Quick Hits :: 02.10.09

* The Austin Stone Community Church (ASCC) has started a nice new blog focusing on missional community.

* Speaking of ASCC, The Christian Post writes about their journey to missional community groups.  This was a helpful article for me given where we are at Grace.

* Jonathan Dodson writes over at Boundless how to start a fight club, focusing on text, theology, and life. Good stuff.

* Jamie Munson, lead pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, has written a helpful article on the relationship of an executive pastor with the preaching pastor (Mark Driscoll).

* Sam Rainer posts an excerpt from an article by Chuck Gaines on ten factors to consider in the discipleship process, something which I am currently working through at Grace.

* Desiring God has added lots of resources, including some 28 to their Spanish section, bringing their Spanish resources to over 250.  Yet another reason why I love Desiring God. Helping us reach and teach Hispanics for Jesus.

* BaptistTwentyOne is a Baptist blog that does good stuff and just recently got a blog redesign.

* Ever wondered what one week in the life of a young, leading, and influential pastor looks like?  Check out Matt Chandler’s.

* Mission to North America (MNA) of the PCA has a great church planting resource page chocked full of downloadable info.  Even a Southern Baptist  can “dip” into this stuff.

* The New York Times writes a piece about the town where we are planting a church.

* I’ve recently completed a little sermon series on Matthew 8-9 called “Scenes of Our Savior.”  Last Sunday, I started a new series on “Sending of Our Savior” focusing on Matt. 9:35-11:1.

* Here’s my sermon manuscript from this past Sunday (“The Love-Motivated Mission” from Matt. 9:35-36) on Wordle.

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One Comment on “Quick Hits :: 02.10.09”

  1. Shannon Says:


    Hey man I’m just using your comments section to check in and see how you’re doing. I hope everything is going well for you. How’s the Spanish learning coming along?

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