Owen Strachan.

* I recently downloaded Lecrae’s album Rebel from Amazon for only $5.  You might want to too.

* Download the 200+ page PDF study guide for Mars Hill’s new message series on 1 & 2 Peter.

* This is what I want to do when I grow up.  Well, not really.

* Collin Hansen writes about the economic impact on seminaries.  Recently Southwestern and Southern came out with press releases informing everyone about large budget cuts and likely layoffs.

* James Grant has put together a night collection of Calvin resources made available via Monergism.

* Culture warriors in full costume.  ‘Nuff said.

* If you’re into photography, you should check out the newly redesigned website of Digital Photography School.

* Anyone interested in viewing my training routes (cycling and running) can do so by catching this RSS feed or by clicking on the individual routes.

* Some folks who Twitter you might not follow that you might want to follow: @RHB_Books, @SOJOURNSEED, @ahc (Andy Crouch), and @jasonkovacs.

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3 Comments on “Quick Hits :: 01.12.09”

  1. It is incredible what a re-design can do. Kudos to Darren Rowse (& Matt Brett) for getting DPS re-vamped.

  2. Hey Tim, checked out your routes. You have no hills! That and probably a little better scenery than I do here in eastern Nebraska. All my riding right now is on a trainer in the family room.

    If you’re interested, you can see some of my favorite routes at http://www.mapmyride.com/user/6531/pawtry

  3. Phil,

    2 things I immediately noticed:

    1. You have a nice bike! (much nicer than mine)
    2. Your distances are much longer than mine. To think of doing a 100 mile ride right now is downright scary.

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