Mike McKinley Interviews Steve Timmis

One of the more significant books of 2008 was Total Church: A Radical Reshaping of Gospel and Community by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis (#9 on my top 25 list).  Mike McKinley (from IX Marks) recently interviewed Steve Timmis on various issues including preching, membership, leadership, evangelism, and missions. I thought the interview was well done and worth the read.  Here are the links:

#1 – McKinley and Timmis on Preaching
#2 – McKinley and Timmis on Membership and Leadership
#3 – McKinley and Timmis on Evangelism and Missions

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2 Comments on “Mike McKinley Interviews Steve Timmis”

  1. Timmy,

    What are your thoughts on dialogue vs. monologue in preaching?

    It was good for me to be reminded of the importance of dialogical teaching. I don’t think this changes the Sunday morning sermon, but if a church had a Sunday evening service with different content than the morning, then perhaps this would particularly come into play.

  2. […] are missional Calvinists who’s ecclesiology would be commended by Hirsch (like Tim Chester, Steve Timmis, The Crowded House, Soma, Kaleo).  They scatter churches and reproduce in ways that are in line in […]

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